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AMC SOFA offers contemporary and modern style quality leather furniture at wholesale prices. Planet Sofa is a source for custom modern sofas, loveseats, and chairs at wholesale prices. Funky Sofa--Italian Style: made overseas--Using the power of the internet you can now take creative control for choosing the centerpiece of your living area - your sofa.
FunkySofa is committed to constantly providing stylish and unique furniture for the best value.
Whereas the online standard delivery time for made-to-order furniture is 10-12 weeks, FunkySofa can fulfill most orders in six weeks or less. Italy Design, The online Italian furniture distributor shopping store, Italy Design has modern contemporary furniture from Italy that can be ordered directly over the Internet. These next few listings sell reasonably priced copies of Italian and expensive modern contemporary furniture. Boffi, founded in 1934 near Milan, by brothers Dino, Pier Ugo and Paolo Boffi, chose to take a path of experimental design and advanced manufacturing. Gamma Italian Leather Sofas--Produced in ForlA¬ (Italy) since 1974, Gamma's sofas are made with details that are not always visible, but which are often revealed in the course of time to those who have chosen them for their homes. The total focus of Anima Domus is Contemporary Italian Design.You can actually make purchases online which is great. Cassina has 60 European designs in stock and 10 day delivery for Italian chairs and much more.
Cassina is the premier Italian furniture maker, and the only manufacturer of authentic Le Corbusier furniture.
Find lighting for contemporary homes, outdoor lighting, table lamps, fun clocks, kids lamps, funky furniture, and teen and dorm room lamps and furniture-all at discount pricing Affordable contemporary furniture; A collection of contemporary furniture that contains dinette tables, bar tables and stools, fun ottomans, modern neon tables, garden furniture, folding acrylic chair, the popular Mitt Chair, Puzzotto ottoman, Cradle chair and Smooch Chair. Check out Cool Clock Shop that offers a huge selection of clocks, Commercial Interiors Outlet and Designer fabrics outlet for a great selection of home and commercial fabrics, designer fabrics, fabric trim, home wallpaper and wallcoverings. Renaissance Architectural Orders by Laszlo Furniture Design, Fine Antique furniture reproduction, Architectural Woodwork and Paneling, Specializing in Veneer work, Marquetry,Inlay and Intarsia., Plaster work, Classical Interiors, French-polish by Laszlo Sallay--New Your City.
Excelsior Designs--An Italian furniture company called Excelsior Designs, fine Italian home furnishings, offers an interesting line called Pompeii. Bell'o of Italy specializes in home entertainment system furniture.They feature a cable management system for securely hiding power cords and interconnect cables in our home theater furniture as well as audio video furniture, TV stands and speaker stands. Ambient Italian Furniture Showroom displays a collection of classical and modern designer Italian furniture. Lavamar is the only company in the world specialized in the harvesting and processing of Crystal Stone, a natural and unique alabaster quarried in Italy. Listone Giordano Italian Wood Flooring--Italian wood flooring can be gotten from Listone Giordano.
Cappellini Chair--Europe by Net in the UK has Cappellini Furniture, including the wonderful Rainbow Chair whichA  is already a design classic and sure to become a museum piece. The Magazine Furnitue Source carries Cappillini contemporary furniture also as well as these brands: Alessi Furniture, Aftifort Contemporary Furniture, Herman Miller, Leolux, Mueller Moebel. Natuzzi produces over 400 different models in casual contemporary, modern and classic styles, at all price points, in all versions (sofas, armchairs, recliners, motion models, sofa-beds and sectional models) and offers a selection of 480 coverings between leather and microfibre: The widest and most complete collection of sofas available on the market.
TotemDesigns : Once took orders, now the website is a reference tool on contemporary design.
Spacify is an on-line retailer of classic, mid-century modern, contemporary and office furniture for individuals, design professionals and corporations of all sizes. DueG Furniture shows way-cool modern fItalian urniture, Bright colors combined with metals. The modular nature of this Italian furniture offers various possibilities to essemble different heights and dimensions. The French, Italian and Spanish designs for Living Room, Dining Room and Home Office all have a little Peruvian flavor and are created by Olinda Romani. Since 1939, the founder of the Ciani Family has been drawing 18th-century Della Robbia wreaths, rich with iconographic arrangements of fruits and flowers, ears of corn and acanthus leaves.
Orange Skin also offers interior consulting, designer referral, and custom manufacturing services to the professional interior design and architecture markets.
Design Addict is the portal for design lovers--over 350 designers, over 1500 objects for sale.
Crassevig--For thirty years Crassevig chairs and tables have been admired worldwide and displayed in acclaimed buildings and dwellings. Arper, Arper's collection includes a variety of tables and chairs for every environment: home, office, hospitality.
Antonio Lupi, Antonio Lupi produces some of the most elegant bathroom systems in the world. Alessi--Alessi produces highly innovative and experimental objects and housewares by the world's leading designers. DDC--Some very nice and unusual sofas,couches, chairs, tables, and other items like tea carts or bar carts are shown on the DDC site. Mariani Affreschi Company of Brescia Italy is one of the oldest established companies supplying authentic frescos throughout the world.
Ligne Roset has grown from a small business making bentwood walking sticks founded by Antoine Roset in 1860 in Montagnieu, France to a multinational contemporary furnishings company with factories in France, headquarters in Briord, France and totaling more than 200 exclusive Ligne Roset stores and 1,000 retail distributors worldwide.
Agio International, a company recognized worldwide for impeccable quality and superior service in outdoor furniture and accessories.
Dialogica Furniture has a website that will try your patience, but they do have some nice designs. If you have the money then you should flaunt it and what better way to flaunt than to have a luxurious lavish home interiors.
The Italian bedrooms of those times, especially in the rural areas, were structures with thick walls and small windows to keep the room warm in winter, and cool in summer. This is because Italians love a well-made bed, and the bedding or lenzuola must be always just so. Making a bed has its cultural significance, because there exist traditions regarding the making of the matrimonial bed.
In modern times, Italian tastes have tended to lean towards the minimalist, and the detailed curves and designs of earlier bedrooms have made way for clean, functional lines, though no less beautiful. Italian bedrooms today have come to resemble modern bedrooms worldwide, especially in cases where space is an issue, and beds double as sitting areas or have headrests which double as book cases. Italians do not like carpets in their bedrooms, as these are considered unhygienic, because they cannot be washed often.
Personal taste governs Italian bedrooms, because above all it is a space where a couple can relax sotto le lenzuola, or, between the sheets.
Italian bedrooms are the backbone of every Italian home, providing a space for intimacy and repose.
Life in Italy is a website that covers mutiple aspects of Italian contemporary life and tourism. These contemporary furniture sources may have true Italian furniture or knock-offs of good European furniture designs.

That's why they work closely with you to understand your individual needs, whether its styles, fabrics or colors.
Here you find a great selection of leather sofas, microfiber sofas, sectional sofas, loveseats, chaises, chairs, custom made microfiber and leather sofa sets, beautiful reproductions of modern classics design by Le Corbusier, Barcelona sofa and chair by Mies Van der Roche, Bibendum by Eileen Gray, Eames, Arthe sectional and Chesterfield . Create your own custom look by choosing from one of FunkySofa's many retro, modern, contemporary and funky sofas or sofa sleepers models and add any of Funky Sofa's fabrics or leathers and let their craftsmen build the sofa of your dreams - all at factory direct savings. FunkySofa's customer service team is available online and offline seven days a week to answer your questions and give advice on coordinating furniture and accessories for any home. The Italian furniture collection includes fabulous painted furniture--benches and settees, chairs, chests, desks, mirrors, tables, sconces and lamps. Plushpod Internationalshowcases contemporary furniture focusing on design and style for a modern taste.
Bell'O offers a full line of audio video furniture, audio furniture, home theater furniture, entertainment centers, including plasma TV stands, projection TV stands, speaker stands, and TV Stands. Lavamar is able to create luxury furniture and accessories of authentic Italian Design by matching the Crystal Stone itself with: marble, glass, brass, aluminum and various kind of wood. This Italian manufacturer makes sofas with clever moving parts that become beds and change arrangement at will. They have a much faster loading site and they are distributors of contemporary furniture imported from Italy. Totem Design Group was founded on the belief that their existence, physical and even spiritual, can be enhanced by the objects in our lives.
The website has English version and the site is designed with an interesting slideshow of the company's furniture.
Olinda is a furniture artist and designer specializing in Old World furniture, hand painted furniture designs and antique reproductions.
Emporio San Firenze has purposely set itself apart and concentrates all its efforts on the realization of pieces mainly in wrought iron. The Chicago showroom features a cross fertilization of contemporary Italian furniture and modern design objects. Their products stand out for their lightness of form, elegance and quality, as well as for their materials, finishing, and durability. Bosca's sensitivity to the design world has translated into furnishings that achieve an ideal balance between craftsmanship, concern for detail, and the latest technological trends. Characterized by experienced leather-working, their collection combines both traditional and modern aesthetics. The new catalogue includes an exquisite selection of wash basins, shower trays and bathtubs made of diverse materials from ceramics to CORIAN. Over the years, Alessi has produced objects that have been created by over two hundred designers.
The company's president and founder Enrico Cavaciocchi designed many of the models seen on the collections presented there.
With five factories in China, theyoffer many styles of patio and outdoor furniture and furnishings.
The female partner of the design duo says: I am the American born daughter of a mother who was a wonderful Dutch artist and a Chino-Indonesian father who traveled the world before settling in America.
Modenese Gastone an Italian company has remarkable respect in the field of classic luxurious dining room and living room furniture. Italian bedrooms embody the importance of the private life for an Italian man or woman, a relaxed place to sleep, dream, nourish, and take part in intimacies.
Amongst the nobility who lived in castles, the bedroom was furnished with the elaborate four-poster bed with its curtains, or the letto a baldacchino, the armadio, or the wardrobe, and the cassettone, or the chest of drawers. These bedrooms were a little dark with their shutters drawn, but anyone who has been to a restored Italian villa down south would attest to the charm of its bedrooms. The bed on which the married couple spend their first night is supposed to be made by at least two virgins, or in some areas of Italy, by the sisters and the mother of the bride. The most common beds now found in Italian households is the letto matrimoniale, or the queen-sized beds, with letto a due piazze or king-sized beds, gracing more opulent bedrooms. Italians who like to make their bedrooms a really soft and cosy space opt for flowery printed upholstery. Love and its expression is a major Italian preoccupation, and recent statistics show that 82% of Italian women think making love is the most important part of a couple’s relationship, as against the European average of 75%. Traditionally, it is a sacred area symbolising prosperity and fertility, and modern Italians try their best to maintain the exclusivity of this private, personal area. Experience this contemporary leather round bed crafted by Italian leading furniture manufacturer, Prealpi. Italian furniture designer Babini has conceptualized this spectacular office desk, specially designed for new generation offices. Just pick up the phone and one of their knowledgeable associates will be more than happy to provide you with the best advice possible.
Their selection is outstanding, great bright colors, and can be customized to your specifications. If you can't afford an Italian import, maybe you can come close by choosing a smlilar design from Planet Sofa.
The Flou Italian bed collection is distributed through the top furniture stores in more than 60 countries around the world and in twelve Flou showrooms in the main capital cities in Europe and worldwide. Decorative Crafts has showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, High Point, Chicago, Minimum order to open a new account is $500. B&B Italia regularly produces a Newsletter containing information on the latest products in the catalogue, previews of new products, calendar of the most important events in the Italian furniture design world organized by them or where they participate.
They have modern chairs, sofas, bar stools + benches, bedroom furniture, tables shelving,storage, home office furniture. Anima Domus offers sleeper sofas, Italian chairs A  and furniture for all rooms in your home. Check out the office chairs in a selection of colors Also bean bag chairs and multipurpose furniture.
Home theater furniture ensembles accommodate plasma, projection and standard TV monitors as well as additional audio video components.
Their 'Parrett' chair with decorative legs is a nice blend of contemporary styling and carved wood legs. The chair is made of metacrylate plates in different colours which are joined by ultrasound!
Our product lines include seating, lighting, storage, office furniture, tables, outdoor furniture, bedroom and accessories, including many original designs exclusive to Spacify. The isteis in Italian, but if you clickon unlikely looking links you will find contemporary occasional chairs, desk chairs, closet systems, and lots of built in looking modern contemporary children's room furniture. In this way, it is faithful to its first love but experiments other avenues as well with the addition of such materials as crystal and glass, brass alloys, bronze and pewter, marble, mosaics and fine fabrics. Responding to the demand for Ligne Roset products in the US, Canada, and Mexico, 19 exclusive Ligne Roset stores a€” Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, La Jolla, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Seattle, Washington DC, and Mexico City a€” and 21 retail distributors have been established. They are heavy on the pocket but they demonstrate elegance and beauty of true classic furniture.

The bed or letto, dominated the room, which was as much a symbol of matrimony as it was of repose. In earlier times, the gifts of money received by the newlyweds were arranged on the bed itself in some parts of Italy, and the bride received her guests while relaxing on her matrimonial bed, signifying her prosperity and happiness in marriage. This is because the dead are carried out feet first from the home, and the foot of the bed pointing towards an open door is bad omen. Beds are made of wood, metal and entirely of fabric, and while some of them have elaborate, carved or textile headrests or testiere, the majority of the beds have simple headrests.
Italian beds and wardrobes are strong as well as beautifully-shaped, and it is possible to re-decorate and use them for decades. A ceramic pot or two could find its place in the sitting area of bigger bedrooms, where a full-length mirror and a dressing table may stand.
They make it a place of retreat from the punishing pace of modern Italian living, a space in which to dream and rejuvenate oneself.
So, no effort is spared to boost the ability of the bedroom to inspire romance, be it in terms of soft lighting, exquisite bed-sheets, and luxurious beds. La camera da letto is definitely a cherished part of the Italian existence, a product as much of tradition as it is of modernity. Upon all modernity, round beds are amongst the most practical when they come with an integrated rotating mechanism. Danny Venlet gets the credit for developing the spectacular design for the Goggle desk.The innovation gets wide acclaim since everyone is eying glamorous and powerful jobs, and they can’t just adjust with ages-old traditional office desks.
ItalyDesign has some very innovative contemporary furniture as well as some familiar classic standards. Moreover, in joint-ventures with local partners, the Flou products are manufactured under an exclusive license agreement and commercialized in Canada since 1989 and in Japan since 1986.
VVD Collection is the new B&B Italia catalogue with the pictures of the most important products of the Vincent Van Duysen Collection.
Plushpod makes contemporary furniture and modern design, from around the world, easily available for you.
They also have a section they call CLASSICS with items like the Eileen Gray Side Table, Le Corbusier Armchair, Mies Chair,and theA  Mies Lounger. Funky Lights offers a selection of lighted tables that are used in homes or as commercial displays and restaurant furniture.
Ambienti Italia is an experienced direct importer of furnishings from over 30 of Italy's leading manufacturers. By providing a combination of timeless classics, modern masterworks, and the source of original furniture from around the globe, Spacify is well positioned for assist any customer to manage their space on-line. They are dedicated to making good design accessible through an ever-changing array of contemporary furniture and innovative product designs for your home, workplace, and lifestyle. The mistress of a house, even a modern woman with jobs outside her home, sees an unmade bed as a sign of slovenliness. Shutters on bedroom windows are now relatively uncommon, unless it is a restored or vintage Italian house. With the sort of care Italians lavish on their sheets, a good quality bedding is expected to last up to ten years. Modern Italian cupboards and wardrobes are a marvel of good looks and convenience, and are known all over the world for their superior design.
While it is usual for Italian bedroom walls to be painted in white or simple pastel shades, some villas still stick to the quaintness of a wall-papered bedroom, or even a room decorated all over with personal photos.
It is dreamily endowed with a built-in light to bring about the passionate tone to your space, not to mention the availability of various finishes ranging from white oak to eco-leather which can be brought together with a functional storage system.
It is here Babini has come up with this spectacular office desk to impart a new outlook to your office. They have a network of some of the best manufacturers in the world and can usually find the perfect piece for you. With over 27 years of experience in the sofa manufacturing business , the founders of the company recognized the overwhelming value and convenience that the internet could provide consumers when purchasing made-to-order furniture. Ambienti Italia says they understand the importance of once-in-a-lifetime investments which define style and provide comfort.
Architects, Designers, Facility Managers, Event Coordinators, and individuals leverage Spacify as their key design resource.
The set mostly includes an extensible rectangular or oval table, a display cabinet, stylish and elegant chair with very attractive fabrics, a side board and a dining room mirror to match your table and chairs. When the bed is made, the sheet and bedspread are impeccably straightened, and the cushions and pillows kept in their proper place. This is because in earlier times the priests visiting the dying placed their hats on the bed. Fluttering curtains have come to replace them, and modern Italian bedrooms are a lot better-lighted and airy than those of the yesteryears. The geometry of this desk consists mainly of nicely created curves not just towards the end, but even in the drawers below. AMC Sofa is located in California and the leather and microfiber furniture is shipped from there.
Planet Sofa is a versatile, fast growing, and dynamic wholesale furniture company, specializing in providing furniture solutions on any scale. Customers choose Spacify due to their selection, prices, custom options, knowledgeable staff, and excellent customer service. This, after having graduated from Cornell University where I studied architecture and interior design. Goggle desks are spacious enough to hold everything that you would normally use in your office. You will find Italian style, Euro style modern sofas at prices that are a fraction of the actual imported item. They carry a comprehensive product range appealing to the individual, major corporations, interior designers, hotel groups, and hospitality industry.
You can also download a digital version (PDF files) of the catalogue directly from the B&B Italia website. Sergio's time back then was divided between Africa where he was working as a geologist researching land for agricultural development and Italy where he was cultivating his sense of curiosity for industrial design.
Also, they come in different colors and ranges.A selection among them depends solely upon your utility and size of your wallet.
It’s also possible to choose between a wide range of surface finishing, namely matte and glossy in a variety of grades and tints.
The company offers customization where you can select the designs for the panels, doors and drawers.

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