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Front door easily converts to open from either the left, or right side to meet your specific installation needs.
The IronStike Stiker C160 is a Compact, EPA Phase II-certified wood insert,  known to be one of cleanest burning non-catalytic models on the market, customizable for the ideal look. The Striker™ C160 provides a popular and efficient alternative for a small masonry or factory-built fireplace. One A of A the improvements that has been A made A along the way includes flush fitting inserts.
Some manufacturers went even further -- particularly with traditional styles -- by creating attractive borders to frame the A new A door designs, A such as in the example at right. The fireplace is an important architectural element that frequently sets the tone for the style of decorating and decor in the home. Alternatively, find a craftsman to fabricate a natural stone or tile extension to frame your insert door facing, as shown in the examples below. Capital Fireplacesa€™ has been established for over 20 years, and is one of the UKa€™s leading trade suppliers of Fireplaces, Fires and Stoves including stone fireplaces, marble and cast iron fireplaces. Having grown from the humble beginnings of a traditional family business we take pride in maintaining high levels of customer service and are renowned for both quality and design. Our latest innovations have focused on the need to reduce the running costs and adverse environmental impact of burning the variety of fuels that our products are suitable for.
This product was launched to deliver efficient gas fires within more traditional cast iron fireplace. To burn fuel in a smoke controlled area the law determines that either the fuel should be smokeless or the appliance should be approved by Defra (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) normally these appliances are approved by Defra for burning kiln dried wood. Our range of gas fires are suitable for numerous applications, to increase the choice that allows you to burn gas more efficiently and thereby reduce the running costs of your fire.
Beautiful Agean Limestone and Umbrian Stone are crafted into stunning contemporary fireplaces, suites and traditional fireplace mantels. Marble fireplace mantels are available in many elegant traditional fireplace designs in three different marble materials. Our cast iron fireplaces are available as fireplaces, fireplace inserts (which are Victorian Arches), Tiled Inserts and Modern Backpanels.

Over the last few years, the team at Capital Fireplaces has spent hours upon hours decorating fireplaces for our studio photography shoots, and we've created hundreds of distinctive looks for different purposes.
By keeping your mantel free of clutter, and placing two photographs or pieces of art side-by-side, you can give your fireplace a well-balanced appearance. At just six weeks old, he's bursting with energy and he loves nothing more than chasing the other pups around. It is a busy month for us all at Capital, but the Capital bakers have managed to prepare some Halloween Treats plus there is always Sarah, Peter and special guest Bob who manage to lighten the mood. In order to raise some funds for Macmillan, staff at Capital put on their aprons and got baking, for the national event last Friday 25th September. Lovely news to announce, Congratulations to Stacy on the safe arrival of her baby boy 7lb 110z.
Your product was very easy to work with and truly looks like real stone once up on the wall.
The shots here are also pictured in our online photo galleries, which feature many other customer designs to give home remodelers all kinds of inspiration for new projects. Make sure to check them out.  Pictures from this post can also be found in our Wellington Panel Design Gallery, Fireplace Gallery, and Entertainment Centers Gallery.
In all three, you’ll notice how our panels are often used to cover just one wall in a room, or even a part of a single wall for a eye-catching accent. Accent walls are designed to bring attention to a particular section of a living space.  This can often shift the perceived size and shape of a room, and accentuate one of its features.
In the other two examples here, the Wellington panels accent a shelving system in a living room to showcase framed photographs, wine bottles, glass figurines, and the stereo system. What’s great about the Wellington panels, like all our other panels, is that they attach directly to an existing wall with simple construction adhesive and screws.  For homeowners, this means a beautiful new wall finish won’t involve an expensive renovation or take too much time to install. The Striker has been specially engineered to fit into almost any factory-built fireplace, enabling you to use your hearth as a whole-house heat source.
Premium-grade steel materials, quality craftsmanship, and sophisticated technology ensures a lifetime of warmth guaranteed with a limited-lifetime warranty! We believe that if our products use fossil fuels that we should use those fuels as sparingly as possible by designing our burning units to be as efficient as possible to ensure the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

We have sought from the design stage to combine the two critical components, the fires and the cast iron insert in unison to deliver an aesthetically pleasing integrated appliance that offers you a choice of gas fire and one of the best fuel efficiencies for any integrated appliance on the market. Some of our Defra approved products are capable of burning both kiln dried wood and anthracite in smoke control areas, a dual fuel use most cleanburn products cannot offer. Whether you are choosing to just replace your fire or carry out a complete refurbishment we are confident that we can offer you a product that will cost you less to run than your current old fire. The stone used in our stone fireplaces is over 60 million years old and made up of tiny organisms and wisps of plant life, making each fireplace unique. Liberty White marble is so named because it is white in colour with very few visible veins and also because this type of exquisite marble also forms the base of The Statue of Liberty in New York.
There are three finishing options, black, highlighted and full polished and as well as aesthetics they provide the various fuel options of woodburning, multi-fuel, gas or electric. For us, the fireplace is the focal point in a room, and it should always be decorated carefully. In common with many other companies we use suppliers from around the world but an increasing number of our products are now sourced and manufactured in the UK. The Clydesdale's firebox and large front door allows logs up to 22" in length to load easily.
Elegant extras for the Striker such as etched glass, plated trim, and variable-speed blowers allow you to create an insert that's perfect for your home. From cottage bedrooms to elegant drawing rooms, farmhouses to flats, there is a fireplace and a fire to compliment every home. So, to help you choose a look that works for your fireplace, we've explored a few of our favourite tactical designs in more detail. I hope you guys at Faux Panels enjoy seeing how your products have a positive impact on people’s lives!

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