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A friend recently asked me if she should paint her kitchen walls green to compliment her red cherry wood kitchen cabinets. Okay folks, let’s clear up the misunderstanding about the word Complimentary when it comes to colors. When complementary colors on the color wheel are placed next to each other, they make one another appear more intense and brighter.
The rule to remember, is if you want a color to pop or appear brighter then use it’s complement (opposite color on the color wheel). Speaking of complementary colors, I couldn’t help but share this photo of a leaf I came across last Fall while hiking. The point I was actually making was that the cupboards in the first photo Linda posted were not even the slightest bit red whatever colour name you want to give them, in fact they were almost orange! Actually, the correct word is complement, whether you are talking about pearls that complement a sweater (as in the definition, making a set) OR complementary colors as a technical art term. Great post Linda – really like how you used the two images to illustrate your point – and very true!
The combination of red and green is not often prescribed by a colorist but i find owners who arrive at the combination by inspiration or historical research.
I have just purchased my first home and in it are red cherry cabinets with dark grey granite counter tops. I have been torn on colors for my kitchen because I want the color to tie into my living room without a huge contrast.
Love the article…my living room and dining room are BM Harbour Town #493 my living space is not an open concept but I can still see the kitchen from my living room, dining room and vice versa. Thank you so much for addressing toning down the orange and red in the cherry by giving us a color lesson. Hi Christy, I really couldn’t suggest a neutral without seeing what else is going on the room such as the floor, the counter tops, and window treatments. Hi France, Without seeing the cabinets it is a little difficult to comment but brown has a lot of red undertones so yes, the walls could be making the cabinets look more green than they are. I live in Illinois and just wondered if you could tell me the color grey paint used in the kitchen with the red cherry cabinets.
Bring home paint swatches and select the perfect palette, and if you’re planning to replace your hardware, purchase some before you move on to the next step. Once you have your drop cloth in place, lay out all your cabinet doors and drawers so you can paint them all together in one convenient spot (and have full access to the frames of the cabinets in the kitchen). Then if you’re replacing your hardware with something that won’t fit the existing holes in your doors and drawers, you’ll want to pick up some wood filler (it’s around $6 a tube, which is all ya need) and fill those existing hardware holes in all of the doors and drawers.
Note: lead paint is a serious health risk when sanding, so if you have an older home with already-painted cabinets that look decades old it’s worth testing for lead with a $6 lead test kit from Home Depot. Due to all the grease and even just the wood stain that often coats kitchen cabinets, it’s uber important to get down and dirty with oil-based primer (even if the water-based equivalent claims that it works just as well on cabinet surfaces, we’ve seen stains seep right through that stuff, so oil-based is the better-safe-than-sorry alternative).

We usually don’t even try washing the oil-based paint out of it- and prefer to replace it with a fresh new one before painting for a seamless result (reused rollers and brushes can often compromise the smooth finish that you’re going for when it comes to your cabinets). Paint Oil-based or100 percent acrylic latex paint specially formulated for cabinetry applications or high-traffic areas.Wood Putty to fill old hardware holes9.
To the wall cabinets using white paint which given glass and for custom cabinets using brown paint which seems to be harmonious thus realizing situation of the modern kitchen.
If you find yourself feeling uninspired by your bedroom then it’s time to re-think your design and look at making a creative bedroom instead. Not to worry sometimes the mere words of a creative space can send people running for the hills because it sounds intimidating. A good way to ensure you don’t go overboard is to start with the wall color and linens then start adding decor items one at a time so you know when enough is enough. If you’re searching for ideas design magazines can certainly be helpful but keep in mind many of the spaces may not be practical for you and your needs. Design experts all agree though if you’re looking to splurge in one area do so with your bed linens and lighting. Creative bedrooms are within your reach if you’ve got the time to think about what your likes are, what you need in a space to have it be functional, and what helps to calm you and leave you feeling positive and happy. However, if you want to tone down a color choose a color that is either very close to it on the color wheel or choose a neutral. I think it would be asking a bit much to paint the walls green and then neutral just so Linda could illustrate her blog. Mary is correct regarding the grammar, but your point that complementary colors intensify is an important principal to understand and teach. Keep the walls neutral and use the Red and Blue in the bed spread, window treatments and posters of his favorite super hero on the wall. I have a not so top quality cherry laminate (came with the house) in most of our home that we will be living with for some time. I’m currently adding an off-white board and batten look to an entry wall and am looking for an entry way runner. It is important to know that almost all greys have undertones of either Blue, Green, or Purple. We just bought a new house that has dark wood cabinets (my husband and I prefer light wood).
A creative bedroom is one that speaks to you, whether with its theme, furniture, decor items, or design. If you don’t consider yourself to be especially creative you may be wondering how you can then make a creative bedroom. Pick a theme that means something to you, inspires you, calms you, creates a sense of happiness, and positive thoughts. Instead pick elements from the design that would work for you and then put your own personal touch on it.

You can find some very customized options in both of these areas that can set the entire tone of your space.
In this case my friend didn’t want to put red or orange on the walls so she choose a neutral. Compliment with an I is to make a flattering comment or remark, not two paint colors that flatter each other.
Also, don’t forget that there are other ways to add color to your home without painting color on the walls. My advise if you want Grey is to choose a warm Grey like Revere Pewter or if you like a darker grey look at Clarksville Gray. I was wondering why the green kitchen walls (with a red accent wall) stood out so much and disagreed with me. Creative bedrooms can act as a mood enhancer, help to relax you, and just give you a sense of well-being in the space.
Not only that but people tend to sink a lot of money in this room so you wantto know you’re making the right choices.
Not only will you end up with a functional space but it will be creative and customized to your wants and needs. Now it’s time to run with your theme, but hold up, you won’t want to go overboard on it.
A flat weave rug could add a pop of color in front of the sink or a colorful piece of art on the walls. The question is; if I painted the walls green would it tone down the green undertone in the stain and bring out the red tone in the cabinets? Instead look for cute little pieces that relate to the theme then look at items like your paint color, floor covering, and linens to help complete the theme. If you keep things simple you’ll end up with a space that is uncluttered, comfortable, and inspiring. I appreciate the picture in the end of the cabinets without any beveling- more like what I have and it's nice to see them painted too!
Step #1 - Sand, you don't have to do super heavy sanding but definitely buff it up really good #2 - wipe with TSP, this had really good results. We bought fancy expensive paint from Benjamin Morris for one kitchen and it chipped worse then the bher. This last kitchen has been looking great for 3 years with minimal chipping :-) I will be painting cabinets once again this fall.
Years later the cabinets are fine even though there was no topcoat applied.The before and after of their kitchen was incredible!

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