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I made mine 2x4 because we were making them for Boy Scouts and had a 4x8 sheet of hardboard. I just built one of these and put the center of the guard pieces 4" from the inside edge of the vertical backpiece.
Also, their corner pieces come all the way up to the top of the frame, so a high shot still corners in. Air League Deep Space 6ft Air Hockey Table with High Gloss Table Top and Electric Fan that Provides Air Flow To Table.

The table is black in colour and has large wooden legs for great stability and a high gloss piano finish table top that looks great included are two pucks and two pushers and two clothes to keep the table top clean. There's two slide scorers one for each player at each players end of the table, just move the slider to keep track of your goals.
The sides of the table are metal for added strength and the table is reinforced to cope with the most vigorous of game play, the pushers are grey in colour and are large and easy to hold even for small hands. Its Espresso wood grain PVC laminate finish and chrome accents make the table a stylish addition to your home game room. The pedestal style legs provide added stability and are equipped with leg levelers to level the table and adjust the height.

You can shoot the checker along the wall and have it ricochet off the corner and then again off the goalie square and POW! The playfield is a high gloss scratch resistant PVC that along with the 110v high power air fan motor, provides a fast playing experience.
Place a checker against the wall (lets say the right wall), put your right thumb against the left side of the checker while your other fingers are on the outside of the same wall (basically pressing the checker in to the wall), then squeeze the checker till it shoots forward.

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