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Use these beautiful Corbel Wooden Shelf Supports to install a mantel over your fireplace or for decorative shelving in any room of the home. Unstained maple allows you to match the finish on these wooden shelf brackets to the rest of your home's decor. Pre-drilled keyhole mounting holes make installing these wood corbel shelf brackets quick and easy. Great for installing mantels and decorative shelving to display framed photos, DVD's, books, and more.
This mantel was made for a customer byreplicating a mantel seen on this webpage.Click here to see photo. See more information and photos by clicking on Fireplace Mantel Designs which offers more mantel design ideas! The Rustic Mantel Photo Gallery features many photographs from customers of log and timber mantles. Featuring a classic traditional design, these wood shelf supports are constructed from durable and attractive maple and can be installed easily using the keyhole mounting holes which are pre-drilled into the back of these wood shelf supports.

Birch wood can be used for a variety of different projects and some of them are very simple.
The solid cherry wood shelf attaches to the desktop, providing extra space on your desktop.This shelf is the ideal place to set a computer monitor, or multiple monitors, as it positions them at eye level with the desk user.
All of the wires and cables from your monitors and speakers drop into the integrated cable tray, where they can easily link up with cables in the main cable tray on the desk. The shelf is constructed of premium solid cherry hardwood with a sturdy steel frame and cable tray.
Optional dimmable LED lights on the under side of the Desktop Riser Shelf flood light onto the work surface of the desk. As you can see, birch branches were used as support structure for also as decorative elements. Each piece goes through a detailed 10-step finish process which is perfected with time and hand work.Cable Management There is a cable tray on the Desktop Riser Shelf that can hold all of the wires and power cables for your monitor, speakers, desk lamps, or virtually any other wired component that you would place on the shelf.
To make something similar you’ll need twine or fishing line, bark, a utility knife, a leather punch, light bulbs and electrical wire and sockets or a pendant lamp kit.

To make one you’ll need birch logs, a drill, screws, moss and other decorations, succulents, a hot glue gun and chicken wire.
You basically just have to cut the logs into segments and to make sure they sit straight on the table.
However, these are not logs, they are birch slices and, as you can see, they’ve been painted with chalkboard paint. Its shape is perfect because it provides stability so it might be difficult to find one that has this perfect shape.

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