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The library is complete with a working fireplace where customers may read books, magazines, watch HDTV woodworking videos, and enjoy coffee, donuts and popcorn!
This is the first Woodcraft Store to offer picture framing, as told by the very knowledgeable Picture Frame Specialist, Rebecca Shay who studied guilding and restoration under Jerry Feig at the Field Arts Studio in Detroit Michigan. Tommy Mac stopped in during WIA to congratulate the store staff.  Left to right are Rebecca Shea, Tim Sexton, Ryan Coffey, Tim Royse, Tommy Mac, Gary Berling, Kate Witte, Tony Leone, and Ronda Corbin.
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The leading woodworking tool retailer Woodcraft has opened its first Tool Box by Woodcraft store in Chattanooga, a smaller version of the more than 70 Woodcraft retail stores located in larger metropolitan areas. According to Garrett, Tool Box by Woodcraft has been developed in a manner that will allow the introduction of Woodcraft retail locations in smaller markets across the US.

Although the Tool Box by Woodcraft is smaller in size and product offering, vice president for sales and marketing Vince Grlovich assures visitors they will see the core items that define the Woodcraft brand.
Quality products are not the only aspect of the Woodcraft retail shopping experience that Tool Box by Woodcraft visitors will discover.
Chattanooga area residents are invited to visit the first Tool Box by Woodcraft store during grand opening festivities scheduled for the weekend of Oct. The Grand Opening will feature special pricing, giveaways, and very knowledgeable product reps on hand for your woodworking education on power and hand tools. Hob has a BS and Masters in Industrial Arts and a PHD, now retired from Superintendent of the Louisville, Kentucky School system.
Pictured on Tommy’s leg is a hand carved facial representation of employee Dusty Hillman, who could not be present personally, but was included with the use of the carving by Norb Hartman.

In a nut shell the new store is a smaller footprint of our current larger Woodcraft stores. Hob taught woodworking, metal works, drafting and currently teaches woodturning at the Woodcraft Store every Saturday. At one time all the Cincinnati employees were given their respective carvings by Norb, who has instructed Woodcraft carving classes.

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