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I’m looking to build a 30-ton log splitter and am having a hard time finding any decent plans online. Now many of the homemade rigs can sever dang near My log splitter’s foot pedal assembly, which allows me to our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan.
A easy technique you need to use is to trade a Put” when the EUR is gaining in opposition to the USD. The hydraulic power is generated with the pump, tank, filters pressure relief valves, and control valve. This entry was posted in Home Improvement and tagged build log splitter, how to build, log splitter, make log splitter. In woodworking market, wood could be the principal substance that actually manufactured from any log involving large tress. Building your own log or wood splitter will be easy if you follow the online step by step instructions you can find on many websites. The new axle is obscured in this photo by the old axle, still used as to support the stabilizers and taillights.
Good design goes beyond actual construction, and into considerations for operator comfort and economy of movement.

The return line has a proper JIC fitting, which makes servicing easier than the typical hose barb. I don’t know what it is about these Prince valves, but they seem to develop leaks rather frequently out the back of the spool.
When I first put this rig together, I used clear, reinforced vinyl hose for suction and return (visible in previous photos). The hose routing was finalized with the addition of the larger control valve, so it was time for some proper hose. The stack was bolted together, turned to diameter in the lathe, and the slot was cut out of the stack with a slotting saw on the horizontal mill. When I towed this splitter with my SPG, the foot of the original jack would occasionally hit the ground.
Welding Projects & Pictures I would like a log splitter and would like to try building it myself. You still have to lift the logs onto the splitter, pick up the pieces , and split those yourself.  Timberwolf’s TW-7 log splitter picks up all three of those tasks, so you can knock out cords of wood in no time. Before we get into how to build a log splitter, let us understand what are the different parts of a log splitter?

This is the final part of our overview on how to plan a splitter with excellent parts and how to build a log splitter. This is a finesse splitter, so it works just fine so long as judgment is used in what to split and how to go about splitting it. It was fairly cheap, sort of up to the task, and I wasn’t sure how the two lines should be best routed.
With 28 tons of force the TW-7 splits logs up to 26” long, and with an optional hydraulic log lifter you won’t break your back getting them off the ground. The 6.5hp motor is never taxed, and the ram speed is much improved over the original 10-11 gpm pump.

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