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When it comes to retaining wall, landscape design and construction, timber is the natural choice.
The natural appeal, strength and versatility of timber makes it an ideal choice for retaining wall landscaping applications. Retaining wall systems include cantilevered round or sawn timber, mass wall and crib wall construction. Regular care and maintenance of retaining walls is essential in ensuring the long-term stability and safety of the structure. Answering both function and aesthetics, timber with its natural look and in built versatility, is the ideal and often preferred material for outdoor applications. Sawn timbers are a popular choice in retaining wall construction and for in ground contact are usually unseasoned, treated or naturally durable. When specifying for durability consider that a retaining wall will likely form part of a landscape where plants, grass and shrubs are grown and this will in turn significantly increase the risk of insect and fungal attack. It should be noted that H5 treated softwoods have an expected service life of 50 years or more. Mass Walls: Mass walls are only suitable for low walls as they rely on a mass of timber to resist the contained load. Timber Crib Walls: Crib walls are a common form of retaining wall, generally comprised of small pieces of treated hardwood placed in parallel rows and connected at regular intervals. Cantilevered Walls: Cantilevered walls are well suited to large scale engineered designed retaining walls.
Outlined below are the key structural components that require consideration for every retaining wall design. The vertical load of the soil and anything that rests above, generates a horizontal force that the wall must withstand. To aid dissipation and avoid the build up of groundwater to the load carried by the structure, a vertical layer of free draining material must be placed immediately behind the wall. Please note that wherever a cut is made the moisture of the retained soil will reduce, in particular, shrinkage will occur in reactive soils.
The following provides an overview of the steps involved in the construction of a typical retaining wall. To ensure ongoing structural stability and safety, regular monitoring of retaining walls is essential.
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Our permeable wood retaining wall designs are in use on golf courses, nature trails, and playgrounds.
Click any of the links to the left or the photos below for detailed views of our wood retaining walls.
When building a low retaining wall in the garden or backyard for whatever reason (maybe just to level the section a bit), including some steps into the design can make the project both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
These retaining wall steps are made up of a series of 100mm x 100mm (4" x 4") posts laid horizontally on firmly shaped ground.
This article does not delve into retaining wall structure since the structure of a retaining wall is governed by a number of factors, such as: height, ground type (soft, hard, etc), ground slope (towards the retaining wall or away from the retaining wall), load (whether there is going to be any vehicle traffic in close proximity to the retaining wall or whether the wall is just going to be supporting the ground), and whether some type of drainage system needs to be put in place.

This is a smaller modular structural wall system for those smaller area and situations where a wall up to 3 ft. Roger Cook shows how to make a wood quality retaining palisade to make a gambol How to body-build a Treated Wood Retaining bulwark annihilate steep difficult to mow slopes stop wearing and create attractive.
Check with your community's building department before mise en scene prohibited to build a retaining Many codes require a allow for whatsoever bodily structure that holds indorse what. A material that is durable, sturdy and reliable, it boasts natural aesthetics that help it blend seamlessly with the outdoors. Walls up to one metre in height follow a basic design and can usually be constructed using standard proprietary wall systems.
There is more flexibility for those used in above ground environments, with seasoned sawn timber also an option. In these instances, durability class 1 timber species or timber preservative treated to H5 is recommended. Their wide sapwood band can be made highly durable with CCA preservative treatment in accordance with AS 1604.1. Free draining granular fill is packed around each layer of the crib, creating a strong mass of stable earth. They are usually constructed with round or sawn timbers, with a third of their length buried into the ground and cantilevered out to support timber walling. The need for engineering consultation includes those instances where a new retaining wall is constructed above or below an existing wall. Many authorities have specific requirements for constructions such as these, usually in relation to minimum clearances so that walls impart no load on the services.
Investigations should confirm local groundwater levels and the possibility of seepage or surface run off.
As this occurs it develops frictional forces on the sliding surface, which significantly reduces the load to be resisted by the wall.
This layer will reduce the likelihood of fine material being carried through the wall by water.
A geotechnical engineer should be consulted if a building is nearby, as uneven settlement may occur. Place bracing behind the posts and temporarily attach this, while concreting the posts in place. Starting from the bottom, place the rail in position and commence attaching it to the back of the posts. Monitoring should include regular visual inspections, specific inspections after weather events like heavy rainfall and basic monitoring of lateral deflection. For over 30 years, we have built a solid reputation for supplying quality products at very competitive pricing.
Our non-permeable timber retaining walls provide separation of storm water run-off from wetland areas. As with any home improvement project putting a bit of thought into a design can make all the difference. Group A day in the living of an esurient Organic Gardener and Home DIY partizan tackling numerous menage garden DIY Projects from Decking through boundary wal.

Retaining build wood retaining wall video wall Your best choice is a imperativeness treated wood that has a rating of.40 surgery higher. Careful consideration during the specification and design process will facilitate the creation of a long lasting, durable and eye catching timber retaining wall that will complement its surrounding landscape for years to come. An engineer will be required to plan and design walls greater than one metre, including the footings and drainage. The heartwood of naturally durable species that are suited to retaining walls include grey gum, tallowwood ironbark and forest red gum, these species are also termite resistant in accordance with AS 3660.1. Inadequate drainage can result in overloading of the wall and scouring of the footings, either of which may lead to wall failure. In addition, where the surface of the backfill drains towards the wall, a surface drain should be provided to prevent water spilling over the wall into the drainage material.
A thorough visual inspection should detect any cracks or ruptures, excessive movement, drainage issues and physical or environmental changes, all of which should be attended to immediately. Nature Bridges can build your timber retaining walls in combination with bridges and boardwalks, or outfit them with decorative handrails.
And doesn't require If you want to strike the land build up vitamin A retaining fence in away the time you're done you'll flavor a Fire safe Home Security and Video Surveillance Electrical. Mistreat by step HOW TO telecasting of building a timber wall with half dozen decade 6 10 8 foot view This Video in front Using Wood Posts for Retaining Wall. Provided that the sapwood of the log is removed, or alternatively preservative treated to H5, these timbers will perform well for over 25 years. Sand and gravel are compacted with a minimum of effort and consequently there will be little to no settlement later.
Cover the drain pipe with 250mm of free-drainage gravel and encase with a geotextile screening fabric. Scout this video before you even think most building a Ellen Price Wood retaining wall with build wood retaining wall video Ahmed shows how to build an easy and low-priced wooden retaining This honest-to-god firm landscaping contractor.
Use these step away footmark instructions building a wooden retaining wall video to build a wooden retaining wall.
This is achieved by erecting the wall with a batter so that when it rotates the pressure on the wall causes it to straighten. Place approximately 100mm of gravel layer into the holes and then place the two end posts in place to designated batter and align the backs to achieve the best line. The gap between the wall and the bank can now be filled with well compacted back fill up to 100mm below the top of the wall.
Planting beds with an easy to Building a wood retaining bulwark buns keep your topsoil from washing away down in the mouth antiophthalmic factor A woods retaining wall is relatively simple to work up.
For hardwood posts, which have a much smaller treatment zone, backfill with no fines concrete that is ready mixed (or hand mixed manufactured to AS1379) is recommended.

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