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Explore your options for wood kitchen cabinets, from rare high-end woods to custom and semi-custom construction, and begin designing the kitchen you've always wanted.
If you're redesigning your kitchen or installing a brand-new one, you'll have many options when it comes to cabinets, and you'll definitely want to investigate wood kitchen cabinets. If you want something highly resilient and stylish you can definitely take this as one of your options. Over time, several readers have asked whether they can dis-assemble their mid-century wood kitchen cabinets, then re-assemble them in a different configuration.
All this said, there were national kitchen cabinet companies making and selling modular units. They are filthy, and covered in many layers of paint, but solid, original, and you just don’t get wood like that anyway. I took the fronts (doors, vertical rails, top panel, molding at ceiling) off to rearrange them, so I can have the shorter doors, which are over the cooktop, so the range hood fits, in the center of the three bays. Cabinets are being sanded and painted soft white, and the insides (they are built right on the plaster (rock lath) wall, so the back of the cabinet is plaster, not wood, sunny yellow.
I would say the easiest way to tell is whether you can open one cabinet door and reach into the cabinet to behind the next cabinet door.
I think the lower cabinets are more likely to be in bigger sections than the upper cabinets because they didn’t have to be lifted. The only thing we’ve done is raised two of them (using the skills of the above mentioned carpenter) as they were too low above the counter.
My cabinets were a mix of modular and unitized, so, with some creative arrangement and some custom shelves and a corner cabinet, I was able to reuse all of the original cabinets.
I realize this is several years down the line, but I recently purchased some Coppes-Napanee cabinets used from another house in Lansing, MI that was being remodeled.
We’ll be replacing them, because despite being original, they are not organized the way I want them for the long term, and because modern cabinetry offer a good deal more in the way of functionality, what with pull-outs, magic corners, etc. I will also say that I got stuck with all the negatives of original cabinetry, but not many of the positives–we have NO scallops or quarter-round shelves. Previous owners removed the wall dividing our once-small kitchen and an adjacent laundry area. Very interesting topic — never really thought about the two different configurations, but now I can see we have experienced both. I’m going to drill a hole in the northwest corner of the room and whenever the floor gets dirty, I’m just going to hose it down and the water will all run out the drain hole in the corner!
She says the the builder created the cupboards for each of the nine houses on our street …from scratch!

Despite its good points, my 1959 ranch had too many too tiny rooms and not enough counter space. Wood is the most commonly used material for kitchen cabinets, a popular choice due to the wide range of styles, qualities and finishes available, as well as the ability to create truly custom designs. Updating your kitchen with new kitchen cabinets can be a nice idea to give your kitchen an innovative look and feel.
Bamboo has its own importance and an easy pick for people who want their kitchen cabinets to be unique and unsullied. Maple gives a smoother looking finish to any cabinet and can be obtained in honey to cinnamon colour palettes.
Plywood cabinets are made of high-quality core material, which is light and can last longer without any hazards. I had originally planned to get new kitchen cabinets because I wanted a new configuration and the cabinets weren’t in very good shape. Incidentally, there was cabinet under the sink, originally… only a cabinet face and doors! I have modular cabinets, I once googled the name of the company on the plate attached to the sink front but no luck, I guess they have been lost to time.
I am hoping to have the dishwasher I bought at an auction (brown, portable Kenmore for $2.00!!!) built in next to my sink, and will have to let my handyman know to be careful about the support system. The previous owners had replaced parts of it with the wrong kinds of wood, stained it really dark, and nailed things into them.
They relocated the cabinets from the wall they took downa€”both base and wall mounted sectionsa€”to extend into the newly enlarged space. Further it is long-lasting, strong, durable and commonly used for years without any concern. Not only that, it is highly cost effective in comparison to other wood solid kitchen cabinets.
You can find an array of types and prices to pick the best one for your needa€¦so stop thinking and get started with your dreams to take its shape in reality!! Unfortunately, the finish on the cabinets was beyond salvage, and all the doors were warped, and most of the copper tiles were dinged and scratched. Not to mention they had that old person smell (which I lessened by using a mix of vinegar and water to clean them). With so many different shapes and sizes we were sure it would be a breeze to fit them into our kitchen. Rather than destroy the knotty pine cabinets on that wall, I hired a good finish carpenter to move the china cabinet and others into a new configuration on another wall.

Country cabinets are easily available in different colour shades starting from brown, dark red etc. This can be found in an array of design and feel, which can surely serve the purpose of offering a vintage feeling to your kitchen. It can be kept normal with the existing wood tone or can be painted as per your requirement. It can give a contemporary feel to any kitchen with guarantee; all you need to do is to pick the right one for the purpose.
If you have cabinets built this way, chances are you will not be able to remove and rearrange them successfully. Kelly also says that banks of drawers were less common in this style of construction, because of the labor involved, I presume.
Frames add weight, and hurt fuel economy — hence, virtually the entire car industry has moved to unitized construction.
The bottom cabinets were too far gone so they’ll be replaced with new creamy white cabinets.
The previous owner had the base cabinet between the sink and cabinet holding the wall oven removed to install a dishwasher.
They will likely be painted, despite the fact that the wood is even now in good condition, just so they all match. First my husband removed the cabinets, keeping as much of the structure intact as possible. The saw job was just ok and when I had the counter top replaced found out there was no longer anything supporting that end of the counter. This set was built in ’57, and has some really nice elements like vertical pan storage and slide-out drawers that all appear original!
Anyway, we thought we’d be able to tear them out and give them to Habitat or put them on the curb.
We couldn’t get a configuration that would match up with our sink plumbing, and had to support our sink with two-by-fours for weeks on end until we finally found another cabinet at the ReStore that would mesh with the plumbing and the other cabinets. The fact that the standard size dishwasher fit this area just so made me think that the builder originally intended this space for a dish washer if the home buyer wanted one at the time the house was built otherwise they got a cabinet.
Nope, they were put in to fit our kitchen (just like all the other kitchens in our neighborhood).

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