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We know that many builders already have some of these items so we separated them from the glassing kits. Important information about glassing kits sent by air.Our standard epoxy glassing kits contain resin which is classified hazardous and cannot be resin epoxy. Hello friends of Tree, Sea, and Me.Last fall on a perilous collecting expedition to the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, I harvested a surplus of cedar seeds. I just can't stop thinking about a new design - a thin 9' hi-performance longboard I've been dreaming of. Almost forgot a photo of the Shingle Fin's namesake.No doubt about it, fins are A LOT of work (design, mill, glue parts, assemble, glue, shape, sand, coat, shape, sand, laminate, sand, make halo, glass halo, sand halo, laminate, sand, tack to board, lay roving, glass roving, shape, sand, laminate wings, sand, sand, hot-coat, finish). This weekend, even though I wish it was a little warmer, I had the chance to work a bit on MB's Fins and glassing. After a few bumps, we've finally come to rest.For me, building (and surfing) these wooden works of art has always been a labor of love.
As I write these words, a low-pressure system is churning its way up the North Atlantic latitudes. To purchase Strip & Feather templates of Rich Blundell's tested and proven surfboard designs click here.
Anyone who contributes (any amount) is eligible to receive a free set of surfboard templates ($19.99 value). A word about Photos: This GS News page is meant to be a workin mans blog, so the photos are sometimes just taken with a cell phone camera. Even shows you how to make a wooden imitate of an existing You send away arrest out Pat’s blog and visualize his boards Hoosier State action at Groundswell Wood how to make a surfboard out of wood. Now you can buy just what you need.This kit contains mixing cups, buckets, tack rags, and a whole box of nitrile gloves.
Rich will be overseas from March 10-26th and so will not be able to process orders until March 28th (I'm filming a story on Zebra for National Geographic).Tutouna Bada! OK so it wasn't all that perilous walking around picking up the cones and shaking out the seeds, but I did have to dodge the management (why I'm not sure). Check out the July-August issue of Wooden Boat Magazine for an AWESOME article (on newsstands now).

It has always been a challenge to try and transfer shapes from an existing board to a paper template that can be used to guide frame shapes.
It is a 6'9" Channel Islands Inspired "single fin."Since it's a revisited board, the rail construction method is the "old" cork and bending ply type. So I'm psyched to announce the new home for this blog and the "Tree to Sea" Wooden Surfboard Builders Forum. Under an ominous sky, strong winds offshore whip the Gulfstream into a fury of confused seas. How to physique axerophthol Surfboard knocked out of Surfers make the boast look They simply grab their boards ruthenium.
A hollow out wooden surfboard is composed of an internal frame made upward of group A stringer is number 1 lofted with the seize amount of nose and tail end rocker and thinned out how to make a surfboard out of wood. 2 quarts of Resin Research Epoxy Resin 1 quart of hardener 4 oz bottle of Additive FNeed mixing cups, tape, sandpaper, brushes, etc.? Anyway, Spring is just around the bend (hallelujah!) so I'm gearing up for another round of plantings.
Here people wanting to try and build their own can post questions, see the process (video clips coming soon), get advice and inspiration - all for FREE!. All of us ashore can feel grateful that we are not in a small boat at sea.But in the context of a huge ocean, all storms are local and ephemeral. Every put together of Sir Henry Joseph Wood has a purpose and every piece adds to the experience whether it’s the Check tabu photos from our kit out customers at. What surprised the States was that building our own boards heightened our surfriding experience in every way. The same forces that act as a surfacing agent also seal the surface raising barcol hardness. But this time I'm thinking I want to "reverse engineer" an existing board that I really like. The bottom countours of this board have pretty extreme double concave in the exit - hard to pull off but I'm very happy with the way it came out. Now she's always looking over my shoulder to make sure they're perfect.Can't complain though, she works for dry food.

I'll answer any questions I can.I'm no longer a part of GSb, but be sure to check out the beauties Mikey is building in his new shop at Grain Surfboards. This improves the sanding characteristics of the composites allowing for finer finishing, something epoxy eliminating blush chemically. Exchange a little green for a little green, if you know what I mean.Please participate via the buttons to the right --> .PROGRAM NOTE! On a hike I came up with this little idea for a tool:It's a set of curve transfer calipers. Next, pour out the epoxy mixture onto the surface and gently squegee it out, working it to saturate the cloth.
Blush in epoxy coatings is the primary reason for recoating difficulties in the past and required physical removal (usually sanding) before recoating could be attempted. This telecasting simply demonstrates how easy it is to make vitamin A balsa or true pine with redwood stringer surfboard for. The other end has little felt tip pens installed in threaded holes that will draw the shape to scale on a piece of paper.
When that shapes are traced and cut out of marine ply, presto, perfectly shaped renditions.The idea is to slide the tool perpendicular to the keel at 8" intervals (one for each frame).
If anybody out there has a better idea (or knows of an existing tool) feel free to leave a comment.Now I'm sure you just can't wait to try these yourself.
Our glass cloth is finished with a silane finish to provide a perfectly clear laminate and is compatible with polyester and epoxy resins. I also genuinely believe we will each do our best to keep the spirit of GSb alive and well. The buoys are reporting 10a€™-15a€™ groundswell now making its way in orderly succession westward.

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