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Homemade Woodturning Lathe: an illustrated article on building your own lathe, written by George F. The Wood Lathe is an invaluable woodcraft tool necessary for any wood shop to make furniture legs, spindles, bowls, and countless other decorative wood pieces. Avoid wood with excessive resinous oil, knots, splinter and high moisture in order to make sure you do not produce poor products. The first step towards efficient use of wood lathe is employing a suitable lathe for your project. Horsepower – determines how heavy an item can be turned without overburdening the tool.
Composition and weight – a hefty machine with cast iron beds and steel frames will give a more solid and stable work platform.
The first step towards selecting the correct cutting tools lies in choosing the lathe operation you are going to start with.
It is advised that when you want to cut the stock to a desired length; start with a relatively short length, that is, less than two foot long for an intermediate or medium-sized lathe, especially for beginners. Prior to this stage, you should have read and understood your manual before proceeding with your lathe project for specific instructions, features and safety instructions. First find the center of your workpiece by measuring the diameter and putting a dot in the center. Having established firmness, position the tool rest (which you need to keep closer to the turning work sample to aid better control with your chisel) parallel to the length of your work sample; ensure that it is way back to allow rotation of your piece without hitting it. Smooth the round finished piece of work by accelerating the speed of your lathe while holding your cutting tool such that it barely has contact with your wood. Our main products: heavy duty face lathes, horizontal lathes, combination lathes, CNC lathes, vertical machines, face milling machines, milling machines ,etc.
The feed system of this lathe adopts electromagnetic motor speed control to realize the stepless speed regulation.
3) We have a series of advanced equipment, which ensures a large productive capacity and satisfactory quality.
China Good Quality PET Monofilament Machine, PET Sheet Making Machine and Plastic Mat Making Machine International Trade Site. Round rod milling machine (round wood shaping machine), it is used to change square wood into round shape.

The lathe rotates a work piece on its axis to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, turning, etc.
Make sure to stop your work piece often to inspect, measure and compare with templates while turning.
Give room for lots of practice because machine-assisted handwork can go awry very fast if you are not careful, and we all know there is no such thing as a board stretcher. Bench top lathes are ideal for turning small projects while larger machines are better for spindles such as table legs, and home or office furniture.
A general guideline is to divide the diameter of your piece (in inches) by 6000 for the minimum RPM, and by 9000 for the maximum RPM. Lathe tools (called chisels) feature round, long and curved handles to offer a solid grip and sufficient leverage for the turner’s control of the cutting edge with less weariness. The tool rest can be likened to a mechanical arm with a metal guide bar that supports the chisel used for turning work piece.
Once you are comfortable with your lathe, it’s components and operation it is time to select your choice of wood for your project.
It is mostly used to process various flanges,valves,pressure vessels, boilers, tire moulds ,plastic moulds, and other workpieces.
The purpose of our company is to supply the best machines, support services and competitive prices to all customers. With its operation dating back to ancient Egypt, wood turning and ornamental lathes can produce three-dimensional pieces of incredible complexity. The more time you have with various woods and turning tools will give yo the experience necessary to get awesome results, which are certainly not achieved overnight.
The headstock comprises the machine’s drivetrain which includes belts, pulleys, motor and spindle. You can go ahead to bevel the square corners to reduce quantity of wood required to reach your anticipated shape. When the tailstock is locked in position, continue sliding so that it pushes the cup centre into the tail end of your stock. At this stage, select chisel of your choice for turning operation; a roughing gouge is recommended especially for beginners. Turn lathe off, swing tool to rest, chose suitable grit and sand paper type, switch on lathe and sand the cut work piece.

The lathe can be used for the production of several beautiful decorative wood projects such as woodwind instruments, furniture, stair balusters, and any number of beautiful pieces from bowls to vases.
The Tailstock is the free spinning end of the lathe and contains the cup center, tailstock spindle and hand-wheel or other components used for clamping work piece between the centres of the lathe.
Search for a wood piece with straight grain and little or no knots because turning a split piece of stock or one with loose knots may separate during turning and could cause great harm. Tighten tailstock with hand crank such that it pushes the stock center situated on the headstock spindle. In the past years, we have quickly built a reputation for fast, efficient service and great quality products, which include CNC wood lathes, CNC Routers, automatic polishing machines, customized machines and so on.
Ensure that all clamps are tight and your stock is secure to prevent it from flying off during turning.
Turn the tool slightly to allow adjustment of the flight path of the chips which will fly away.
Our products are widely used in wood furniture making industry, stone engraving industry, advertisement, art and craft industry, wooden package industry, etc. In heavy steel construction to avoid vibration, processed surface is smooth and precision.(3).
Ensure to buy reliable tools and be very careful and aware of your hands and tools at all times. Make sure to inspect tools for damages before use, mount tight fittings and never operate machines in the presence of flammable liquids. Ultimately you will want to experiment with different RPM settings to find what works best for your project and level of comfort. You may continue pushing the tool into the stock gradually in each pass to enable cutting of equal amount of wood at each pass.
Our philosophy has always been "The customer comes first", with which we always endeavor to bring something extra to our relationship.
Once in a while stop the lathe to confirm progress and check cracks in wood and debris accumulation on lathe bed.

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