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Look up product instructions, videos and articles about your favorite tools using our Learning Center. The team from Black Dog Salvage recently traveled from Roanoke, Virginia, to Louisville, Kentucky, where the 16th Woodcraft National Sales Conference and Vendor Trade Show was held. Taking pieces of architectural history and repurposing them in new ways creates upcycled projects that can have great meaning. “Everything we build has anywhere from one to four stories in it. Items from salvaged window frames are very popular right now, so this cool coffee table (above) is right on trend.
Using weathered boards to make the frame gives this table an aged, even beachy feel, depending on the finish chosen if you were to make your own. Throw in some reclaimed hardware, beadboard, balusters and leather trim, and you can have yourself an awesome table that doubles as a display case or can be used for storage. You can find a three-piece set with a coffee table like this and two end tables for sale on Black Dog’s Online Marketplace.
This interesting piece is created using a cast-iron spool from an old textile factory for the base and some salvaged oak on which to center the floor lamp’s wooden frame. Old doors are pretty easy to find in Habitat for Humanity ReStores, salvage yards, flea markets, estate sales or thrift stores, as well as on home renovation jobsites (ask first!), online at sites like Craigslist or eBay, or by dumpster diving.
This end table is made from a salvaged five-panel door, with a glass top added, as well as a reclaimed wood drawer, which pulls out for additional storage. The easy-to-reach storage pocket on the side of this end table, made from reclaimed wood and a radiator screen, would be perfect for magazines, TV remote controls or video game controllers.
Mike and Robert salvaged some wooden brick moulds from the Old Virginia Brick factory in Salem, Virginia, on Season 3, Episode 9 of Salvage Dawgs. The Black Dog team upcycled one of these moulds into a clever wine rack, which features tons of room to display your favorite legal beverages. A wrought iron bracket balances out the front, while a wooden stand on the back side holds the mould at the proper angle. Watch Salvage Dawg Tay Whiteside take you through the process of building this cool table, which was featured in Season 2, Episode 4. Pictured left, Grayson Goldsmith (Black Dog Salvage), Lori Haught (Woodcraft) and Mike Whiteside (Black Dog Salvage), at the Woodcraft National Sales Conference and Vendor Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky. I was just down there visiting Black Dog a few weeks ago and had seen some clever ideas for re-using tin tiles.
All of the Instructors are guitar builders or Luthiers and have been trained specifically in the methods to build the kits from US Guitar Kits. Scott has been instrumental to the development of the kits, tool selection, the teaching program for stores and the Teach the Teacher program.
He studied with Tom Knatt from Concord, MA and has taken that experience to help build in the expertise as a consultant for U.S.
With over thirty years playing guitar and many years involved in woodworking, it just made sense to put the two skills together. Scott has recently filmed an episode of the American Woodshop with Scott Phillips showing the steps of building a U.S. He spent 25 years repairing and building stringed instruments including Authorized repair work for Ovation, Takamine and Martin guitars.
Jack plays several instruments including guitar, mandolin, dobro, pedal steel and banjo and has played professionally for over 35 years.

Woodworking has been a passion for many years and he loves the opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with students.
Tim incorporates a wide knowledge base that combines an attention to detail with an easy comfortable teaching style that is both safe, informative, and most of all fun.
In this classroom setting Tim’s skills, combined with his passion for music, provides an opportunity for students’ to produce a quality instrument, and enhance their own skills and abilities in a new and exciting way.
Robert Ford was introduced to woodworking at an early age but began focusing seriously on his skills when he started formal training at the Harris Enterprises School of Fine Woodworking in Manchester, CT. After leaving the restaurant business Robert accepted a position with the CT Valley School of Woodworking and served as assistant store manager at the Woodcraft in Manchester, CT where the school is located. A graduate of Pratt Institute's school of Industrial Design, Alan brings to the table expertise in working with a variety of materials including wood, metal, and plastics.
Alan is the Instructor teaching the guitar building classes in the Roanoke, VA Woodcraft store.
Gary’s pursuit of woodworking started in 2002 when he attended the Vermont Instruments guitar building school in Post Mills, Vt taught by George Morris. A few years ago he decided to combine his finishing expertise with his woodworking skills and start building guitars with exceptional finishes, and has been doing so ever since.
He loves to share his enthusiasm for building guitars with others in a classroom environment and also offers individual instructions. His patient teaching style with students, and his knowledge of woodworking, guitar building, and finishing, assure a good experience for all.
Tim was an excellent instructor for the kit, and a great source of building and repairing information for guitars. Well guys, the guitar sounds great and everyone who has had a chance to play it is impressed with it.
I took the Teach The Teacher class and being a professional guitar builder it was challenging for me.
Six students could use a large area, but the class was well organized and moved at a pace for everyone with different skill levels. US Guitar Kits are fine, acoustic guitars you assemble in your home shop, or in an enjoyable class setting. Season 4 of their popular TV show Salvage Dawgs, with co-hosts Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp, began June 7 on the DIY Network. Mike and his daughter Grace collaborated on a table very similar to this in Season 1, Episode 3 of Salvage Dawgs. This one has a prop pole salvaged from a car to hold up the lid when rearranging the items inside.
The two lighting boxes, which are attached back to back, are vintage fixtures from the 50s.
Old Virginia Brick is one of the few moulded brick companies left in the US that still uses the wooden moulds to create their bricks, which gives the bricks an old Colonial look. Finished off with cast-iron star elements to balance the bottles, this project is a real conversation piece.
The wood is stained with a dark walnut, and a piece of glass fits on top to protect the album cover, magazine or favorite photo you wish to display.

Buy and build a US Guitar Kit in your home shop, or attend one of our start-to-finish kit-building classes at Woodcraft® stores and dealers nationwide. Use the postal code or city lookup on the homepage to view the upcoming classes in your area. Guitar Kits is committed to providing not only top quality kits but top quality instructors.
Guitar Kits Teach the Teacher program, comes to us with a rich, diversified skill set that includes years of custom woodworking, carving, metal work, and instrument making. He then moved to the Woodcraft in West Springfield, MA as store manager where he currently teaches classes in woodworking. Through his skill and patience, was sparked more of an interest for me to be more involved in guitar making and repair. Learning how to build your own six-string acoustic guitar is a unique challenge and a unique reward.
By any chance could you "refresh my memory" if you happen to get a chance to find some of the projects made using them? If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please review the Teach the Teacher program. Our goal is to teach a universal method to complete these kits and train in other technical aspects of Lutherie to take back to the dealer class programs.
He is recognized by knowledgeable musicians and music related businesses in the Roanoke area as a master of fret-work and action set-up. After the building was over and the finishing began he was still available to answered questions.
US Guitar Kits classes are held regularly throughout the US in Woodcraft® stores, and in other private teaching locations. We will be strategically identifying those geographic locations around the United States to offer the greatest ability to serve as many dealers and feature those locations as our Master Lutherie Programs. Alan has a long history doing fine finish work and custom paint jobs, dating way back to his high school days, offering knowledgeable advice on finishing the instruments built in the classroom.
US Guitar Kits is ideal for advanced and novice woodworkers and guitarists interested in a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of building an acoustic guitar. Our goal is to have dealers create a program that uses our kit class as a prerequisite to all other guitar classes. You will use hand and power tools, learn the intricacies of purfling, fretting, and all aspects of guitar building.
Our hope is that students will be better matched to further classes based on a good foundation of knowledge and the progression of skills. Our experienced instructors will cover not only how to make your guitar, but how to safely and effectively use a variety of tools.

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