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If you have a small dog and you want to build a proper shelter for it, you should pay attention to this tutorial. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest plans and for some other exclusive content. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get many ideas for your backyard from all the internet! Attach 1×3 trims to the ends of the rafters and to the front and back faces of the dog house. Wood Dog House – 335 results like Precision Pet Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin -Solid fir wood construction. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
Building a sturdy frame for your dog house is essential, especially that it has to support two pets. Top Tip: Make sure you adjust the size of the double dog house to the needs of your pets, while using the instructions and techniques described in the project. Top Tip: Cut the components at the right size and lock them together with galvanized screws.
Installing the roof structure is a straight-forward procedure, as you need to build the components from 2×4 lumber. Before fitting the rafters between the legs of the double dog house, we recommend you to fit the interior wall.
Continue attaching the exterior walls to the structure in the same manner described above. Use finishing nails to lock the plywood sheets to the frame, after aligning them at both ends. The next step of the woodworking project is to attach the roofing for the wooden structure.
Cover the roof with tar paper and start installing the asphalt shingles, by using the manufacturer’s instructions. If you really want to enhance the look of the dog house, you should consider adding 1×3 trims to the exterior walls. Top Tip: Work with attention and with great care, if you want to build the dog house for your pets in a professional manner.
After placing the double dog house into its location, we recommend you to continue the project by taking care of the finishing touches.
Top Tip: In order to protect the lumber from water damage, we recommend you to cover the wooden box with several coats of paint. Building a shelter for you dog is a straight forward project, if you use the right plans and proper materials.

Even if you are a rookie when it comes to woodworking, you can get the job done as a professional, by following our plans.
In order to get a durable result, we recommend you to build the joists from 2×4 lumber. In order to get consistent results, we recommend you to assemble the frames on the ground, before attaching them to the floor with 3” galvanized screws. In order to get the job done properly, we recommend you to make the cuts with a circular saw having a fine teeth blade.
As you can notice in the image, you have to cut one ends of the rafters at 45?, using a circular saw. Therefore, fill the holes with a good wood filler and smooth the wooden surfaces with fine-grit sandpaper. In this manner, the frame of the construction will be protected against decay and water damage. If you want to see more outdoor projects, we recommend you to check the rest of our projects. The obvious as to why the ingenious design of wood has an unparalleled comfort that makes it so favorable. Building a large dog house for your pets is a complex project that requires a proper planning. Therefore, adjust the size of the components with a circular saw before locking them together with galvanized screws. Drill pilot holes through the components before inserting the screws, in order to prevent the wood from splitting. Follow the instructions described in the free plans and secure them into place with galvanized screws. Cut the trims at the right size and attach them to the dog house faces with finishing nails and waterproof glue.
If you want to see more outdoor plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects.
When making a dog house, you should always start the planning process with the need of your dog, as the shelter has to be large enough to turn around easily.
In addition, you should have to align the components and drill pilot holes, before inserting the screws into place. In addition, you need to cut a small notch in each rafter, otherwise they won’t fit into place properly.

You will save hundreds of dollars by opting to build a Do-It-Yourself dog house, rather than buying a pre-fabricated one at the store. Therefore, you should select the woodworking plans that come with detailed instructions and that suit your budget and the size of your pets. Plumb the sides of the dog house with a spirit level and make sure the floor frame is perfectly horizontal.
In addition, if you want to protect it from bad weather, during the winter, you could also take a look on the insulated dog house plans.
There are plenty of kennels and dog houses that you can purchase, but check out some of the contemporary designs that are more suited to fitting in with a modern home’s design.View in galleryNowadays dog houses will not necessarily be a place for a pampered pet to sleep in overnight, outdoors. Make sure you plan every aspect of the project from the very beginning, as to keep the costs under control. But even simply designed dog houses can be given a bit of style with the addition of some accessories and a bit of paint. Why not upgrade your dog’s house and really pamper your pooch?Doggie Summer Houses.View in galleryExterior dog houses are no longer likely to be a functional living space for a working or guard dog. Wooden Dog Houses Dog Houses Adams luxury dog houses are individually built from { "SUPERIOR quality dog house!
However, a good quality dog house should be water proof and be able to provide shelter from both the rain and excessive sun.View in galleryView in galleryAs such, doggie summer houses are all the rage. Even summer house accessories, like window boxes and lighting, can be added for a luxurious note. Add windows, with shutters and even a white picket fence.Domestic Dog Houses.View in galleryIf your pet dog spends longer periods in the home, rather than outside, why not provide the perfect pooch palace as part of your interior design? A good place to select for your dog’s area is within a utility room.View in galleryThis is ideal if your dog has returned from a long walk and needs to be washed down.
Or, if your home has contemporary styling, why not go for a cube dog house with an ultra modern look?
And a dog house made from old bottles not only looks highly individual, but affords a window for your pet to look out from.

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