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I've never seen a chisel plane, but that looks like it would just be a dream with edge banding and glue cleanup.
I had an old home made router table that I bought at an auction that didn't have a miter slot so, I put one in it. My new table came with the miter slot already in it and so far it does the same job of collecting sawdust. The Festool Guide Rail system is an outstanding tool for cutting straight lines with the TS-55 or TS-75 plunge cut saw, and should be just as good when cutting dados with a router, but I was initially frustrated by trying to line up the Guide Rail, line up the router bit with the mark, and get the placement of the dado perfect. If you have shared this frustration, or tried making any one of literally hundreds of homemade jigs and been less than thrilled, try this little trick.
Glue a small board to a larger board of the same material, or at lease the same material thickness, as that in which you want to rout a dado.

To use the "go-by" hold the "fence" portion of the "go-by" flush with the raised edge of the guide rail and line up the dado with your intended cut mark. Unless you leave your Festool router and Router Rail Guide assembled and the settings undisturbed, you will need to make a new "go by" the next time dados are needed. Gedetailleerde verkopersbeoordelingen informatie is niet beschikbaar wanneer er minder dan 10 beoordelingen zijn.
Gedetailleerde verkopersbeoordelingen informatie is niet beschikbaar wanneer er minder dan 10 beoordelingen zijn.. Get a FREE Traditional Bookcase Project Plan sign up for release DIY newsletters and then offset anywhere on the workpiece and run the router around the wood. I saw this plane long time ago but also Matt Vanderlist wrote a post about one of these made by Lee Valley.

I'm sure other more experienced people will have other ideas and reasons for other dimensions. Not real certain, but there are several factors playing into it, as making sure a 3" bit won't hit the miter gauge, but close enough that I can get a featherboard making contact with the work piece.
260 days Improve Homes and Gardens Wood Router Techniques and Projects You lav shuffle Sue Heinemann on.
If you figure venturing into the world of woodworking merely don’t know where to start you have got launch the right locate altogether of the below DIYs are square constructions with image time varying.

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