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Wood is very durable – There is a common misconception that synthetic materials are more durable than wood.
Wood is flexible – Wood shutters are very flexible when it comes to color choice and type of finish. Wood has favorable thermal properties – Wood blinders on windows provide good insulation from heat and cold.
An added benefit of wood shutters is that they are usually manufactured with a high level of skill and craftsmanship, ensuring quality and style.
Dust removal should be done ideally once a week, but depending on other factors in the environment, you may have to dust the shutters more than once a week. In all, you can never go wrong with wood shutters, and if they are properly maintained, you’ll enjoy their warm, natural appeal for many years.
A coat of paint can do wonders for the exterior of a house, shed or decorative structure in the yard. Thanks for visiting!For a long time, wood shutters have been the natural choice for many homeowners and it’s not hard to see why. That natural appeal of wood is what makes wood blinds and shutters particularly attractive, and for this reason, many homeowners choose wood for the material of shutters and blinds.
However, wood shutters can be very durable too if they were made from the right type of wood. Be it interior or exterior wood shutters, wood gives a natural, graceful tone that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. You can have a color that matches your decor or other interior furniture, or you can choose a rich, natural stain. It is amazing how different your house can look with a simple touch of paint that is easy to apply and relatively inexpensive. Although technological advances have enabled for the creation of stunning window shutters made from synthetic materials, wood still offers unique benefits.
Basically, wood shutters can be custom-painted to your likes or just stained to retain its natural color.
If the shutters have tiny crevices or grooves, use a toothbrush to remove the dust that collects in the grooves. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Custom Entrance Door Design Wood Screen Doors Double Entry Door Fiberglass Entry Doors Fiberglass Front Entry Door Steel Entry Door Steel Double Entry Doors Wooden Front Entry Doors Home Doors Exterior Custom Door Front Doors WoodenJoin the discussion on this Custom Entrance Door Design Wood Screen Doors Double Entry Door Fiberglass Entry Doors Fiberglass Front Entry Door Steel Entry Door Steel Double Entry Doors Wooden Front Entry Doors Home Doors Exterior Custom Door Front Doors Wooden using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. When painting small wooden features on the outside of your home or an entire structure made of wood, it is important that you take the right steps to ensure that your paint job withstands weather and time. In addition, wood can add to a home’s beauty if the choice fits perfectly with the overall home decor. Never use soap and water to clean wood shutters as the wood may soak some water that may eventually damage it. The right look When deciding to paint exterior wood on your home or another structure, think about how you want the wood to look.

Columns are one of those design challenges that are essential for structural support to carry the loads from the roof, upper floors, or other weight bearing loads down to the ground to support your home. Do you want to emphasize certain wooden features on your home, such as pillars, railings or window shutters? While you may think that columns have to be covered there are some gorgeous ways to display them proudly! Once you decide how you want your home or wooden structure to look, you can begin the next steps of exterior painting. When designing your home think about the structure first:If you are fortunate enough to have a hand in the design and aesthetics of your home, talk to the structural engineer and architect about options for creatively addressing columns.
If you are painting over an old coat of paint that is peeling or chipped, it is vital that you scrape the shavings off before applying a new coat. Especially in large great rooms such as living and family rooms or open kitchens that may have a second story above, ask the design professionals if you can plan how you will use the space so large columns aren’t stuck in inopportune places if possible.Collect this ideaConsider the layout of columns when designing your home2. Plan your furniture layout around your columns:For many homes columns can become the focal point of your space. After you remove the old, chipped paint, use a mild detergent and a scrubbing brush to wash the scraped area. Exterior decks are a great example of how wood, stone, stucco and brick can be creatively displayed as column wraps and outdoor furniture seating arrangements can use similar materials and colors to play off of the aesthetics. Don’t be afraid to try and plan your furniture around the columns for an enjoyable seating arrangement for guests.3. Adding luxurious details with the addition of columns If you want to add grandeur and scale to your interiors, there is no better architectural feature than columns. Next, roughen remaining existing paint with sandpaper to remove the sheen of old paint, allowing for better adhesion of new paint. Classical columns with eye-catching capitals (the top of the column) can be displayed as basic Doric and Tuscan style with simple lines or can be as elaborate as Corinthian style with intricate leaves, swirls and detailing. Used in a main foyer or even in your large master bathroom will create a luxurious and classical atmosphere.Collect this ideaAdd grandeur to your bathroom with beautiful marble columns4. What architectural style of columns could your home benefit from?Architectural periods have come and gone and there are features from every period that characterizes how they addressed structure and columns.
Apply primer It is suggested that you apply primer before paint because primer is excellent for getting paint to adhere to your wooden surface. Consider researching architectural periods or asking an architect what style of columns would match the architectural theme of your entire home. It is also ideal to use primer if you are painting your wooden structure a lighter color and the old color was dark. This stops the dark color from showing through and usually results in less time spent painting several coats. Create a focal point using greenery around your exterior columnsWhile you may only think about columns for utilitarian uses they can also serve as creative focal points, especially on an outdoor patio or terrace.

Trellises and arbors have always used greenery to vertically display greenery and so can columns.
Ask a landscape designer what type of foliage is ideal for climbing or clinging onto your specific exterior materials.
Climbing ivy is a popular climbing plant in the United States and can be used vertically and horizontally in outdoor applications.Collect this ideaAdd greenery to your exterior columns for visual interest6.
Choosing the best material for your interior columnsDepending on the design style of your interiors, consider what type of material will work best in your home.
For many chic urban lofts the appeal of exposed steel columns that can be painted or left unpainted is a design aesthetic many love for their industrial-inspired homes.
It has a sleek look and resists scuffs although it is prone to show imperfections in the wood or material.
While if your home lends itself more towards refined and traditionally appointed interiors then drywall wraps around columns are a beautiful way to finish off an open basement or large room.7. Customize your interiors with faux columnsWhile the original intent of columns were solely structural, designers and architects have found that using non-structural or faux columns to create a certain aesthetic in interiors is a great design element. The semi gloss is less glossy, the satin has a low luster and the flat paint hides lots of imperfections and is easy to touch up for quick maintenance. Non-load bearing columns look beautiful in foyers and entryways and look beautiful in a colonnade on your outdoor porch.Collect this idea8.
Using columns as design elements in your homeAnother design element to consider: use columns as the base for bookshelves, display niches and other creative display areas in your interiors. Adding paint to your outdoor wooden structures can make your home more welcoming and beautiful than you ever imagined.
Many architects use columns to flank a fireplace on both sides and use built-shelves to display books, entertainment center media, sculptures and more.9.
By taking a few important steps, you can ensure that your wooden paint remains beautiful for years to come. Don’t assume a column can just “be removed” in your designMany homeowners when trying to renovate or modify their homes take the careless assumption that they can just remove a column in order to open up a room or create a desired look they are going after.
Damage to your home can result if removed or you and others can get seriously injured in the process.Collect this ideaUse columns to break up outdoor space and provide a gorgeous entertaining area10. Add visual focal points to break up outdoor spaces with columnsWhile columns are used for structural purposes they also serve as wonderful ways to break up outdoor space. A colonnade of columns aligning an outdoor entertaining space or used on a veranda overlooking a pool can look gorgeous. Try using the same materials of your exterior home to clad exterior columns for a pulled together and integrated look to your outdoor home.Freshome readers tell us how you use columns in your home to create a home you love to live in.

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