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When we designed the shop you see here, we wanted to create a full-featured shop in a compact space. The challenge: Create a one-car-garage shop equipped with loads of tools and lots of smart storage at an affordable price. When we designed the shop you see here, we wanted to create a full-featured shop in a compact space.
We are just putting the finishing touches to a new 24x30 garage that will be set up primarily as a wood shop.
It would take less time to look at the plan if the location diagram was oriented the same as the photo.
My space saving tip, if you are able to work it is to put your table saw in front of a window. I do have an 8x20 space as work shop and find that it is tight squeezing all my mobile-based tools against one wall and still finding room for a bench and storage. The airflow through the system was unencumbered by the dust bag and it blew through so fast almost all the dust blew directly outside. I remembered seeing an article in a magazine, I was thinking from the mid 90's, that showed how to make a cyclone dust collector out of a drum dust collector. When I sucked up the waste from the shop vac I heard a lot of little pieces rolling around.
Nice work, that same dust collector was one of my first tool purchases, and my intentions were to build it into something exactly like what you have there.

The couple of times I started it up with all the gates closed, I instantly knew because I could hear the sheet metal collapse.
Couple years ago I read a story of a guy who built his own cyclone, and was worried about pipes collapsing. I wonder what your actual CFM is at the DC with your small-ish pipes, many bends, and flex hose? My assumption is with low velocities you might not get enough swirl in the drum for the dust to hurl against the drum side and fall to the bottom. It's possible to use a local HVAC fab place to roll the main cone and cylinder and roll seam the two together for very small money (think i paid about ?150) before building the rest yourself. The big advantage is that you get accurately formed parts, a nice neat and truly circular joint in the cyclone body that also functions as a reinforcing rib, and can use a heavier gauge of sheet metal. Single stage cyclones like we use are right on the limit of their capability where fine wood dust is concerned. Bill based his design on a model that's long been proven in industry for fine dust applications. I did think about having a fabricator make up the sheet metal part of it but then what fun would that be?
Before I made the cyclone, dust would blow so fast through the system it would blow chips out 15' and farther from the side of the house. I figure the planer to be a infrequent tool that can store under my portable work bench and use on that work bench when needed.

First, I have found that angling my table saw gives me more room for infeed and outfeed of large pieces in my cramped space. Unfortunately plans changed and the machine is in storage for a couple years while I build a house, however once the house is done I have this thread saved because I will be referencing it as I put my DC system together.
I got them to CNC laser cut the ring that's formed into the ramp as well, and to form the round to square transition on the inlet chute too. These guys are set up to spit this sort of work out unbelievably quickly, and the material costs very little. The proportions, diameter, length of cone, size of outlet etc reputedly all make a difference on fine dust too, as does allowing a goodly length of straight duct run into the inlet. Wherever you place your shop, we know you ll find a whole world of great ideas in this one that you can easily put to use. Wherever you place your shop, we know you'll find a whole world of great ideas in this one that you can easily put to use.
I'm drawing from your post the possibility that you might go back into your cyclone again to do some tuning, so here's some possibilities to play with based on what i found.
I have exactly same blower on mine, but made a doughnut to go between top of cyclone and bottom of blower assembly.

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