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This will be one fine looking pontoon, the woodpattern is impressive, please post more pictures as it progresses.
While I'm not a fan of pontoon boats, I certainly wouldn't be ashamed to be seen on this one. In the photo of the dash board it looked like the washing machine dials were part of the display. Been so busy trying to get ready for the Mystic Boat Show that I haven't had any time for the forum. What's the weight on the drawbar like with the wheels all the way back there on that trailer? JEM has their own version of this and all they have done is deck two over and build a bridge to connect them.
I have to say that I have spent a fair amount of time on, around, and swimming under various pontoon boats, and most of them are of shockingly shoddy construction. One thing tubular hull pontoons have going for them is they really smooth out the ride on our busy wake-torn reservior.

I'm going to price out the cost of building, motor and trailer and see if it makes better sense to buy a used one.
Fix up a garvey the same size as the 'toon with 'toon accommodations and you will have a better boat. The Bolger Bantam idea looks interesting too, as it might be a bit smoother crossing wakes, but the topsides need some modification to get the 'toon look.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. And two, that each pontoon seems to be submerged for half its diameter when floating unladen by crew at a dock. It may be OK at 12 feet with a small motor but I wouldn't use it as a basis for something 50% bigger driven by substantial horsepower. I'm working very hard trying to have it ready for the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic at the end of June.
I've never seen the underside of a pontoon boat but I'll bet the bridging is substantial and well thought out.

As others have noted, they don't do well when the waves get big, but for most powerboat wakes, you just ride right over them. But don't try to play Kon-Tiki, they are meant for use only in protected waters such as rivers and lakes.
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These boats are not meant for high speeds; leisurely speeds with low power and economy is the name of the game with the HUCK FINN.
My advice would be not build any permanent furnture on the deck other than a control console, a stowage bin and a sun pad. Deck units and the pontoons are detachable from each other so that storage need not be a problem.

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