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Ten years ago bathroom tiles were a pretty simple affair, plain or with wavy lines, your choices were limited.
In fact the wood effect in modern tiles is so realistic they're now being produced in plank form and you literally can't spot the difference. With the addition of under floor heating to soften that cold tile feel, and with dark Walnut being very popular right now, why wouldn't you experiment with these fantastic tiles?
The fact is, tiling a box in the same tile, no matter how nice that tile may be, can leave your bathroom feeling dull and lifeless. So experimenting with wood effect tiles, like these walnut tiles (as used by Devlin McNally) isn't just a fancy farfetched idea; it's actually going to be good for your bathroom when used sparingly.
If you open any interior magazine you'll see plenty of wet room or bathroom designs that incorporate wood. Granted these are usually high end bespoke designs, with real wood used to great effect but with this fantastic step forward in tile technology it's easy for the average household to emulate a designer bathroom look. Wood effect tiles aren't just available in walnut, there's a huge range of effects available and it doesn't stop there. We love how these images use slightly different wood tiles to create a natural feel to what could have been a very lifeless bathroom wall. If you're looking for a similar effect to wood tiles, why not try wood effect bathroom panels instead?
If you're looking for a similar effect to wood tiles, why not try wood effect bathroom wall panels instead?
Thanks for the inspiration, I love the chrome accessories, they look great with those tiles. Our bathroom blog is full of bathroom ideas, interior design tips and the inspirational styles that influence our unique designs.
Keep up with all our latest designer deals and offerings from our free designer bathroom newsletter! This wallpaper mural, created from an image of stacked logs, looks just like the real thing, but takes a lot less effort to create. I’ve seen lots of these textured papers around this season and some I like and others not so much. Yes, there are loads of textured wallpapers around at the moment – some are definitely better than others.

We stock a range of beautiful wood effect tiles which have been created to give an almost identical real wood effect, so you can enjoy all the same tones and colours of natural wood without worrying about their durability. Wood effect tiles are environmentally friendly, will match with anything inside and outside and require no maintenance and they are much easier to clean than real wood. The list of advantages is endless, so if your looking for tiles with durability, practicality and that will be suitable in any room take a look at what we have to offer.
The tile in the picture is called Mid oak timber they are 150x900mm, It was the only colour in that range of wood effect tiles.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Vintage Backgrounds, Grunge Background, Floral Backgrounds and White Backgrounds. Wooden fence painted white, reminds of that popular fence from childhood favorite Tom Sawyer. Surface of a freshly diced wooden log to use as a desktop or Photoshop manipulation project background.
It’s a simple grey wooden surface for you to use in a theme that belongs to retro age.
Some of these, especially those dark woods, have potential to incorporate for various works.
Great collection, I have bookmarked this post so that I can find these background easily when in need.
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When it comes to furniture in the home there is no better finish than the natural wood effect, so for your next wardrobe why not utilise wood effect wardrobes from Sliding Door Wardrobes and bring style and luxury into your bedroom.
Built-in wardrobes can be created specifically for your home by our professional team; we measure, design, manufacture and fit your wardrobes to give you a comprehensive service.
If youa€™d like to arrange a free site visit and quotation, or to learn more about our wood effect products, then simply contact our friendly team today. Contrasting the wood grain against neutral colours has allowed the tiles to become a feature of the bathroom, rather than just another tile which gives this bathroom that extra punch. At least with this one, you don’t need to lug great chunks of wood around to get the effect of stacked wood!
They are suitable for underfloor heating, outside in wet areas and will not fade in the sun.

His passion for tiling inspires our range of Wall Tiles & Floor Tiles sourced from around the globe. There are also many variations of wood that can be used, right from grainy to smooth you can take your pick accordingly. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. With years of experience our expert team can develop bespoke wardrobes at our state of the art workshop, then install them in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Mansfield and across the East Midlands.
Many women may be pleased to know they are also very resistant and will not get damaged from heels.
Wood backgrounds are used in many Photoshop projects and there is a lot of creativity involved as far as the designers are concerned. However, some people who concern on environmental, think that cutting tree to produce lumber is not environmental-friendly. In addition, wooden ceramic tile floors offer some benefits of ceramic material.The manufacture of ceramic tile can reproduce the color and particle pattern of several wood types.
The variation ranges from pale-looking wood, such as hickory and oak, to darker wood, such as mahogany and walnut.
But, wooden ceramic tile in a thinner, longer dimension can make the appearance of the floor planks, generating a more sensible wood style. Grout set for decorative wooden tile will characteristically go with the texture of the tiles.ceramic tile for homeWooden Ceramic Tile BenefitsWooden porcelain tile are beneficial.
Instead of using a real wood, wood grain tile is more beneficial because ceramic is more durable. On the other hand, setting hardwood flooring for kitchen and bathroom is not good idea since wood flooring is can resist moisture and water well including warping. It has the look of wood, it is more durable than wood, easy to maintain, resistant to fire, water, and discoloration, and really cost-saving.

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