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Biolite Campstove Not rated yetI've used the biolite and it works exactly as advertised. The WERNERBURNER wood gas stove Not rated yetThis is long, but it is simple for the handyman!
DK Rocket Stove Not rated yetThe DK rocket stove uses no fan or batteries, has no parts that break and runs on realy small twigs, It produces no smoke, and is very cost effective. Titanium ultra light bush cookers allows the user to use more fuels with less weight in a manner never before achieved. One fun part was eating the food. A lot easier than disposing of the cat food when building my cat can alcohol stove. The Progresso Soup can had an easy-open-top, so the only can I needed a can opener was for the chicken chunks.
I was happily surprised to find that the 19 oz Progresso can fit snugly inside the paint can.
After a few fittings, I decided to cut about 1.5 inches off the bottom of the 19 oz Progresso can for a little more air clearance off the ground.
The gutter mesh is galvanized and I flexible enough that I think it is almost perfect for this type of project. Note: Not all of these stoves are wood gas stoves, but just simple screens that help focus and elevate heat and flame from wood fuel.
The policy change came out in April, 2010 regarding the use of chemical fuels and equipment. The policy prohibits certain chemical fuel equipment “that is handcrafted, homemade, modified, or installed beyond the manufacturer’s stated design limitations or use. From what I have read, the BSA was getting complaints and also observing a rise in injuries related to constructing the popular Pepsi-can alcohol stove. The air flowing up through the Progresso can helps in the combustion, especially when you initially start the stove. Hey Derek thanks a bunch, don’t stress too much about it, I think I figured out what the key is…Did you press the inner can into the paint can from the bottom of the paint can?
I just built one of these yesterday according to your plans with only one small variation: instead of cutting out the bottom of the soup can and replacing it with metal mesh, I simply drilled a bunch of holes in the bottom of the soup can.
The real advantage of a wood burner is that (hopefully) you have plenty of fuel available to you where you will be using the stove, thus reducing weight carried and minimizing the need to care about how much fuel you are burning–just burn as much or as little as needed to get the job done. The the paint can I used has an inner ring that is the same diameter as the inner can so they fit together nicely. However, with a bottom on the bigger can, it’s hard to remove ash from the gap between the inner can and the bigger can. If difficulties persist, please contact the System Administrator of this site and report the error below.

Homeowner have a possibility to expand a fireplace's efficiency, and also its attractiveness, by installing a wood stove.
The wood stoves are getting extremely popular again, due to perennially raising gas and oil costs. My first exposure to wood-burning backpacking stoves was a Sierra stove that another adult leader brought to a Boy Scout training event. When I looked at other designs, the tool list included some peculiar tools that I would never really use much like large hole punches and strange lid removers. It turns out that the quantity of holes worked great, so I don’t recommend buying a big drill bit or single-purpose hole punch unless you really, really want to. I had some JB Weld, but to date I haven’t glued anything together since it fits so well already (in fact, I had to lightly tap the smaller can into the paint can, which really makes a tight fit).
I also used the Dremel to make 4 slices near the bottom of the 19 oz Progresso can for the wire mesh.
I was able to bend and fit the mesh and inserted the corners into the slices and then bent up the corners up. Most of the wood around my house is snow-soaked and I can attest that wet wood is hard to burn. Making a wood burning stove might be debatable within some groups, for from my reading, it is allowed. In my own experience, I feel that it is essential to teach safety and proper handling for all the permitted fuel types, including and especially wood burning stoves and fires.
While a cool DIY project, these stoves are difficult to construct and are prone to injury, especially for the youth. From one perspective, you could argue that this policy is specifically addressing chemical-based stoves and fuels, not wood burning stoves.
I may have to build another one to see if the cans have changed since I first put this together.
It really gives an outstanding idea that is very helpful for all the people on web.Thanks for sharing. I have done something like this using gallon paint can and #10 can, mesh in the bottom, and plenty of holes at base of outer paint can. Since I am from India and not familiar with types of cans in your country, I would like to know how did you make the inner can sit inside the outer can without any bottom support? Here you can find out door wood burning stove as well as antique wood cook stove, wood stove south carolina, wood stove installation, etc. Here you can find wood stove chimney and also homemade outdoor wood stove, lopi wood stove used, taylor wood stove, wood pellet stove dealers, etc. If you have access to an uncostly supply of wood, it can be a great solution to turn to it as a method of scaling down your heating costs.

At the time, I thought they were too much hassle, a bit messy, and (in the case of the Sierra) required batteries and electronics that I worried would be difficult to repair in the field.
I decided that if this were to be a true DIY project, I would have to use what I had on hand. I didn’t pay attention to when the lining burned out on mine, but it must eventually as there is nothing left on mine.
If you decide to burn off the zinc, do so in a well-ventillated area, outdoors, and DO NOT breathe in any of the fumes. My troop used to make the Pepsi-can stove, but we switched to making the cat can stove because it was easier to make (just use a single paper hole punch), was less injury prone, and the stoves performed just as well as anything else.
After all, an empty coffee can makes a fine wood stove and would even be recommended under Leave No Trace recommendations as you indicate.
If my understanding is correct, the inner can edge rim sits bang on the outer paint can cover lid carrogation.
Everything in one place: photo gallery, reviews, the most beneficial bargains from the most reliable wholesalers and retailers. At first inspect, fix and clean a chimney, and verify with your provincial air pollution control district or construction department to learn if a wood-burning stove or insert is allowed in your area.
Everything in one place - articles, photographs, the selected bargains from the reliable wholesalers and retailers, certified and verified.
But if you can not get a low cost and large supply of wood, find out the present rates for a cord of wood in your region preparatory to selecting this kind of heating. It's made from solid stainless steel and I can actually stand on the stove which means it's going to last a loooong time! Younger scouts with less experience should probably start off with canister stoves because it helps build confidence and mastery of techniques. Going deeper, most scouts working on the Metalworking Merit Badge have cut, punched, and scissored metal coffee cans into all kinds of shapes. A cursory look revealed that many cans are lined with “Gray Epoxy Phenolic,” which is toxic!
It is not like an alcohol stove or liquid fuel stove where you can more accurately measure burn time based on a measure of fuel. But building and maintaining Leave No Trace campfires is a basic skill for even Tenderfoot scouts.

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