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Agility ladders are mainly used by athletes but anyone can incorporate agility ladder training into their workouts.
They are pretty expensive to buy about 60 to 100 dollars each, and that’s only for a single ladder. Prior to the recession, many companies and even startups were acclimated to prosperity, maybe too comfortable. Finally getting my week sorted out to get to this green smoothie post, and have to mention that blogging this morning it feels different.

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Border collie going through a tire jumpThe tire jump is a jump that a dog must jump through not just jump over it. A border collie going over a jumpA jump is two polls sticking up with polls connecting them in the middle and the dog is supposed to jump over it. A border collie running through a chuteThe chute is a tunnel ending in a flat chute that a dog must run through.

Besides the physical benefits, I believe it helps you develop concentration, this improves your overall quality of life.

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