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The garage has a goal to provide security on your vehicle as well as provide additional views of the beautiful house. You don’t have to worry about will power on the garage door of your home if you use the garage door of wood materials.
TweetBefore you start looking at the style of wooden garage doors available, review this list to see what type of wood might be best for you.
The upside is that wood is a better insulator than steel, unless you get insulated steel doors, which are more expensive. Plywood is popular because it is cost-effective and versatile enough to be molded into various designs to give the door(s) a recessed or raised appearance. Mahogany is one of the more expensive options for a garage door, but it is also extremely solid, and resistant to wear and tear.
Jonathan Kay are garage door designers who can supply and install solid wood garage doors to your design and specification, whether manually opening or fully automatic gargage doors.
Our Frameless Shower Door design expert will work with you on-site,helping you visualize your ideas to create the most beautiful andfunctional frameless shower enclosure obtainable.Call Blizzard Frameless Shower Doors TODAY at714-290-1505 for a FREE cost estimate. Print articleThis entry was posted by Ronald on June 16, 2011 at 11:25 am, and is filed under . Here are the front door which becomes the face  of your home world.It’s very essential that people are taking a deep look at our collection which provide you with the best collection of front door. Doors are supplied with a black handle and key operated lock to activate the multi-point latches – security comes as standard! For doors that are to be motorized, lock deletion can be specified at the time of order – locks can always be fitted at a later date but lock holes cannot be removed! Super-Chassis doors are available with a black handle, whilst Masta-Gear doors are available with black and the option of brass effect and silver effect handles.
Both retractable and canopy doors have twin latches operated by rods or cables from a locking handle. Thetford side hinged and personnel doors are supplied with stainless steel butt hinges, mortice lock and levers as standard.
The option packs for York and Warwick ranges share the same components and differ only in terms of the type of hinges used and the finishes of each item, giving a choice of three styles – Contemporary, Classic and Traditional.
Contemporary ironmongery is fitted as standard to the York and Warwick side hinged garage door range.

Side hinged garage doors and personnel doors are hung with three brass-effect hinges per leaf or with the option of a pair of classic strap hinges in black or silver colour or traditional strap hinges in black wrought iron. Side hinged doors have shoot bolts top and bottom to secure the inactive leaf and door stays to hold the door in the open position. All side hinged wooden garage doors open right hand leaf first when viewed from outside the garage with the option of left hand opening available on request. Choose from a range of handles, locks and side hinged door hardware to complement your choice of wooden garage door. There are many questions surrounding wooden garage doors (many of which we answer on our FAQ page about them, by the way.) One of the commonest questions posed is, How do I keep my wooden garage door in tip-top shape? While a wooden door is a great alternative to a steel one because of its sturdiness, inability to dent easily, and striking beauty, it will still require some upkeep. As for keeping your garage door clean on a semi-regular basis, it’s best to shy away from power washing because it can potentially be too rough on your garage door—especially on softer woods. It’s important to refinish your wooden garage door every so often to protect it from the harsh outdoor elements. Penetrating finishes like oils and stains are best for constantly-moving garage doors because they are durable and won’t peel or crack the way a film finish would when exposed to frequent movement. If you are looking at metal and fiberglass too, you might want to read our blog on those materials.Now, on to wood! Today there are many choices, but folks who are drawn to traditional elements often still opt for wood garage doors.
The downside is that plywood isn’t as sturdy and resistant to damage as other types of wood or steel.
When properly treated and stained, the grain will stand out with lovely patterns – if a lovely pattern is what you are looking for!
Because of the weight of mahogany, most mahogany garage doors don’t come as a solid piece of the wood. Like composite wood flooring, this makes for a stronger surface that is resistant to wear and weather – important features for a garage door! Beyond that, composite doors resist splitting and rotting that can happen with solid wood doors.
The ironmongery we fit to our garage doors is of a high quality and selected to ensure years of trouble free service.
Thetford Side hinged doors also have black stays, top and bottom bolts with stainless steel fixings.

Side hinged doors have a night latch and finger pull (commonly used on front doors) with the option of a mortice lock and lever set – see individual furniture pack for details. Here are some tips to keeping your wooden garage door looking fresh and inviting for years to come. Instead, try cleaning it with a combination of a garden hose, a soft brush, and a diluted household detergent. These also offer a variety of stain color options, allowing you to give your garage door a fresh look that will bring out the natural beauty inherent to the wood.
You’ll start by cleaning the door throughly to remove any grime or debris and letting it dry completely. Here are A Plus Garage Doors, we specialize in everything related to garage door upkeep, from spring and panel replacement to annual alignment and lubrication services. What kind of wood it can survive in a very long period of time, but you are not regular in taking care of the door would be easy to damage. You should choose a color to suit your personality and customize with your home garage wall color.
Aside from keeping a traditional look, wood is also easy to paint (therefore upgrade!) or stain.
Often what is used is a frame of lighter softwood is combined with solid mahogany panel insertions.
Although the materials made of wood, your garage will still look modern and different than a lot of people are using garage door uses material from steel or metal. However, if you use a garage door opener with carriage style will be given a simple but still showing the beauty of doors with different door garage opener on.
The good news is that refinishing is something that need only take an hour or two, and a well-kept garage door probably only needs to be refinished every 2 or 3 years. Finally, go back over the wood with a dry brush after about 30 minutes of drying time to remove any excess stain that hasn’t sunk into the wood.

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