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A sturdy lap tray with a comfortable and washable beanbag, ideal for a wide range of activities in any chair.
A sturdy and attractive wooden bed tray that enables a range of activities to be performed in bed. We believe that lap trays are not just a temporary fashion trend, but a very useful utensil which should be found in every home.
Below you’ll find a comparison table of the most popular models available on the market, as well as their advantages, disadvantages, prices and links to purchase them. The Winsome Wood Breakfast Bed Tray with Handle Foldable Legs is our best choice for an eating lap tray.
With the proliferation of laptops as essential devices in every household, the number of people that like to use their laptops laying in their beds or couches instead of on a desk is increasing. Present Time Utensils Lap Tray is our most recommended bean bag tray, due to its great functionality at a very reasonable price of just 22$.
If you feel the need for more information regarding your lap tray purchase, feel free to browse our site for more informative articles and comprehensive reviews. Adjustable for five different angles for reading, writing, and other activities, and it is laminated to allow easy cleaning.
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This attractive and functional Folding Bed Tray makes breakfast in bed, reading or writing easy. The wooden legs fold out to be placed over your legs alternatively it can be used as a lap tray.
Although lap trays are usually quite inexpensive, that’s not a good reason to not make the most of your purchase and become an informed customer regardless of whether you buy a lap tray for personal use or as a gift to an acquaintance.

They have a wide range of uses, from eating on them and surprising your loved one every morning with a breakfast in bed, using them for kids so that they can color, write, draw pictures while sitting on the floor, using them for adults to write, read, take notes while sitting on a couch in front of tv, using them as lap desks for your laptop or while traveling in a car.
The wooden bed tray style, ideal suited for eating on them which can came with a cup holder,   the bean bag lap tray that has a cushion in the lower part which folds on your legs in order to stabilize the hard surface above, laptop lap trays used for holding a laptop or for gaming which are designed to take the heat of your legs, or lap trays for kids, inexpensive, fun and harmless. If you want to find more on why we recommend them, read below as we take a lap tray from each category and dissect it for you, taking a closer look into its functionality, quality, durability and price.
We have reviewed most of the options available on the market, but when it comes to value delivered per price ratio, we feel most confident to recommend this one.
It’s a padded lap tray that sits more than comfortable on your legs in every position, making it very versatile for a number of different situations: TV watching while eating? The information on this site is updated constantly, so feel free to bookmark us and come back regularly. These are just a sample of the most common ways people use lap trays, although do not let this uses to limit your imagination when it comes to what you can make out of a simple 20$ product. Made of a solid wood frame with natural color wood finish and white melamine surface, this tray serves great as an eating tray for children and adults alike.
The additional pockets are great for crayons, pencils, and various other accessories or toys that kids play with daily. And for those persons that are serious about their laptop usage , we wholeheartedly recommend Logitech Comfort Lap Desk N500 as the perfect solution.
When you take into account that the legs are foldable and handles are specially carved for easy transportation and storage, all for a price of only 20 bucks, there is no reason not to have one – or more -such eating trays laying around the house. This laptop tray comes in two colors (white and gray) but that is not why it’s so awesome. Being made from one piece, it does not contain any screws, detachable legs, or any small parts that can be swallowed by your kid, so there is no need to worry about these potential liabilities with this tray.

You can definitively take it with you on picnics or barbecues as it makes a great alternative to serving food on a blanket, or used in the       improvised kitchen area to cut salads or even chop meat.
This tray can also be used for eating, so its functionality is not limited just to kids, various buyers reporting that it made an excellent laptop tray as well – when in need. It’s very comfortable, no matter whether you lie in bed, use your laptop on a chair or sitting on a sofa. Beware though that although the plastic is really sturdy, it is not meant to be used as a chair by your kids, as it will most probably break under the weight of a child. The underside is made of an airy mesh, so it never warms up while keeping the heat of the laptop of your legs, but what really makes it stand among other alternatives is its attention to detail. Unlike other eating lap trays on the market, which run the risks on collapsing on you once you place too many items on them, the Winsome Wood Breakfast tray rates exceptionally well in this aspect.
The tray is tilted a little bit, so it makes a perfect angle for typing , writing or watching anything on your laptop. None of the people that purchased it had anything to complain about regarding its sturdiness, the main disadvantage being mentioned was that the layout of the tray is not attractive enough; but that is a matter of taste we suppose, as we find its aesthetics and simplicity quite attractive. Check! Additionally,  this is our first featured lap tray that has a cup holder compartment, securing your drinks without fear of spilling.

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