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If you are a Photoshop Lover then you must know about the importance of textures in Photoshop. Sponsored Advertisement : Get your inspiration in summer poster printing from these cool summer ads. Subscribe to our free newsletter to get all our latest tutorials and articles delivered directly to your inbox! Add now lighter and darker colors, along the plank, trying to create an effect of irregular painting.

Using the Brush Tool and the Smudge Tool correct definitively the edges and picture up the wood’s structure more efficiently. About me - Husband, father, geographer, traveller, photographer and all round nice guy :) I have love of the oddities, doors, windows, textures etc and am used to the strange looks I get when taking a photo of a wall, the grass, a road or a something I find interesting. Merge down all the layers and add some perspectives to the illustration, using next combination: Edit ? Film Grain and change the layer’ s type on Multiply, minimizing the Opacity not over than 52%.

Wood Textures gives really beautiful look to any design, specially when you create any model portfolio then these textures helps you to create a really cool wooden background.

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