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This custom contemporary NYC roof garden near Gramercy Park features beautifully stained ipe deck and planters with plantings of evergreens, Japanese maples, bamboo, boxwoods, and ornamental grasses.
Amber Freda NYC Garden DesignThe deck is elevated so the water can flow easily between the cracks and down to the existing drain. Raised Container Garden Kit Raised container garden beds enable you grow your own fresh kitchen herbs and salad greens while standing or on stool. Huayi Wood Products Co., Ltd is a middle sized company and one of the active suppliers of wooden household products in China. Wooden Shelf normally made of pine or MDF with white, honey oak, black or natural finishes.
As a specialized supplier of wood vents and floor registers, are pleased to offer a complete line of finished and unfinished wood floor vents, wood wall vents, wood gable vents.
If you're looking to build the perfect container garden—whether it's raised beds in the corner of the lawn, flower boxes along a driveway, or transforming a barren roof-top into a lush vegetable garden—we have the solution for you. Planter boxes are great for container gardening in small growing spaces with limited or no access to ground soil. Standing planters are basically planter boxes with legs that raise your garden to a comfortable working height and reduce the need for bending over.
Garden trellises are available to fit any size raised bed or planter to provide durable support for climbing plants, flowering vines and ornamentals. I recently purchased a raised cedar bed from Naturalyards and I am delighted with my purchase. Composite raised garden beds assembled with beautiful, natural-looking composite wood grain timbers. Year round, beautiful frame It All; 4' x 4' square raised garden beds will delight with a bountiful crop of healthy vegetables and exceptional floral displays, simple to maintain and keep moist. As part of the delivery process we require a contactable telephone number (for the courier company to contact you) before the item is shipped. Packages are generally dispatched within 2 working days after receipt of payment and are shipped via courier with tracking and drop-off without signature. As part of the delivery process we require a contactable mobile telephone number (for the courier company to contact you) before the item is shipped. Frame It All offers an elegant, attractive solution to building raised vegetable gardens with an easy do-it-yourself product that is safe, durable, and attractive.
Our patented plastic Anchor and Stacking Joints and Composite Timbers are built to resist warping from winter frost and won't rot with exposure to rain and moisture the way wood will.
Raised garden beds organize your planting areas, making them easier to manage and more convenient to maintain.
Sunset offers plans for a simple cedar raised garden bed that’s about eight feet long and four feet wide, making the middle easy to reach from either side. Line the inside of a reclaimed pallet with landscape fabric, fill it with soil, plant it with the herbs, veggies or flowers of your choice and lean it up against a wall.

Another pallet garden concept reuses boards from old pallets – without having to pull any nails. A bed frame offers an ideal support for climbing vines in this brilliant repurposing project by Pondered, Primed and Perfected. In this simple project, branches are woven around stakes to create a beautiful and durable border for a raised garden bed.
Another DIY raised garden bed idea using free, natural materials that you can gather in your backyard is this one from Instructables. Water troughs from farm supply stores make attractive extra-large containers for gardens, and the metal kinds can be painted any color you like. While there have been some debates about whether used tires are safe to use for planting edibles, many people feel that it’s most likely safe. Is this just the one type of wood (ipe) with natural color variations that gives the boards the different looks?
These wood shelves include wall shelf, mantel shelf, bracketless shelf, corner shelf, crown moulding shelf, sconce shelf and so on. Our innovative system of cedar planter kits makes just about any garden design possible, from small flower boxes, to large tree planters, to long deep raised beds for productive vegetable gardens. Soil capacity and flexible design make raised beds ideal for vegetable gardens on lawn, bare dirt and rocky soil. Our garden boxes are very durable, and come in various shapes to grow everything from flowers and herbs, to deep-rooted fruits and vegetables, even small trees, on your deck or patio. Standing planters provide great accessibility and can be set up almost anywhere for a small kitchen garden right outside your door. Trellises come in preassembled panels, which attach securely to the tops of planters, as well as stand-alone A-frames, privacy screens and garden patio dividers. The coloring is designed to "Weather" naturally with exposure to the elements and won't breakdown, dry out or become brittle. Using only a tape measure, hammer and Phillips screwdriver you can build a home made raised vegetable garden quickly following a simple process and without aggravation. From our natural colors, which blend into your landscape to our naturally textured Composite Timbers, Frame It All gives your raised vegetable garden the kind of professional look you might expect from an expert landscaper. Sidestepping potential issues with soil quality, reducing pest problems and virtually eliminating the need to weed, raised beds are an ideal way to grow herbs, vegetables or ornamental plants. This project could be as simple as placing potted plants inside the drawers, or you could staple landscape fabric to the inside and fill them with soil. Smaller plastic baskets fitted with PVC pipes are placed upside-down inside the larger bins, and the whole thing is filled with soil.
This vertical garden is quick, simple and inexpensive with beautiful results; get the tutorial at Life on the Balcony.
Cutting the boards off each side of the support beams produces a nice pile of lumber for creating a totally free planter box.

The base of the bed was turned upside down and filled with soil to create the main part of the new raised garden.
Burlap sacks, as pictured, work great, but you can even plant directly into bags of soil from the nursery.
Rather than buying these new, watch the classifieds or put out your own ad looking for used water troughs that have sprung leaks and are no longer usable as intended. The compact rotational garden utilizes a small space efficiently while maintaining easy access to each section. They are weather resistant, anti-insects, long lasting. Assembly of garden planting beds very easy. Optional planter bottoms provide soil drainage for gardens on roof-tops, driveways and parking lots. Our dedicated and knowledgeable gardener support staff is here to help you cultivate your green thumb. Here are 13 great DIY garden bed ideas and tutorials, many of which reclaim materials like pallets, bed frames and water troughs.
Be sure to use a dresser made of solid wood rather than particle board, if it will be exposed to the elements. Salad tables lift these vulnerable greens up off the ground to reduce pest problems and make them easier to access.
Make this concept even more convenient by placing the bags inside raised beds or on a table, like that used for the salad table concept. A storage shelf underneath is made up of wood slats and is perfect for storing extra pots and bags of potting soil.
No screws needed. Unlike most raised beds, the simple design of our kits allows wood to shrink and swell for improved durabilityin wet conditions. Like the previous reviewer stated, moving the boxes into the back yard and unpacking them was more of a chore than putting the bed together. Assembly of this raised garden bed is quick and simple.About Cedar WoodCedar wood is lightweight and resistant to both cracking and moisture rot. The oils of this resilient wood guard against insect attack and decay, and their distinctive aroma acts as a mild insect repellant. Cedar is a dependable choice for outdoor furniture, either as a finished or unfinished wood. This natural process does not compromise the strength or integrity of the wood.Another great aspect of cedar is its environmental effect - which is minimal.

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