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Last week was all about rope, and now we’re onto another rustic material we love: wood!
Send us some love with a like on Facebook, check out inspiring projects on Pinterest, follow along on Bloglovin’, or have posts delivered to your inbox once a week. The X-ACTO Basic Hobby Tool Set is an 18-piece set that makes a great gift idea for any hobbyist or designer.
The original X-ACTO knife has been praised for more than 50 years as the standard for precision.
This X-Acto Basic Hobby Tool Set includes the following: #1 knife with #11 fine point blade, #5 knife with #19 angled chiseling blade, #7 blade, #10 general purpose blade, Two #11 fine point blades, #16 scoring blade, #17 light chiseling blade, #18 heavy chiseling blade, #19 angled chiseling blade, #24 deburring blade, #28 blade, Pointed tweezers, Jeweller?s screwdriver, Block plane, Razor saw blade.

It’s as basic of a material as clay and is constantly reinvented by DIYers, crafters, artists, hackers, and carpenters. Add a bit of spunk to your household essentials with paint, glitter, and shellac to seal the deal.
The set includes X-ACTO quality hobby tools that are great for all kinds of projects and small home improvement repairs. Attaining this level of precision, accuracy and reliability starts with supreme quality craftsmanship.
To get inspired to create our own batch of cool wooden objects, we turned to our favorite fellow makers to see what creative projects they’ve come up with.

X-ACTO knife blades are crafted with sharpened carbon steel for a reliable cut and a strong blade. They’re great for organizing sunglasses, cords, and scarves, especially in small apartments and homes.

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