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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The trebuchet is a medieval invention originally designed to lay siege to fortresses and castles. The frame crossmember (Part C) is going to seat across both long frame rails so it needs two sections removed. Me, i used pennies for me weight, easy to fine-tune the range by adding or subtracting a handfull. Lead is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For my weight I took a fishing weight (unfortunately lead) and wrapped it with a lead sheet and hammered it together. The plasticote idea is brilliant, though, it keeps the lead from smearing all over the place..
My 8 year old knows that lead is dangerous, she reads about it on warning stickers all the time. I got all sidetracked, the dude is talking about sealing lead tire weights in a tin can that will never see the light of day again. I'll probably die of mercury poisoning from corn syrup before I get lead poisoning, and I smelt tire weights and vaporize lead and other chemicals in the process.
Because I was worried about children potentially playing with the trebuchet I constructed (using this excellent tutorial, BTW), I ended up encasing my lead counterweight.
I think that having some sort of plastic or rubber sealing material is ideal, but if I make another trebuchet, I'll be going back to the Bowl of Abandoned Locks as well.
You could have a box at the counterweight point, and fill it with whatever heavy was available. Forcing enimes into spontanious combustion is for wimps, I kill them through the medium of dance. Jane got me a wooden trebuchet kit for Christmas and our cat got some angry birds cat toys. My kids and I had fun building this kit Hobby lobby does not carry it any longer but they do carry a new one that is better than the one we built. Welcome to my Model Trebuchet construction kit video, featuring the finished model in action. We spent a couple hours guessing measurements, no plans and used old wood from a fallen down fort, to build this.
My friend's daughter, who is also one of my karate students got to build a trebuchet for a class catapult contest at her school, so I offered to help. This micro-crossbow carries 3 bolts, fires from any angle, shoots exploding tipped arrow heads, and launches wooden matches over 30 feet away!
Today we have a look at a modern design for a Trebuchet that still works with Medieval Engineers parts.

Shoots a golf ball 560 feet (my latest numbers are over 1200 feet - see 1200 foot+ golfball trebuchet). This is a brief tutorial on trebuchet physics and useful tricks to make your trebuchet throw farther. Nicole shares a wonderful design challenge as students create a catapult with limited materials. Seen people claiming to have built trebuchets in Besiege, they seem to all be just plain catapults.
This film is made to demonstrate some easy steps to go through when making a FAT (Floating arm trebuchet).
Explains how a MURLIN (Multi-Radius Linear Nodes) trebuchet works Plans are available, but with two conditions: 1) You agree not to distribute the plans to anyone else without my permission, and 2) You let me know how building and testing go. In this video I build a desktop catapult using mortise and tenon joinery with oak and mahogany wood. You can then make the weight whatever shape and size you want, without worrying about melted lead fumes, since wax melts at a much lower temperature. I'm sure there are many users under 18 on this site who would be fascinated to create this, and be unaware of the dangers lead poses. Most of the lead poisoning in nature comes from unregulated dumping or landfills that were grandfathered in before they had such stringent requirements about runoff. My Christmas lights have the warning because the Chinese probably used lead paint, just like any other third world country that figures their populace will probably die of some crazy disease long before they see the effects of lead poisoning. I take precautions, but the only way an intact tire weight will kill you is if someone shoots it at you in a bullet or a car careens into you from out of balance tires. This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of wooden trebuchet kit PDF plans, blueprints for wooden trebuchet kit and video instructions for wooden trebuchet kit, schematics and CAD drawings.
It takes a few days to assemble fully sanded with bindings (could be done in as little as 2 hours).
If you're expecting step-by-step instructions on how to build this sucker then you're going to be disappointed. They use a cigar box filled with lead shot for a counterweight, are made of oak, and use a wheel and free-hanging counterweight design. Start your next project for desktop trebuchet design with one of our many woodworking plans. Someone follow me on Twitter!- Facebook- G+ My channel is all about cool science experiments, projects and other cool stuff! This instructional video has been made to support a design investigation experiment as part of the ASMS Physics program. These are the first shots from a new 5 armed MURLIN (multi-radius linear nodes) trebuchet designed to shoot golf balls.
Much of this isn't obvious if you're new to trebuchets and I overlooked many of the key energy transfer methods when I was starting out.

The video includes shots of a full size trebuchet that I modeled mine after, design and construction highlights, and test firing with the help of some scaled action figures. The lead from the runoffs (from old paint chips) contaminates the ground water and poisons the animals. I read that the oil industry introduced lead to gas to improve it's combustion because they had to meet smog standards for pollution control.
Although the longest throw was 206 feet with a baseball, The trajectory was WAY too steep and went something like 100 feet in the air. The purpose of this video is to give you a brief intro to the kit and how I came by it, but most importantly to show you how the finished trebuchet performs. This allows the trebuchet to function with a smoother motion, and more efficient use of the weight.
We managed to throw a 0.5 kg (1, 1 lb) projektile 110 meters (361 ft), this gave us an effeicency of 41 %.
Really hope we get the hooks and sling parts to make trebuchets work properly soon because this should be a super efficient design. The whole device stands about foot tall when unloaded and flings various things ten feet or more. Cadmium is mostly used for battery plates WHICH SHOULD NEVER BE USED and for cable sheaths.
After we lower the trajectory I'm guessing about 350 feet with only about 50 pounds of counterweight. Moreover, this is a nice introductory woodworking project that you can do with mostly basic tools.
In fact, it's probably not a bad idea if you don't have a sharp narrow chisel and you're going to be carving the joints with a knife. You also worried about the sellers can’t do anything if the products are not work, We have going in business for a long time, And we have a lots of customers from all the world becoming our partner, Autumn is coming, we have opened the fall fashion door to all the customers, Would you mind making a decision to buy one or two product to have a try? So, technically, you could make a small, flaming pail of hot oil, but it's probably a lot easier to toss marbles, small balls of clay, a Cadbury egg, the engagement ring she didn't accept, etc. Even today, most doctors keep the bullets in their victims because it will cause more harm to remove them. He gets about 70 meters with 20 pounds of counterweight and just short of 200 meters with 50 pounds of counterweight. The trebuchet was the ultimate artillery weapon of its time and the most highly evolved catapult type weapon.
It could be built on location, and was able to hurl carved stone balls weighing up to 300lb (136 kg) at enemy fortifications.

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