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NOTE: If you are going to display the wreath outdoors (say, on your front door), I recommend using Outdoor Mod Podge to glue the paper to the spools. Alternately, if you have a large stash of yarn, you could wind yarn around the spools and secure the end with a bit of hot glue and make a yarn-themed wreath.
Once you are stocked with decorated wooden spools, it’s time to put the wreath together. About HeatherHeather Mann is the mother of four boys and designs and shares clever crafts with a frugal twist at her site Dollar Store Crafts. Darice was founded in 1954, by Pat Catan, an entrepreneur from humble beginnings who valued hard work and dedication.

Customize the wreath to reflect your favorite color palette, or use up some of your stashed paper (or yarn!).
I used a scrapbooking paper pad so all the different paper prints and color palette would coordinate once the spools were put together on the wreath.
With a paper trimmer, cut various papers in the sizes you measured so that you have enough cut papers to cover your spools.
To get the placement of the spools just right on my wreath, I used 28 gauge floral wire to wire the spools to the wreath. She's also fascinated by the unsuccessful (yet humorous) side of crafting, and explores it at her site CraftFail, and in her new book, CraftFail: When Handmade Goes Horribly Wrong.

You have inspired me to think of other items to put on a wreath like dinosaurs or My Little Pony!
I used hot glue because it’s my BFF, but you could also use Mod Podge or white glue for this part of the project.
If you use a wet glue, be sure to allow enough time for the glue to dry before assembling the wreath.

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