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While our flagship model UPLIFT with laminate top works for most people, you're not most people. Download a FREE song from the new album of nine-time GRAMMY award winners, Asleep at the Wheel!
The Advanced Wire Management Kit is a complete cable organization system for your height-adjustable desk.
The UPLIFT Monitor Arm is a pneumatic arm that provides complete fingertip adjustment for height, depth and lateral movement with an adjustable counterbalance system. You must choose the model that corresponds to the weight of your monitor, or the arm will not counterbalance properly.
When using a sit-stand desk, we recommend mounting your computer beneath your desktop to prevent cables from being stretched and pulled out of their ports when moving the desk from sitting to standing positions. An ergonomic keyboard tray gives you the freedom to adjust the height and tilt of your keyboard independently from the desk and also relieves the strain caused by over-reaching to type. Adding an UPLIFT Desk Modesty Panel & Cable Management will give your UPLIFT Desk's minimalist design an extra level of privacy.
For a little bit of extra storage, add an UPLIFT Half Circle Desk Drawer at a discounted price when bundled together with your desk. Steelcase produces four of the most popular office chairs on the market: the Amia, Think, Leap and Gesture chairs. The Raynor Eurotech Wau Chair has user-friendly adjustments, modern design, and breathable mesh at an unbeatable price. The Muvman Sit-Stand Stool is an ''active seating'' solution, which gives you an option somewhere between sitting and standing. This popular configuration of the ergoCentric tCentric Hybrid Chair offers height-adjustable lumbar support, adjustable arm rests and a contoured mesh back. Maximize your focus and energy at your workstation by adding a LifeSpan treadmill to your UPLIFT Desk! We are so confident in our product that we back each UPLIFT desk base we ship with a 7-year, all-inclusive warranty, which covers the frame, motor, controller, keypad, electronics and mechanisms.
All desks ship for free to both commercial locations and residences in the lower 48 states of the US. If you need the desk both delivered into a specific room and put together, choose this option and we can arrange for assembly as well. Our desks can ship to any commercial or residential location outside the lower 48 US states as well.
While a lot of standing desks out there claim to be the best, only UPLIFT Desks back it up.
Be sure load up your real-wood UPLIFT desk with one or all of our UPLIFT accessories, including advanced wire management to further maintain your desk's clean and professional look, 110V power and USB power built right into your real wood desktop, single or dual monitor arms with fingertip adjustment, and a sturdy and highly adjustable keyboard tray with short and full-length tracks that allow you to design your desk setup even further. 7-year all-inclusive warranty on the entire desk base, which includes the motor, frame, controller, keypad, electronics and mechanisms. Why is UPLIFT priced so low?Many people ask us how we can afford to sell our high quality UPLIFT line of Height Adjustable Standing Desks and Accessories for such a low price.
The Design Your Own version of the Uplift 900 desk gives you every option under the sun - with 14 color options along with 4 size options you're sure to create a version that suits you and have fun in the process. That explains why ergonomic desks are oddly shaped, and available in every drab shade from perwinkle blue to greyish-beige. We wanted to design a custom standing desk that was 1) simple 2) stable, and 3) affordable. Most standing desks come with a variety of complicated adjustable features, and a textbook of instructions to go with it.
The best ergonomic standing desk that you can have is the one that’s made just for you.
We looked into standing desk ergonomics and the biggest factor that we need to be aware of is your elbow height. And instead of designing a table that can transform between a sitting and standing desk, we designed crossbeams that act as a footrest if you want to decide that you want to sit in a high chair. The optional cord guide attachment gathers cords to a common point as they wrap under the desk.
In all honesty, we’re just trying to get others to use standing desks as a way to promote healthy work habits. The Custom Standing Desk is a little different from the other items available in our store.
Adjustability of the desk height adds complication and cost, and almost certainly reduces durability.

I am actually looking at this desk because I have lower back issues and sitting for long periods of time exasperate the situation. Sure, the quick and quiet electric height-adjustable base will wow people, but what about the rest of your desk?
Check out our current stock of Next Day Ship UPLIFT Solid Wood Height-Adjustable Standing Desks, available to ship within one business day. Call us at 1-800-349-3839 if you'd like a quote on a custom size wood desktop up to 96'' wide.
Notice the legs are centered on the feet of the T-frame and offset to the rear of the feet on the C-frame.
Wire grommets allow for through-desk cable routing, or you can add extra outlets to your desktop with an UPLIFT Power Grommet. It also features angle adjustments at two joints, rotation at the base and an angle adjustment of the light for optimal placement.
If you need a dual monitor solution, you can choose two single UPLIFT Arms, or an UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm. An UPLIFT CPU Holder allows you to securely attach your computer tower to the bottom of your desktop to free up desk space.
The UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray comes with one, 27'' wide surface for your keyboard and mouse to sit side-by-side.
This modesty panel easily attaches to your desktop, traveling with it as you move from sitting to standing height, and features a mesh pocket for convenient wire management.
This half-circle-shaped, swiveling drawer easily attaches to the underside of your desktop via a central mount and pivots in either direction, rotating out to give you quick and easy access to smaller accessories that you don't want cluttering up your desktop. Each of these chairs is available here with standard black fabric, a black frame and adjustable armrests, and each is backed by Steelcase's 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The Muvman Sit-Stand Stool offers a height adjustable seat, a built-in handle for portability, and a non-slip base for exceptional stability. Our 18'' x 30'' anti-fatigue mat has a gel foam core, providing comfort and support while you're standing at your UPLIFT Desk, and it's lightweight and easy to move aside when it's time to sit down. If for some reason this flat rate does not apply to your order, we will contact you to approve any shipping charge adjustments before proceeding. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or any international location, choose this option, and we can calculate your shipping cost and contact you for approval.
And the UPLIFT Standing Desk with Solid Wood Top gives you the best of the best, pairing a quiet dual-motor electric frame that easily lifts a fully-loaded, thick wood desktop from a sitting position to a standing position in seconds with the rustic elegance of natural solid wood.
UPLIFT is a desk for everyone, but the UPLIFT Standing Desk with Solid Wood Top is truly a desk just for you. Please be sure there is adequate clearance above and below your desk, and check cord lengths to insure adequate length of all cords before adjusting the desk height using the memory keys. It takes out all the complexity that comes with standing desks – all the guessing and adjusting that goes into setting up (and readjusting) a standing desk. This finish will stand up to normal daily use, but can be susceptible to staining from prolonged exposure to things like wet cups. Even if you don’t buy a desk from us, we hope we inspired you to create something that changes the way you work. Because of its size, we are starting out just selling it locally to people in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is about being more comfortable and effective in the now, which is, to me anyway, a better reason to stand than the promise of a longer stint in a longterm care facility.
For now I’m going to put something on top of my existing desk, but I can definitely see buying one of these in the next year.
Our C-frame allows 3.5'' of extra mounting space underneath the front of the desk for installation of a longer keyboard tray track or other accessories. With a sleek, foldable, energy-efficient design, the UPLIFT Task Light reduces eye strain without wasting desk space or energy. They can be locked to keep the desk stationary, but are easily unlocked when you need to roll the desk.
If you still have questions, please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss it with you! The UPLIFT Modesty Panel, available at a discount when bundled with your desk, will help increase under-desk privacy while maintaining your desk's clean, open design. If you have any issues with your desk base within the warranty period, just give us a call, and we will ship you the necessary replacement parts via free ground shipping.
If you prefer a different option, you can choose a free pair of under-desk hooks for easy storage of personal items, or a 4-port USB hub.

Just place your order, and we'll contact you to arrange the free shipping method that will work best for you.
And if you ever want to switch or upgrade tops, the sturdy width-adjustable desk frame can expand or contract as your desktop changes. With over 12 years experience in the standing desk industry, we have established industry-wide relationships with quality, cost-efficient component manufacturers. You find some cinderblocks, install a shelf on your wall, or why not – put a chair on your desk.
Sure, you can find them with wheels, a built-in swiveling bookshelf, and one too many adjustable knobs. This is why most standing desks are small computer stands, which need little support, or large drafting tables, which are too deep for most office situations. But just to be extra precise, we’re installing adjustable feet pads that attach underneath the table legs which adjust the height of the table 1-2 inches of what you ordered. A cleat below the desktop allows excess cord length to be wrapped around it before descending to the floor. I started doing this because of knee and back issues, and, apparently paradoxically, have had almost zero issues with those since I started standing. I think you may have some anger issues you need to work on before you buy a new desk as well. That's why we offer the UPLIFT Standing Desk with Solid Wood Top, a one-of-a-kind pairing of height adjustable technology and real, natural wood.
The C-frame foot also gives you a slightly more stable desk because it is built to be very stiff with its cast-molded aluminum construction to allow for its advanced design. The mouse platform can easily move to the left or right side for ambidextrous mousing, and is also depth adjustable.
One less expensive alternative is to purchase just an UPLIFT Desk base that can ship within a business day via UPS ground, and source your desktop locally.
Add to that removable crosspieces underneath the desktop that allow for more space to mount accessories like a keyboard tray, as well as the lack of a bulky, visible crossbar, and you've got a completely customizable sit-stand desk that's clean and efficient underneath with an unmatched beauty on top that sets you apart from all the others riding the standing desk wave. Our philosophy is to expand the standing desk to a wider audience by streamlining production - eliminating middle men - and building UPLIFT products in our plant.
We started thinking about the way we work and designed a custom standing desk to help solve the problem. The rods and construction bolts can be tightened over time to keep things at optimum performance.
The cleat and guide are made from strong, flexible plastic that allow cords to snap in easily.
The beautiful, hand-crafted real wood top is made to order by our woodworker, here in Austin, TX, exactly to your specifications.
To really stand out, you can even add a third leg and make it a large L-shaped corner UPLIFT 950 desk. We can’t make your cables go away, but we can make them disappear!Premium Solid Cherry HardwoodThe solid cherry hardwood used in the desk is selected for its unique grain patterns, then finished with a durable, bright, natural cherry finish. Available in over 10 different woods and customizable in size to the quarter inch, the 900-series UPLIFT Standing Desk with Solid Wood Top gives your desk a personal touch and a gorgeous natural wood top to perfectly complement the sleek and modern sit-stand technology underneath. Italian dyed cotton substrate, which provides a high quality indistinguishable from leather.Micro-Suede Lined Locking DrawersThe desk has two locking drawers that are large enough to store a laptop computer. There are LED indicators that show that surge suppression is active and the strip is plugged into a grounded circuit.
The number on the laser-engraved badge means that your desk is a numbered piece of art.Adjustable Desk HeightThe Ergonomic height of the standing desk should be set just below your bent elbow. Once the adjustment knobs are removed, two gas springs make it easy to move the height of the desk, where it can be locked back into place.Sea Turtle ConservationOur name, Caretta, honors the endangered loggerhead sea turtle.
I am very impressed with the workmanship, how easy it was to put together and fact that you provided tools!
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