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Then the companies that own the gas tanks should be responsible for damage when they wash up in the ocean, in farm ditches, etc.?
Sadly gas cylinders remain the property of the gas distributor, and their heirs and successors, and whilst some might regard this as stretching a point, to cut them up for other uses is an offence. It is available in three sizes and each has an extensive window area to allow you to enjoy the dancing flames and warm ambience of the coal or log-effect gas fires to the full.Operation is simplicity itself too.

It is a company in Kingfisher Ok that buys, sells and rebuilds propane tanks of all sizes . They also sell what they call salvage tanks that dont meet spec's to be put back into orginal service . Tiresome I know (an how many crates have we seen marked "property of Allied Bakeries" etc.?) but along with many eBayers, you have just advertised the fact of your crime on the internet.

Choose Gazco’s Command upgreadable remote control and you can adjust the flames and heat from your armchair.

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