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Using the exclusive 3d models of the high quality and professional tricks is a confident way for your promotion in the computer graphics, and the direct saving of your time and money. You can freely use the downloadable content as well as the informtaion from articles (tutorials) and 3d renderings (images) in your own private projects and scenes.
You can NOT sell the any content from this site in modified or not modified form, as a standalone product or in the composition of the collections unless otherwise specified.
The free 3d models and any files in downloadable archives (*.zip) are prohibited to use in commercial purposes. Any trademarks or logos are property of their respective owners, and are used for identification purposes only. The actual keg is tightened by forged copper hoops, which are fastened by nondetachable rivets.
Working with the materials from the site you can modify them at your own discretion as long as it is done for personal purposes. Using of RenderStuff 3d models as a reference for creating derivative 3d models and their further selling is prohibited.

You can NOT use the free 3d models in commercial or paid projects in modified or not modified form, unless otherwise specified.
You cannot distribute in any way the derivative 3d models, made using any RenderStuff 3d model as a reference. This, in real life of course, lets to pour out the contents to the glasses without tilting the barrel.
To make such position completely stable, the barrel comes with original wooden stand with four legs.
The screwing brass bung on the top of the barrel is made for making possible to refill the keg with fresh portion of the drinks. It can be used as a antique souvenir of a nautical thematic and be a good practical attribute. It is a great container for storing, aging, and bottling beer, wine as well as strong whiskey and cognac.
Nowadays, many drinks are contained in other type of containers, for example, the steel kegs under high pressure.

However, the main advantage of the wooden barrel is not just aesthetic preference, as the burned wood gives the drink special, incomparable aroma.
The feature of this whiskey barrel 3d model is that ita€™s made mid-poly and can be additionally subdivided.
This allows you to enable NURMS if you think that the number of segment of this 3d model needs to be raised.
This 3d model comes with two baked AO textures to improve the shading realism along with great 4096p px diffuse texture.To get more technical info on this exact product, please visit one of the marketplace pages presented below.

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