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Yesterday the carpenters finished planking the living room ceiling, and today are working in the master bedroom. Yesterday the carpenters finished planking the master bedroom ceiling, and today are working in bedroom #2 (Mike's office).
The carpenters finished planking Mike's office ceiling, and began work in Miranda's bedroom. Carpenters took a break from ceiling planking to install T1-11 plywood on the the yard equipment room walls.
The following is a collection of some of the projects which Newcombe's Original Wide Plank Flooring has completed. Click here to read some of the comments that our former customers have had to say about Newcombe's Original Wide Plank Flooring.
Old barn-board cupboards adorn Newcombe's Original's wide plank floors with an antique stain for a pioneer look. This bedroom loft not only has Newcombe's Original's wide plank flooring, but it also claims our stairs, railing, spindles, newel posts, and solid pine posts!
More and more customers are finishing their bathrooms with pine plank because of the convenience and little maitenance needed. Beautiful living room floor constructed using 10" planks of natural pine with matching baseboards. December 2, 2015 by Kristi 44 Comments I’ve finally finished the ceiling in the music room! Since this project took me so long, let me recap how to install a wood plank ceiling like this.
Because the plywood strips were only 8 feet long, and my room is just over 10 feet wide, I left a 13.5-inch perimeter around the wood planks. And after wood filling all of the nail holes and joints in the MDF border, and then sanding those smooth with my sander, I added decorative trim (I used base cap moulding) just inside the MDF border on top of the plywood strips.
I finished at midnight last night, so when I see it in the daylight this morning, I’ll probably find that it all needs a second coat of paint.

The visual interest created by the slats, “mini-tray”, and molding is wonderful! Regarding the stencil, I was one of the readers that was firmly in the stencil camp, but now I’m rethinking it. I am at least trying to get all of the basics done in this room (the ceiling, walls, doors, bookcases, and floor), but I’ll turn my attention to the dining room and entryway once I get that stuff done, and wait on the decorating and furnishing until all of the building-type projects are finished in both rooms. Regarding the business of blogging, it’s almost impossible to determine my revenue for each individual post, because there are so many variables. Then there are posts that were NOT sponsored, but rank high in related Google searches, so I got the original traffic when I originally posted it, and I continue to get residual traffic through Google searches. Your original post on this ceiling gave me the push I needed to use it on my utility room ceiling.
Many of our clients have used our flooring in comtemporary homes as well as log and colonial homes and found them to be a conversation piece.
As you can see from these images, the use of our product is most definitely not exclusively limited to flooring. This ceiling took way longer than I had expected it to, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out.
Then I attached those to my ceiling using Loctite construction adhesive and 18-gauge finishing nails.
I caulked above and below the crown moulding, and also caulked the small gap between the MDF boards and the base cap moulding.
Against my better judgment, I used water-based primer on this because it was all I had on hand, and it was late and I didn’t want to make a trip to Home Depot. My neck hurts thinking of how long you had to have your head tipped upward while working on it. For example, earlier this year I wrote a post about how to create a faux grasscloth look with paint. However, I sold the rights for that project to Home Depot for a large chunk of money, and they used it in their Do It Herself workshop.

I got the traffic when I originally posted it, but other than a random visit here and there, those posts are pretty much dead and don’t bring in residual traffic (and therefore no more income). Wide pine and other species of plank flooring tend to make a beautiful floor as well as panelling and other decorating factors such as ceilings, trims stair components, etc. They are natural boards with 5 coats of our water based, non-allergenic, environmentally friendly hardener.
But before caulking between the MDF and the base cap moulding, I sanded the sharp corner off of the edge of the MDF piece by hand using 150-grit sandpaper. But I’m really liking the idea of making a custom stencil to match the design on my doors. Bleed through started about a year later and now we have yellow-ish grain patterns on only 2 panels and our island. I generally only use water-based primer on unprimed drywall, and use oil-based primer on just about everything else.
It’d be interesting to know on a room-by-room basis how much blogging revenue you generate vs. Then it generated income on the day that I posted it because of the visitors that came to read my new blog post (the ads on my blog generate revenue each time they’re displayed when someone opens a page on my blog). The bathroom cost just under $5000, but I took a long time on that and paid for everything out of my money with the exception of the cost of the plumber. Well, there must be loads of people out there who have tried Chalk Paint, hated it, and got online to see if there were other like them, because that post bring in constant traffic, and I continue to get comments on that post even a year-and-a-half later!

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