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The sheer breadth of furniture design subcategories, particularly within the luxury space, never ceases to fascinate us. And even if you were to dust the unit before the pictures, that doesn't change the fact that you're still going to wind up with dust collecting there later.
I wish there were Amazon reviews of products like this, so that I could read what the customer feedback is. Now that you mention it, the windows do seem comically small, from a usability point of view. Ah, I can't remember what those are called (the fasteners in your link) but "socket cap" sounds about right.
To me, it looks like fabric lint that was snagged by, and adhered to that cut edge-not actual tear out. For that amount of dough I'd want hand cut dovetails or at least routered blind dovetails, not butt joints and a saw-cut dado for the base visible from the front.And the screws contacting the magnets are terrible. Man, Rock, Drill is a direct way to title a show of handmade marble pieces, but in the case of furniture designer Max Lamb's current show at Johnson Trading Gallery, its forthrightness is entirely appropriate. Dating all the way back to Neolithic times, the mortise and tenon is the oldest wood joint known to mankind. Much of the furniture we use—chairs, tables, desks, dressers—has been in existence in some form for centuries or millenia.
It’s that time of year when students all across the globe begin looking for science fair project ideas.
One aspect of science fair that can be somewhat distressing is coming up with ideas for their project; especially an original one. To help you in this quest I present to you my top 5 science fair Pinterest pinboards loaded with ideas and visuals.
Among the many science fair ideas you will find listed below there are also plenty of picture of some excellent Pinterest science fair presentation display boards.
For more than 30 years, Wooden Window has been constructing and restoring fine and custom-made wooden doors and windows for residences and commercial buildings throughout California. Beside crafting exquisite new products, Wooden Window is also recognized as California’s leading expert in the rehabilitation of doors and windows for historical restoration projects. Founded in 1986 by its Chief Ceramicist, Paul Burns, Fireclay Tile makes the highest quality, most durable and aesthetic hand-made ceramic materials using “old world” methods that are unique, affordable, and “green.” The company is based in San Jose, CA where it manufactures and sells its products including Debris Series Recycled Tile, Glazed Thin Brick, Crush Recycled Glass Tile, Vitrail Series Handmade Tile, Claymonde Ceramic Sheets, Express Series Quickship Tile. Restoration Timber provides reclaimed wood with an unmatched beauty to professionals like you. We warehouse an inventory of gorgeous reclaimed woods that have aged naturally for a century or more. They also come with a history, and they invite your clients to bring their own stories and create a new heritage together.

Naturally weathered by a century or more of use, our reclaimed woods are rich in grain, beautiful in color, and rock solid with age.
About the author: Wooden WindowSince 1980, Wooden Window has been constructing and restoring fine and custom-made wooden doors and windows for residences and commercial buildings throughout California. Ask us a question, request a quote, schedule a presentation or arrange to take a shop tour. Based on the retail photos, I can't imagine someone spending that amount of money and being content with the results. There are some definite craftsmanship and merchant photography issues for a stack system at this price point. I also just took a closer look at how the radii are rounded off on the insides, and it looks pretty sloppy. Now that you mention it I'm thinking pan-heads might have been a better choice, or at least look more deliberate.
I didn't say "Allen" assuming that refers only to the inset hex opening and not the style of the cap. But even if it is fabric lint, isn't it kind of unforgivable to not break the edge on that recess?I believe it is wood movement that's leading to the misalignment--but looking at the photos again, I think the problem is actually with the top and bottoms, not the sides. When I saw the way the window was put in that recess, with those cheap tabs; is that even glass or just acrylic?
While the specific provenance of the joint is unknown, I'm willing to bet the inventor wasn't a virgin.
So it's always exciting to see someone attempting to create furniture with a new form factor in an attempt to meet modern-day needs that would have stymied our design ancestors. Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities alike will all have some component of a science project somewhere in the curriculum or syllabus.
Creating these boards is sometimes the most challenging part of the fair as it will visually summarize your progress and engagement in the investigation by displaying photos of the experiment before, during and after the results come in. Whether a homeowner or building pro, you’ll appreciate our decades of experience and unique mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. You can be certain that each unit is perfectly tailored to perform flawlessly in the unique jamb or sash in which it will live.
Since inception, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in the ceramic industry, and today the company is proud to be sold nationally in over 150 tile and eco-friendly showrooms and be used by some of the most well respected brands including Whole Foods Markets. They come from sources like old barns, abandoned schools and mills, warehouses and factories that fell into disrepair.
As first or second growth timber, now unavailable for environmental reasons, our wood provides a strength, stability, integrity and beauty unavailable in fast-grown new wood.
I'd be pretty upset if I spent that kind of money on something that didn't fit together as flush and level as most particle board closet systems.I think they could have save some manufacturing effort had they skipped the rounded corners on the plexiglass panes.

The sides of the boxes look fairly straight, but in the photo I've repeated three times, I can now clearly see that the top of the topmost box is cupped, and the top of the box beneath it is bowed. For that price I would expect hand blown glass (it is Italy after all), plus wouldn't you want to include leather as part of the system to tie it in with the shoes it will be housing? Looks like the same screws might also be used to attach the handle?I'd also like to know why they have chamfered all the arrises.
It’s a good thing to remember that, usually, science fair winners win on unique ideas.
These results will also be documented and presented on this board in the form of data charts and result graphs.
It seems like a needless detail if they're not going to make the cut perfectly smooth (I see a slight bump in the close-up) and not clean up the tear-out you mentioned.The screws probably should have been set screws, so as to look intentionally raised and not mistakenly un-countersunk. Fireclay Tile’s up-cycling and manufacturing efforts are also being supported by a grant awarded by the California Department of Conservation.
For instance:Enter a caption (optional)Is that tear-out we see around the lip of the recess that houses the window? I'm assuming a set up of this magnitude isn't for the average pair of shoes, so why not allow for a better way to showcase the actual shoes?!
Fireclay Tile aims to be a triple-bottom line company and ensure we take the environment into account in every decision we make and offer all of our employees a fare wage and benefits. We were also puzzled that the screws weren't countersunk, but looking at the photo below…Enter a caption (optional)…it appears that the screws need to stand proud in order to engage the magnets that hold the door shut.The handles struck us as odd…Enter a caption (optional)…as they're rough-cast but also polished shiny.
I realize quartersawn is prohibitively expensive, but flatsawn is notoriously the cut most susceptible to wood movement and warps the most. The proof is in the pudding: Look closer and you'll see that the box at top right no longer sits evenly on the box below it.Enter a caption (optional)We're not surprised that that happened, but we are surprised that they would reveal that in the retailer's photo!
And if you look at how the verticals join up along the left side of the photo, you'll notice they're also far from square. Is this about the level of fit-and-finish you'd expect from a piece of furniture in the four- to five-grand range? Are we fetishizing Italian craftsmanship and expecting a level of perfection that is no longer practically attainable in the 21st Century? And for the experienced furniture builders among you, are those the cuts of wood you'd have chosen?

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