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See Our Doors in New York City:Clingerman Doors featured on high condominium in New York City. Clingerman Doors Named Top MarketerOctober 7, 2010 - Professional Door Dealer Magazine ArticleClingerman Doors was named a top marketer by Wood and Wood Products magazine. Garage Door Upgrade Continues to Return Home Renovation ValueInsulated Door Replacement Boosts Home Efficiency, ValueDALLAS, Jan. Increased Importing Difficulties Plague Spanish CedarWritten by Shannon Rogers on February 11, 2011Spanish Cedar is an excellent exterior grade species that is often viewed as a viable alternate to Genuine Mahogany. Customers can choose from Meranti Mahogany and Hemlock Fir.Clingerman constructed a new facility in 2010 to manufacture the Ridge Collection. Creating a garage that offers the amenities you want without disrupting the period character of your home can be a tall order. Two of the doors are 8-by-9 feet, and the smaller service counter door is 8 feet by 3 feet, 9 inches. Value Report released last month by Remodeling magazine confirms that replacement of a basic garage door with a mid-range or upscale model is one of the smartest and best value buys prior to a home sale.Statistics show that more than 90 percent of home buyers turn to the Internet first in their home searches, often basing their decisions to learn more about a property from the photos they see of a home's exterior.
The restaurant was seeking three garage doors that have curb appeal and a contemporary look.
Custom wood doors built with traditional tongue-and-groove joinery and inset raised panels are offered in a choice of swing-out, sliding, or bi-fold as well as roll-up models. If your garage is prominently placed in relation to your house, the style of the doors can have a major impact on your curb appeal. Paneling, cross bars, and Z braces add architectural relief.Unlike steel, wood is naturally insulating. This means that someone will purchase Spanish Cedar and may get a bad pack or a good pack or even a mixed pack with widely varied color and working properties.

If the design of your garage door isn’t a great fit for the age of your home, a complementary color scheme can at least help it blend in. The finished surface can take on a range of period details, from dentil molding to Arts & Crafts vertical panels.
Overhead Door's complete line of Thermacore® insulated steel garage doors feature a continuous layer of foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant steel. Conversely, if you have a gorgeous traditional-style door to highlight, creative coloring (for example, painting the bracing elements on a carriage-house door the same color as your home’s trim) can give it a huge boost.
Even steel and weatherproof composite doors can be patterned to mimic a carriage-house look. Value Report revealed that homeowners continue to look for projects that improve curb appeal and reduce maintenance and operational costs," Dachowicz said. However importing restrictions make for additional lead times and inconsistent sizing of the lumber when it arrives. Steel doors typically come prepainted, but today’s manufacturers tend to have a good basic range of color choices.
Companies are making it easier to accomplish this by offering peripherals like appropriate hardware.
We are managing to stay ahead of this curve by buying in large quantities and working with our mill partners to stipulate quality and sizes. Home owners can find a distributor using Overhead Door's online distributor locator.The 2011-2012 Cost vs. The issue however is with all of these additional steps, the prices continue to rise on the species.
Value survey determined that garage door replacement was a top-five value-returning project after evaluating a typical $1,500 cost to replace a basic garage door with a mid-range garage model.

Personally, we feel that the quality of the lumber is worth the price and the wood performs very much like the much more expensive Genuine Mahogany. Many traditional-style garage doors on the market today feature a row of top lights, and coordinating those windows to the ones already on your house will create a strong connection. If your windows are classic six-over-six double-hungs, for example, choose a door with multi-paned top lights. This equates to a 71.9 percent ROI and is the fourth-highest rated project a homeowner can undertake, according to the study. Board-and-batten, raised-panel, and rail-and-stile door profiles are all available in garage-friendly forms; the right stain can make the garage door a carbon copy of the entry door. Hanley Wood, publisher of Remodeling magazine, asks NAR members nationwide to evaluate a variety of home remodeling jobs and then project the ROI homeowners could expect to receive when they sell their homes. For most historic homes (especially those dating to the 19th century), the go-to template for garage doors is the carriage house. The study details not only the national average value returned on common renovation projects, but the expected ROI in nine U.S. Carriage houses typically featured swing-out wooden doors, often with a diagonal brace on the bottom half. Overhead folding doors that replicate the appearance of carriage house and stable doors are also out there, for homeowners who want all the modern conveniences wrapped in a period package.

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