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We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. Whether you are looking at wooden furniture or discussing your needs with a qualified joiner, it is useful to have some idea of the basics of wood joinery.
But the skilled joiner has a wide range of joint types available, each with a specific purpose and dependent on the job in hand. A slightly more sophisticated version of this joint is the mitered butt, often seen in skirting boards. The mortise and tenon joint has been popular for centuries with professional joiners requiring a right-angled join. Finally, the through dovetailed joint, which is seen by all joinery craftsmen as the king of joints. An experienced joiner will be able to help to decide which of these, and the many other ways of joining wood, is most appropriate for your job. A local business and trades people fanatic, dedicated to bringing you the best information and articles about local small businesses.
Our 2 piece Box and Finger Joint Set is perfect for woodworker’s who want to make precision box joints at an affordable price.

This is simply one piece of wood butted into another, normally at a right angle, or square to the other board.
Here the two boards are joined at an angle, giving the advantage of no end-grain on view once the joint is made, but it is less strong than the simpler butt joint.
It is both strong and simple, comprising one piece of wood, the tenon, inserted into the other, the mortise, and fastened, normally using glue. Dovetail joints can be very difficult to create, even for the experienced joiner, but dovetailing jigs have made this much easier in recent times.
Check inside any wooden dresser or chest of drawers and you will see one variation or another of the dovetail. If there was no simple way to join two pieces of wood together in a secure way, the only option would be to carve it from a solid piece of wood; both expensive and very time consuming. Using this style, the two boards can be fastened together with adding any thickness to the piece. On old pieces of furniture, it is common to see the tenon protruding from the joint and fixed by a wooden pin. Half-blind dovetails, where the sides of the tails are visible but not the ends, are used when the sides of the drawer must connect directly with the face.

This type of joint is often used in wall framing on construction sites or other simple bits of joinery.
Most joiners will use this technique for right-angled joints, particularly in furniture such as desks and cupboards, where the extra strength is required.
Dovetails on drawers should only be visible when the drawer is opened, but hidden when is closed. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the actual product look or design.
The joint itself is secured by strong wood glue and, especially with hardwoods, by woodscrews.

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