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Taking cues from Luxury Yacht builders, owner Paul Grothouse engineered Durata® permanent finish.
Durata® finish is significantly harder than Tung Oil Urethanes, and creates a scratch resistant and waterproof surface. Durata® does not require recoating like Tung Oil Urethanes, saving clients ongoing maintenance expenses and avoiding the household disruption of counters out of service. Wood Countertops with Durata® Finish can be used for food preparation, such as rolling dough or making sandwiches. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions regarding our Durata® finish.
We offer wood countertop templating and installation services for our products in PA, CT, MA, RI, DC, MD, VA, NJ, NY with our own in-house professionals.
It is also highly chemically resistant, even lacquer thinner does not affect the cured surface. Take care to use only dish detergent to clean the surface for the first 30 days until the finish cures to full hardness. Do not chop directly on the wood countertop as the knife will break the finish and eliminate the protective properties in the process, use a cutting board. It has an appearance similar to common household furniture and dining tables, with a shine.

We can also provide qualified on-site template and installation services in IL, NC, SC, GA, Eastern TN and Eastern KY.
Water left on the surface simply dries with no water rings, red wine, vinegar, alcohol, soaps and coffee will not affect the finish.
Durata® on bar tops offers a waterproof finish, so spilled drinks and water rings are not a concern. Many wood finishes used in baths, like Spar Varnish or Tung Oil Urethanes are damaged by bar soaps and shampoo. Matte sheen is popular for clients desiring a natural, organic looking finish without requiring ongoing maintenance. Satin sheen is popular for clients desiring a traditional finish without requiring ongoing maintenance. Durata® finish is a proprietary finish exclusively available on Grothouse Lumber wood surfaces made in Flat Grain Construction and Edge Grain Construction. The Durata® finish stands up to the demanding commercial use at the New York restaurant, Perilla owned by Bravo TV Top Chef Harold Dieterle. Furniture polish is not necessary, and after the first 30 days, cleaning with dish detergent or Green Works is all the care it needs.
Grothouse also offers the Grothouse Original food safe oil finish for clients desiring to have a finish suitable for direct chopping and use in “Green” environments.

This sheen is popular for clients desiring a high -shine finish without worrying about excessive cleaning because fingerprints and marks are more visible on a high shone or glossy finish. Having a nice wood table top in a restaurant spares the expense of weekly linen service and provides and warm surface for patrons. In addition, the low sheen conceals accidental scratches and dents, especially for counters near sunny windows.
It is an open pore, meaning the finish is applied in a manner that leaves the wood grain texture visible to the eye and distinguishable to the touch. Harold chose the finish for the Zebrawood restaurant tables produced by Grothouse because of the high durability.
The physical properties of this finish make it perfect for use in residential and commercial kitchens, bars and bathrooms.
Durata® finish is sold applied to Grothouse wood countertops and is not available for onsite application.

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