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In the years following the quake you could walk in under the trees and observe the roots, clutching stones in their grip.
Flexible installation; stove can be installed as a freestanding unit, or as a hearth stove.
For the brick surround for the wood stove, I started by squaring up my rough paper template and marking the center of the floor and back pieces.
I started with the floor template since it has the cropped corners.  I glued bricks to the template in a pleasing pattern, adjusting the template to fit.
I bricked the interior portion of the floor template and then completed the wall template.  I checked the fit of both pieces in the Studio. The red brick coloration in my inspiration piece looks so lovely that I decided to mimic that with my bricks using Liquitex Burnt Sienna.  I grouted with Andi Mini Mortar and then touched up the paint and added a dark grey wash to darken the mortar. I have the pieces held in place with mini hold wax at the moment.  I need to install the stove lighting before I can glue the brick surround in place. In other news, Jasper said he's willing to help with the deck when I get to it.  To that end, we've started with scroll saw lessons. Great work Brae, I have just discovered how easy it is to use the egg cartons for small pavers. From the look in his eyes, I just can tell Jasper is going to be fabulous with the scroll saw.

As for burned bits on the floor and (gasp!) the white rug…no, this is miniland where embers behave themselves. The tiled surround is a perfect backdrop for your stove and Jasper looks lovely - obviously desparate to get stuck in with that scroll saw!
Adding a wood stove to your home will add efficient heat to a cold room, but it can also be used as a decorative piece of furniture. Endeavor™ Wood Stove by Lopi While old, inefficient wood stoves can create as much as 3 pounds of pollutants each day, the Endeavor™ is EPA certified and emit as little as 2 grams of particles per hour reducing pollutants by over 95%. The Republic™ 1250 and 1750 Wood Stoves by Lopi While most stoves give off radiant heat that only warms objects, the Republic’s five-sided convection chamber system circulates air and then forces the warm air through your home. Heritage Wood Stove by Hearthstone Featuring optional top or rear flue exits, greater heat output, a larger fire box, beautiful detailing, and soapstone facing on the side loading door, the Heritage woodstove is just what you need to complete almost any room in your house. Bari Wood Stove by Hearthstone The Bari is a contemporary looking stove which has the ideal complement of color and design, the soft texture and sustained warmth of natural soapstone, and the enduring relevance of its pleasing cylindrical shape.
Shelburne Wood Stove by Hearthstone With classic good looks in embossed cast iron, large heating capacity and midsize dimensions - the Shelburne is remarkably functional, beautiful and adaptable to a variety of spaces.
Equip with a non-catalytic combustion system the Equinox is clean burning and a complete combustion of the wood provides more heat from less wood, greater efficiency, reduced smoke and creosote build-up.
Thank you so much for sharing your techniques with them… My projects have benefited Hugely as a result!

Hearth & Home carries a variety of wood stoves from top manufacturers such as Lopi, Enerzone and HearthStone. The combination of LOPI's advanced secondary combustion along with a catalytic assist creates this new Hybrid-Fyre technology. Capable of rotating 180° and being locked in 13 different positions, it extends its invitation throughout a space, a curved glass window providing visual passage to an amazing spectacle of cyclonic fire. Stop by the showroom to view live burning displays and to let one of our Fireplace Experts explain the many benefits of adding a wood stove to your home today! This has completely eliminated the slow, cracked door startups and messing with fickle newspaper! Plus, because it warms with the radiant heat of soapstone, it maximizes comfort with a minimum of effort. And at over 80% efficient, you will get more heat from less wood, saving you money on your heating bill!

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