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To get the most out of this website, use the main menu above, then click on the sub menu items on your left, below the flying pig, when visible. We designed AKEDA's dovetail jigs for commercial applications - it's the jig of choice by cabinetmakers and professional craftsmen.
If you're new to woodworking, but you want a professional jig, you'll master the AKEDA in a matter of minutes.
If you’re looking for a high quality dovetail jig that will truly deliver on its promises and produce the finest woodworking joints, quickly and simply, without all the fiddling, the new generation AKEDA dovetail jig is the easy choice.
Beautiful butterfly joints in a large English oak burl and walnut table by George Nakashima (1905-1990). How a piece of furniture is put together indicates how long that piece of furniture will stay together. Understanding how a piece of furniture was made before you buy can prevent you from having to replace or repair the piece. For centuries, craftsmen constructed furniture using hand tools and different methods of joining together the various parts to create a whole.
This is one example of dovetail joinery commonly used in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Note the scribe line marking the joint line–this shows that the maker used hand tools.
With the advent of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, machines became a popular way to make furniture parts and join those parts together. As can be seen in this Arts and Crafts Morris chair, the through tenon joins the leg to the wide arm.
The 20th century continued to embrace exposed joinery not only for its strength but as a design element, as can be seen in this mid-century modern chair from Denmark. The curvilinear chair back continues through to the arm.  The use of a finger joint keeps the parts together, providing an elegant solution as well as strength and stability.

The Studio Furniture movement started in the last quarter of the 20th century and is still thriving today. This is a fine example of furniture crafted by George Nakashima.  A slab of old growth burled hardwood became the table top, and the natural fissure in the wood is held together with a butterfly joint.
If you are shopping for a piece of furniture, paying attention to the joinery can tell you a lot about how  a piece was made, when it was made, and how long it might stay together. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged 20th century, 20th Century Design, Americana, antique furniture, arts and crafts, butterfly joint, Collecting Tips, dovetail joint, finger joint, furniture joinery, george nakashima, guide to buying furniture, History of Art & Antiques, industrial revolution, Jane Prentiss, joinery, modern furniture, studio furniture, through tenon joint by Jane Prentiss.
The CNC-machined aluminum guide template is designed to interlock with a series of mounting plates positioned along a beam. The jig can be used in two modes – freehand, where the jig and workpiece remain stationary as the router traverses the template, or on a router table where the jig and stock are inverted and moved past the bit.
These products are not stocked at our retail stores, but can be ordered for pick-up at our stores.
It is completely adjustment-free, always consistent and every one of your layouts is 100% repeatable with absolute accuracy! And you'll own a premium quality new generation dovetail jig that will last you a lifetime. Read what the reviewers say, check out what existing owners say about their jig, and watch these unique animated AKEDA videos!
For example, when I am shopping for a piece of furniture, I always check out the drawers and how they are constructed.
Hide glue, nails, and wood joints were popular and practical methods used to hold a piece of furniture together. The dovetail joint functions to keep the parts together as the wood expands and contracts with changes in moisture and temperature. Nobody expected to see the joinery, and it was typically seen as an engineering solution, not an element of design.

The corbel below, which is joined to the post and supports the wide arm, provides additional support.  In this chair, joinery is an essential element of the design. George Nakashima (1905-1990) designed his furniture based on the natural form of a piece of wood using minimal joinery. The template lets you machine a joint 9" wide; to produce a wider joint, you simply move the template to the next mounting position.
AKEDA provides you with an innovative variable layout system that's virtually adjustment-free! Variable layout hrough dovetail joints, variable layout half blind dovetail joints, rabbeted joints, variable layout box joints, sliding dovetails, and many other types of woodworking joints, they're all a breeze with the innovative AKEDA dovetail jig. I have tried other jigs my friends own and yours is the only one that keeps my blood pressure low. Why chance having all your belongings fall out of your nightstand because the drawer bottom was stapled in and simply couldn’t hold together for very long? Machine -planed wood has a smooth surface and does not leave the ridges that hand tools leave.
Joinery came to the forefront and became a design principle offering strength, comfort and beauty. The three included plates provide two mounting positions for producing joints up to 18" wide. For longer work, additional pairs of plates are available separately (each pair allows two additional mounting positions, effectively increasing the width capacity by 18"). The supplied eccentric guide bushing lets you fine-tune the position of the cutter relative to the template to ensure snug fitting joints.

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