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My opinion is that for a wooden garden bed Cypress is the best (not to be confused with Cedar that’s not as durable). Our range of wood raised garden beds is very complete, with every type of suitable wood available including cypress, red gum and ACQ pine.
This stylish garden features planters that climb up the wall, immediately drawing the eye upward. A tall wood planter blends in perfectly with the ipe wood decking in this contemporary outdoor space.
This wooden planter box was placed around an existing persimmon tree and painted purple-blue to match the coordinating wooden bench. The nailhead trim lining this coffee table creates the perfect masculine base for the stylish tabletop setup. This gorgeous garden gets less structured and more native the farther you get away from the home.
Ipe wood wall and planters pair with contemporary outdoor furniture on this rooftop patio with a stunning NYC skyline view.
Stepped wooden planters and a mix of grasses, boxwoods and evergreens make this urban deck feel lush and layered. The highlight of this room -- a built-in stone plants holding vibrant plants -- brings the outdoors in with a tropical touch. Ipe wood decking, a tall wood planter, custom cable railings and cushioned seating complete this sleek, contemporary deck. This cleverly designed organic garden features raised wood planters for herbs and veggies and multiple wall-mounted planters for flowers. When selecting a raised garden bed, consider the style, such as metal sides or a wood frame (or both), and what you plan to grow.
For this project you'll need two small wood planters, fresh mood moss, clear plastic wrap, small river rocks, floral tape or clear tape, miniature fairy garden accessories, faux gold gems and five to seven small green potted plants in a variety of shades and heights.

This contemporary outdoor space features an array of raised wooden garden beds complemented by natural stone hardscape.
This serene garden features an array of wood garden beds complemented by natural stone hardscaping and very minimal landscaping. Every gardener would like to have a rich harvest and there are many home gardeners who turn to creative DIY raised beds ideas which help them to significantly increase the yield of the garden. Experienced gardeners use raised beds for growing vegetables, but also as decorative ornaments. Other alternatives are sandbags, hay bales, and many other which will help you increase the productivity of your garden. These are some common, useful, and inexpensive landscaping ideas to keep your landscape look great even in freezing temperature. Cypress has a superb durability rating (the highest you can get) and it does all that without any nasty chemicals. Garden beds require less fill and can hold more water, lasting longer between the hot weeks in the peak of summer. A custom glass awning above links the planter to the cable railings that are nearly invisible.
Large square planters contain succulents and flowers in an orderly manner, while native plants and ornamental grasses take over as the land extends in the distance. The contemporary architecture and two-toned decking add visual interest, while the landscaping adds height and privacy to the outdoor space. This metal and wood planter, sold by Gardeners' Supply, is 45 inches long and more than 15 inches wide, plus it is more than 15 inches deep to hold flowers, herbs and vegetables. Line the insides of both planters with plastic wrap and secure with tape around the top rims. A contemporary sectional is used for seating, while pergolas help define the different living areas of the rooftop deck.

Since you have control over the construction of the DIY raised beds in the vegetable garden, you can determine the design too. It is easy to use for different constructions and in addition it is a solid and durable material.
But there are some simple landscaping ideas to help you make your yard as attractive as in the warmer seasons. What I find most people love about red gum is the naturally deep red colour which can be maintained with either decking oil, or as i prefer with natural raw linseed oil.
Fill the bottom of each planter with a handful of small river rocks for drainage, then stack the planters to add depth and interest. One of the greatest advantages of raised beds in the garden is that weeds are much easier to control and you do not have to bend too much while working in the garden. Cedar or redwood would be an ideal material for your raised beds because they are weather resistant and withstand well against pests. CCA pine's poisons leach into the crops grown and build-up in the consumer causing a variety of problems including hair loss. Being a softer wood it’s very easy to work with and light weight compared with red gum. Once you've achieved the desired look, remove plants from pots, loosen the roots and plant, filling empty space with potting soil. As far as the width of DIY raised beds is concerned, it is preferable to construct them with a width of 1.20 meters, so you can easily work.

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