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To qualify for the lowest starting price, a min of 1 full pallet of tile needs to be ordered. Bianco DolomitiBianco Dolomiti is a very high quality milky bright white background marble with sleek grey line veins.
Arizona Ivory TravertineThis natural travertine tile is perfect for both interior and exterior projects. Crema Marfil MarbleCrema Marfil is a natural marble tile with a very consistent "Marfil" (Ivory in Spanish) color background. As you're sifting through shelves of books on the fashions of Paris in the 1920's, you take a moment to soak in the many wonderful things about a library: the quiet atmosphere, the smell of old books and of course the beautiful hardwood mahogany floors. Feeding the birds that land in your backyard is one of your favorite things to do on Saturday mornings. I called & asked someone in customer service if this prestige birch was in the same color family as the glass mosaic bamboo light. I received a call from a customer in South Tampa that was redoing the kitchen in her home and wanted to have wood looking porcelain plank tile installed. The beauty of a real wood floor is to have slightly different colors, shades and textures and this wood look replica tile did just that. The homeowners loves their new porcelain plank floor and gave me an A rating on the Angie’s List. This is the fifth article in the series about tile trends from Coverings 2014 which took place April 29 through May 2, 2014 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you haven't had a chance to read about the other trends we noticed, simply click on these links! When the wood plank tile was introduced in a standard 6x24 format, we all thought that 24" was long. However, longer tiles are becoming more popular and in lengths commonly found in natural wood.
The Bosco series is an 8x32 porcelain tile offered from Spain and also provides the unique wood plank tile look in a longer and wider plank.
As the tile planks are getting longer, they are also getting wider with widths ranging from 3" to 9" wide to create a more natural wood plank looking floor.
Be sure to check back in the Tile Outlets of America inspiration area in late August to see the series displayed. One of the design installation showcase designers at Coverings 2014 documents his experience and amazement with wood plank tile in Coverings installation was education in current tile, stone trends. If you're concerned about trends, WOOD LOOK TILE: IS THIS A TREND YOU CAN TRUST? makes the case for wood plank tile being a winner! No wonder, when you see the range of possible patterns that Top Tile Trends From the Coverings 2013 Show — the Wood Look (an article from Houzz) includes. Magnolia, a familiar sight in the South, a fragrant tree unmatched in its size and year-round beauty. Available in 4 classic wood stain colors (Chestnut, Mahogany, Burl and Cherry), and 2 more contemporary colors (Ash and Fir).
I recently did a Porcelain Plank tile floor in Wesley Chapel, Florida which is just a little North East of Tampa. Porcelain tile excels in the area of being resistant to all kinds of wear, acid, and everyday abrasions caused by foot traffic.

Once we set the entire floor it dried for the time required by the thinset manufacturer which is usually 24hrs. Great blog except for one huge thing: this is Florida and in Florida we have a huge problem with termites. As you watch them gather at the feeder from your kitchen window, you notice the morning sunlight reflecting across your Prestige Birch wood plank porcelain flooring.
For that reason, I'm doubly excited to share with you this next installment in tile trends from Coverings 2014 about wood plank tile trends. This is a look that will be stunning to see on the floor and I am sure  you are going to want to put your hand on it to make sure it is not real wood. With a slip resistant surface, wood porcelain plank tile also has safety as well as beauty and longevity. We then washed any thinset or job dust on the tile and cleaned any thinset in the grout joints prior to grouting. I’m considering using wood grain ceramic tile, and this has helped a lot, especially the pics! Mostly it’s from the manufacturers glazing process not having the surface color continue over the edges. I generally tend to install plank tile now that flat and of better quality and then I can use the random pattern that I use on most of my plank tile projects in the Tampa, Florida area.
I am about to lay this type of flooring in our kitchen and was curious about the size of the grout lines and you’ve addressed that in your previous answers. With the birds chirping in the background, the porcelain tile looks so much like wood that for a moment you imagine that you are out in the wilderness. It wasn’t a big job but they wanted it done correctly and have it come out perfect so she was going to be selective with the installer she used. Developed using Florida Tile’s HDP High Definition Porcelain technology, the combination of a large grain pattern and gentle saw marks with minor imperfections that are inherent in a real wood, Magnolia HDP will transport you to the air and elegance of a Southern Plantation. After prepping the floor and applying a liquid crack membrane over some small cracks we measured the room and did our layout.
On this job we used Laticrete PermaColor #43 Chocolate Truffle sanded grout since it offers the maximum performance available in a cement-based grout, provides a consistent color and has Microban to resist stain causing mold and mildew. Porcelain Wood look tiles from The Builder Depot offers the durability of stone tile with the appearance of wood.
Made to mimic the look of hardwood flooring, this durable Mahogany wood plank porcelain will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room it is installed in, (old book smell not included). The cool feel of the tile brings you back to your kitchen and you smile knowing that your wood plank porcelain is able to bring you the beauty of natural hardwood floors, with the easy maintenance of porcelain tile. Each porcelain plank manufacturer has a different look and style and plank tile can be installed in different sized rows to achieve a realistic vintage wood look. With these types of porcelain plank tile you need to make sure you don’t have a repetitive pattern so close attention should be paid when starting each row.
This collection of premium first quality products is resistant to wear, scratches and water.Choose from one of our premium wood look tiles to literally transform a room quickly and affordably. She was already out at some tile stores in the Tampa area and found a few she was considering. The day we showed up we cleaned the slab, undercut the door casings and did some minor prep.

This makes porcelain plank tile flooring an excellent design choice for homeowners wanting a warm, rustic wood look with durability and beauty. On this project we used Laticrete 252 Silver modified gray thinset to set the porcelain planks. Whether you are a contractor updating a clients kitchen or a home owner remodeling your bathroom The Builder Depot’s affordable collection of premium wood look tiles instantly adds value to your home.
We talked about what she was going to do to her kitchen so we could narrow down a color and style of the plank tile.
There was a small hairline crack in the slab and I mentioned to her that the slab crack could actually transfer into the tile if the slab moved again during expansion from the season change. We were able to get the kitchen and hallway all set that first day because the planks went down smooth and the layout was spot on. We went around prior and undercut the door jambs and made sure the tile slid under to wood baseboard. After we washed and cleaned the grout from the tile with a sponge we let the grout do it’s initial set which is when it firms up. Sold by the square foot and shipped from our North American warehouse locations we are confident our collections makes remodeling more affordable than ever before. The mimicking effect of wood grain makes the tile warm and inviting and can be applied to most areas of the home. She decided she wanted to go with a dark walnut looking porcelain plank tile since her cabinets were going to be white and her granite is tan with dark brown in it.
She wanted it done right and to last so she approved the use of the crack membrane as insurance.
This would allow a perimeter moment joint that is not grouted and would stop possible later tenting.
We then did a towel drag of the full floor with clean water to remove any grout dust residual and also stops an ugly grout haze from showing when dried. The Woodstone collections from The Builder Depot are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®• 6 in.
We addressed it with a liquid crack membrane from Laticrete called HydroBarrier which we also use to waterproof showers. We then did the layout of the plank tile while the membrane dried so the installation would go smooth. We used a chalk line and snapped all of our control lines and started setting plank tile with intermittent sized tile at each row. After we did the first wash we started to install the wood base, door threshold and we also made a matching walnut back door threshold that we installed. We did a final clean wash to remove any dust or haze and moved the appliances back in for the customer.

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