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This hardwood garden bench has been constructed using solely mortise and tenon joints for maximum strength.
This bench has been made using Idigbo, which is a hardwood often referred to as a great alternative to oak.
All sizes are approximate as small natural variances can occur, If you require a specific finished size, please call us on 01398 332266. This is only one example of what we can do, if you require different sizes, designs or materials please get in contact and we can provide a free written estimate for you. We can also make these benches for memorial benches with a plaque and engraving of your choice. Garden benches are not only great to sit on (duh!) but they can also serve as a stunning center piece for your garden. Welcome to Aulia Jati Indofurni, we are Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer, Garden Furniture Supplier and international Exporter of teak indoor and outdoor furniture.

Since 1997 we produce world-class quality wooden furniture products focusing on Solid Teak Indoor and Outdoor Furniture. Aulia Jati Indofurni presents wide range of Teak Furniture at its finest with different design andmodels that fit customers` needs and taste, which have been proven as market leader and of utmost reliability. Our Teak Indoor Furniture collection is simply divided into five categories, Beds, Dining Table, Buffets, Cabinets and Teak Dining Chairs. Gateway to the world of architectural salvage, architectural antiques, antique doors, antique fireplaces, garden antiques, antique ironwork, antique lighting, old radiators, antique windows, reclaimed building materials, reclaimed bricks, reclaimed flagstones, reclaimed flooring, reclaimed stone and reclaimed roof tiles and slates. To search for a single keyword or set of keywords simply type the keywords, eg reclaimed bricks, which will find stories containing the word reclaimed and the word bricks.
Natural finished and unfinished collection of steamers and lounger are presented for the customers in classic shape and design.
Our production always set up a high standard of controlling starting from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging, to keep the best quality.

The warehouse is supported with modern wood working machineries and production quality control.
Outdoor furniture includes Teak Garden Furniture has variousitem like Garden Chairs and Benches, Garden Tables and outdoor furniture sets e.g. Teak furniture is never make the house looks dull and old since it is suitable both for traditional-style and for modern-style house.

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