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I know that they're just decoration - bits of eye candy perched on a dresser, sitting on a desk, or plunked down haphazardly on a table. My interest and respect for fine woodworking started as a child watching my father do many wonderful things with wood. I am always looking for new and different concepts for my woodturning; these include surface textures, multi-axis turning, multi-media items and embellishment with carving.
Use of wood a medium for art work offers the observer a chance to see the fine work of nature in the ever endless patterns of the wood grain. For centuries, wood, the original solid surface, was used through-out the home for its durability.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to blend the warmth and beauty of our wood countertops into your home. Maybe it's because my father made boxes, too, except he made them out of paper and cardboard in a display box factory many years ago. Wood such as teak, cherry and mahogany is considered to be materials of style and elegance. Our unique processing seals the wood against air and moisture, to insure a waterproof surface with minimal maintenance.
The MDF cabinet could have come out better but the top frame made from hard Maple came out very nice.

He is the past president and past secretary of the Mid-Columbia Woodturners, which is a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners.

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