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One fun part was eating the food. A lot easier than disposing of the cat food when building my cat can alcohol stove. The Progresso Soup can had an easy-open-top, so the only can I needed a can opener was for the chicken chunks.
I was happily surprised to find that the 19 oz Progresso can fit snugly inside the paint can.
After a few fittings, I decided to cut about 1.5 inches off the bottom of the 19 oz Progresso can for a little more air clearance off the ground. The gutter mesh is galvanized and I flexible enough that I think it is almost perfect for this type of project. Note: Not all of these stoves are wood gas stoves, but just simple screens that help focus and elevate heat and flame from wood fuel. The policy change came out in April, 2010 regarding the use of chemical fuels and equipment. The policy prohibits certain chemical fuel equipment “that is handcrafted, homemade, modified, or installed beyond the manufacturer’s stated design limitations or use. From what I have read, the BSA was getting complaints and also observing a rise in injuries related to constructing the popular Pepsi-can alcohol stove.
The air flowing up through the Progresso can helps in the combustion, especially when you initially start the stove. Hey Derek thanks a bunch, don’t stress too much about it, I think I figured out what the key is…Did you press the inner can into the paint can from the bottom of the paint can?
I just built one of these yesterday according to your plans with only one small variation: instead of cutting out the bottom of the soup can and replacing it with metal mesh, I simply drilled a bunch of holes in the bottom of the soup can.
The real advantage of a wood burner is that (hopefully) you have plenty of fuel available to you where you will be using the stove, thus reducing weight carried and minimizing the need to care about how much fuel you are burning–just burn as much or as little as needed to get the job done.
The the paint can I used has an inner ring that is the same diameter as the inner can so they fit together nicely.
However, with a bottom on the bigger can, it’s hard to remove ash from the gap between the inner can and the bigger can.
Upper oven is wood fired, lower is gas burner fired fireplace (provides extra heat for preheating hearth). The internal chamber of the pizza oven is roughly 30 inches by 35 inches and is supported by steel plate under fire brick. I have been thinking of the woodstove design and discuss it with my brother who lives near by pretty often. I’m more inclined like you said to make the MTo G3 model a little wider to allow for more insulation to keep the heat better. If you have any questions about the geothermal system, I’d be more than happy to help out with what I know.
I managed to download all three plans, more precisely to have it done for me, all the files are now in before the link expired.
Why not, it is real good though if gas is used after the oven reaches the cooking temperature.
In other words, It is very common however more so with portable hand held equipment to assist the fire start in the early going with wet wood for instance. I have the design plans that I sketched out, but they are merely sketches in pencil with notes.
I am amazed about your oven design and its story, both structurally educative and also entertaining. The gas fireplace on the bottom vents partially from the front but mostly from the top rear through a flue designed into the rear wall. To link to Wood burning oven with gas fireplace underneath article, copy & paste the following code into your website.
Energy Savers specializes in wood, gas and pellet stoves, fireplaces, inserts, brick and veneered stone, mantels and surrounds. We are family owned and operated since 1976, which is 38 years of providing service to our customers because we care ultimately about the warmth and comfort added to each and every family. A home or a room could be warmed up with a beautiful fireplace fueled with either natural gas or wood.
For instance the fireplace fueled with natural gas is considered to be energy efficient, but the drawbacks include: cost, sustainability, and the lack of aesthetics. As far as the sustainability factor, the usage of wood in fireplace is much preferable than the usage of natural gas. Depending on looks or the essence a particular thing gives to a room people would mostly like to choose wood as a fuel because it has charming looks and a feel of warmth. As far as  the safety factor is concerned of the two fuels, one just needs to make sure that the installation of each has been done accurately and all the steps of the procedure have been thoroughly followed. Then there is an emission factor in which we take into account the pollution caused by the two fuels. Jason and Neil are always available to answer your questions, if you need them to see something you’re unhappy with they will be there as soon as they can. Jason genuinely listened to our needs, took the time to understand how our family lives in our home, and incorporated that into the designs.
When we called Design Build Pros, Jason took time away from his family and came on a Saturday. The fact that they have “Pro” in their company name is very fitting as they were consummate professionals in all aspects of the project. As a design professional that has worked with the Design Build Pros for years, I can easily give a 5-star recommendation. Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know both Jason and Neil as co-workers and competitors.

We have dealt with other companies for other issues in our house and have had many unpalatable experiences. I contacted Design Build Pros to schedule a consultation prior to making a home purchase to seek advice from a professional.
High Quality Grill Parts, Gas Fireplaces, Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Furniture and Awesome Technical Assistance. The pergola will not stop the rain or the snow but here in florida the slatted wood structure will break up the oppressive heat to create a warm area with partial shade. My first exposure to wood-burning backpacking stoves was a Sierra stove that another adult leader brought to a Boy Scout training event.
When I looked at other designs, the tool list included some peculiar tools that I would never really use much like large hole punches and strange lid removers. It turns out that the quantity of holes worked great, so I don’t recommend buying a big drill bit or single-purpose hole punch unless you really, really want to. I had some JB Weld, but to date I haven’t glued anything together since it fits so well already (in fact, I had to lightly tap the smaller can into the paint can, which really makes a tight fit). I also used the Dremel to make 4 slices near the bottom of the 19 oz Progresso can for the wire mesh.
I was able to bend and fit the mesh and inserted the corners into the slices and then bent up the corners up. Most of the wood around my house is snow-soaked and I can attest that wet wood is hard to burn.
Making a wood burning stove might be debatable within some groups, for from my reading, it is allowed. In my own experience, I feel that it is essential to teach safety and proper handling for all the permitted fuel types, including and especially wood burning stoves and fires.
While a cool DIY project, these stoves are difficult to construct and are prone to injury, especially for the youth. From one perspective, you could argue that this policy is specifically addressing chemical-based stoves and fuels, not wood burning stoves.
I may have to build another one to see if the cans have changed since I first put this together. It really gives an outstanding idea that is very helpful for all the people on web.Thanks for sharing.
I have done something like this using gallon paint can and #10 can, mesh in the bottom, and plenty of holes at base of outer paint can. Since I am from India and not familiar with types of cans in your country, I would like to know how did you make the inner can sit inside the outer can without any bottom support? This enables me to get the pizza oven to cooking temperature much faster and at the same time to maintain a more constant temperature after reaching the full heat up. Fire produced embers produce huge heat for the firing in comparison with even large gas burner nozzle. Energy wise, wood fire flames and embers especially produce much more heat used for the oven chamber heat up. I was apprehensive about this design but it has proven to be an excellent plan for what I wanted. Is it possible to build a single outdoor oven that can simultaneously (or separately) burn gas, as well as wood to heat up these bricks inside?
Obviously putting a gas “booster” oven below the wood burning oven has been done, but why not just one oven using both heat sources? The drawback is that using a single chamber for both fuels means that most of the heat goes up and doesn’t heat the hearth much better than a single fuel. The wood oven on top vents partially through the hearth opening but mainly through the chimney in the front. If you are outside our local area, please go to the manufacturer’s website and use the dealer locator by zip code to find your local dealer. However, in case of natural gas, one can install a system that could easily warm up the whole house at the same time, whereas wood fueled fireplace lacks this advantage and warms up only the same room as of the fireplace. Wood is a potential renewable energy resource whereas natural gas is a fossil fuel and takes more than generation to renew.
With a natural gas fireplace, artificial wood is often inserted to improve the look, but the enchanting and charming feel of real wood is impossible to duplicate.
In case of wood one needs to use steel screen to prevent sparks jumping out of the fireplace. As both the models use blower that pushes the warm air into the room instead of letting it going out of the chimney.
I feel like I'm the only one they are working with, because they are there when you need them to be. I feel like I’m the only one they are working with, because they are there when you need them to be. He was very knowledgeable and through and spent a few hours going over all our damage with us.  He was very responsive to all our needs and we have recommended Design Build Pros to our neighbors. They are very respectful, knowledgeable and are excellent listeners, oh and by the way they just happen be really good at designing too! Anyone with a conceptual idea for work on their house or wants to start working towards a finished product, contact him. I’ve been working Neil and Jason and their clients through a variety of remodelers for quite a number of years now. Their professionalism and integrity, as well as their product knowledge, are second to none. This job, as extensive as it was, has been the best experience we have had with any company.

I spoke with Jason Parsons, who really went out of his way to answer my questions, and research the potential issues I was facing with a renovation. This is including everything that is considered to small until medium difficulty leveled home improvement project. At the time, I thought they were too much hassle, a bit messy, and (in the case of the Sierra) required batteries and electronics that I worried would be difficult to repair in the field. I decided that if this were to be a true DIY project, I would have to use what I had on hand.
I didn’t pay attention to when the lining burned out on mine, but it must eventually as there is nothing left on mine. If you decide to burn off the zinc, do so in a well-ventillated area, outdoors, and DO NOT breathe in any of the fumes. My troop used to make the Pepsi-can stove, but we switched to making the cat can stove because it was easier to make (just use a single paper hole punch), was less injury prone, and the stoves performed just as well as anything else. After all, an empty coffee can makes a fine wood stove and would even be recommended under Leave No Trace recommendations as you indicate. If my understanding is correct, the inner can edge rim sits bang on the outer paint can cover lid carrogation.
Thank you very much, just got the time to study the project images and to finally reply to you. However, using the method you suggest would mean better control of the temperature in the oven itself. Our knowledgeable sales staff looks forward to discussing any element of your hearth product and service needs; from design to installation, to custom finishing and service. One can choose either of the fuels based on several advantages and disadvantages associated with the usage of each one.
Other than these previously listed elements, there are things that don’t make much difference in the usage of either of the fuels. The blower actually takes in the cool air from outside, heats it, and then blows into the room. Neil and Jason Parsons listened to what we wanted, as to the look and feel of the house and came up with a few plans for the exterior with the 2nd floor addition. Drawing together a complete group of experts to execute each job, they are on top of the project the whole step of the way. They have insight into design, cost and budget, and I have yet to hear of a dissatisfied customer. After explaining my concerns, Jason quickly provided several solutions, and answered unforeseen questions. Installing a gas fireplace is one of those home improvement projects which can be done through DIY way. Younger scouts with less experience should probably start off with canister stoves because it helps build confidence and mastery of techniques. Going deeper, most scouts working on the Metalworking Merit Badge have cut, punched, and scissored metal coffee cans into all kinds of shapes. A cursory look revealed that many cans are lined with “Gray Epoxy Phenolic,” which is toxic! It is not like an alcohol stove or liquid fuel stove where you can more accurately measure burn time based on a measure of fuel.
This design also allows for easy replacement of fire brick since they are laid mortar free on top of the steel. If you compare the amount of heat from wood fire and especially the heat radiating from the red embers, with even a large gas burner, how big the flame and gas consumption would need to be for these two to be even. It seems to me that keeping the hearth hot – about 650 degrees Fahrenheit is crucial to a properly cooked crust.
If done again I would make the gas fireplace on the bottom about 8 inches taller, lowering that hearth and therefore making the firebox taller. However, other than that main natural gas line cost, the expenditures involved in usage of two fuels are almost the same and both the fuels are equally inexpensive.
Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none and the service they offer is immeasurable. They remain a resource for me, and I look forward to working with them in the future on other projects.
But building and maintaining Leave No Trace campfires is a basic skill for even Tenderfoot scouts. Could you imagine having the oven, when it’s running, to have a thermostat that could kick the propane on if needed for long slow cooks or something. Usually these kitchens use gas for all appliances and the oven is basically only re-fired daily, where the oven is always hot and its temperature never cools downwards to cold state. BUT, if you heat up the oven daily then also gas or charcoal can be fine because while the oven is still hot the next day it is basically only refired and then kept at the desired temperature level with gas.
I will mail cooking pictures separately at a later date as we don’t intend to use it for another week or so. Therefore then it is less expensive on natural gas or LPG if the oven is used in a daily production scenario, as mentioned only because fast to reheat again and again.

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