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When it comes time for building a privacy fence or even just a short picket fence, prefabricating wood panels from treated lumber helps speed the project along. Measure the distance between the posts where the gate is going to be installed, and subtract 1 inch. Measure from the center of the treated wood panel in both directions the length of the measurement derived from Step 2. Move the measurement to the left or right only if the gate measurement allows you to take in full pickets on both sides.
Mark the treated wood panel several times up and down the pickets to give you enough marks to place the framing square on and draw a line the full length of the pickets.

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With an extra 2-by-4 and your choice of gate hardware, a treated wood panel can be transformed into a gate. Starting from the center point of the wood panel gives you a balanced look because the pickets on either side of the gate will be the same width.
Measure and mark the 2-by-4-by-96-inch treated lumber to that length and cut it with the skill saw.

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