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Pull 15" of wire through the top holes and staple the wire to the back of the snowman's hat.
You may make as many of these as you want, and sell the finished product at craft shows, art festivals and other handmade affairs. This Christmas crafts ebook contains free patterns and pictures for many types of snowmen, santas and other Christmas crafts.
These are crafts for adults and the finished products can be used for personal use or sold at craft festivals.
This is the Christmas Tree Ornaments category of Try your own WoodCents Ad for christmas trees, decorations, xmas, wooden Porch Swings Pumpkin Patterns Free patterns for homemade Christmas ornaments to craft for your tree.
Includes: • Free christmas ornament patterns at lovetoknow • Other free christmas ornament the color, use a different kind of yarn, turn a paper craft into a wood Tole Painting – Wood Craft Patterns! Make these free patriotic Christmas ornaments – free Christmas crafts and more free wood crafts. In an age where you can buy an inflatable Santa for $40, set him out, and plug him in within ten minutes, there are still many brave souls who put their own "spin" on Santa (and usually his reindeer). The term "folk art" implies that people who aren't otherwise great sculptors or painters have taken it upon themselves to make something creative that other people will enjoy looking at.
Our first example used to sit in a very deep yard along a major road in the North Dayton area. Up close, it's apparent that the sled and reindeer are all cut from plywood, and that the reindeer are designed to break down for storage. If you know where this homeowner got this pattern and can provide a link to it, please let us know.
New for 2010 - More thoughts on this subject are in the Reader Response area at the end of this article. I have seen individual reindeer made like this using real logs instead of landscaping timbers, and the effect was remarkable, but I've never seen a whole 4, 6, or 8-reindeer display done with logs - that would be a lot of work.

The sleigh is a simpler design that may be better suited to the simpler look of the reindeer.
In late 2008, I also captured many great yard decoration photos at a Christmas display set up each year by Finlay, Ohio's Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation organization, a museum that runs real scaled-down steam trains.
The day I took these photos, I was coming back from a trip to Michigan - I had brought my Dad down to Springfield (and Cincinnati) for Christmas. We have more material for this section (and several others), but sorting it all out is slow going. As far as I can determine from the photos, each reindeer body is about 30" long, cut from one of those 4"x6" landscaping "timbers." This homeowner has cut off one of the rounded edges to provide a flat "bottom" for the reindeer 's belly.
The legs are 2"x2"s, whittled down at one end to 1" so they can fit into holes drilled into the timbers (if you have a lathe, you could do this in a heartbeat).
The neck could be made the same way, but this homeowner seems to have found a 2.5"-3"-round bit of wood somewhere, perhaps from fencing materials.
If you have a few acres like this fellow has, you won't have much trouble finding branches to use for antlers. Popular Mechanics™ Christmas 'Project-a-Plans' - See how Popular Mechanics™ designers 'raised the bar' for home-made front yard Christmas decorations in the 1960s, and how those projects live on. America's First Christmas Store - See how the hobby of Pharmacist Leonard Brynolf Johnson started two unique Christmas businesses, one of which decorated many front yards in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.
Visit any of the links below to see quality collectible Christmas gifts and decorations that have been popular with our readers. With only 5 pieces to saw out, the snowman is painted and assembled within a day and is a fun project to craft. You may not sell this copyrighted pattern, nor is this pattern or the finished product to be manufactured for wholesale. Among the assortment is a replica of the classic bubble light and a Victorian design inspired by Wood Plans, Full-size Woodcraft Patterns. In some cases, folks have started with preprinted plans, but they all add their own spin, and to me they all deserve credit for providing something fun to view that you probably won't see in any other front yards this year.

Over the years I've seen many examples, but I didn't think to take many photos until last year.
On the other hand, it probably wouldn't be TOO difficult to make your own based on these photographs.
Print out the pattern page to fit the size of the paper in your printer and transfer the snowman body on the 10 mm wood and the nose, scarf and snowflake on the 4 mm wood.
Paint the snowman's head (bottom only) with the Lt Ivory paint and use black paint for the hat (position the brim on the head to see where to stop painting with black paint).
With a black permanent ink pen or paint, write on the star "Let it Snow" or "Please Snow".
Large selection of unique decorativeWood Carving designs, or personalize your own ornament! Jamie Mills Price Merry Christmas PATTERN PACKET AND WOOD ORNAMENT Six 1990's Vintage wooden Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments painting patterns.
This kind of "ripping" usually involves a good table saw and a good blade - this wood is a pain to cut lengthwise. Spackle the head and the star with watered down black paint using a spackle tool or a toothbrush. After all the paint dries, lightly apply stain on the front and back of all wood pieces of the snowman.
That is done by painting the first color and blending in a second color for shading and highlights while the first color is still wet. Drill 2 holes in the top of the sign and 2 holes in the bottom of the sign, drill a hole in each snowman hand and also a hole on 3 snowflake sides.

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