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3 Sprouts Storage Box, PeacockThe 3 Sprouts storage box is the perfect storage solution for any room in your house.
So for the longest time I was wanting to display my video games consoles with an entertainment center. For someone who enjoys making quite a few DIY projects, I love to also show off my creations to my friends and family! Whether it is to store jewelry, childhood toys, or other small mementos in or even to gift to a friend or spouse, a home-made oak box has plenty of uses.
I made a pair of gates for my toddler and dog for the cost of the paint, stain and polyurethane, from pallet wood and fence railings.
I needed a new bookshelf and wanted something simple and unique, but also something that I could adjust for books of different heights.
There are a lot of awesome pallet projects on Instructables, so I figured it'd be cool to show my take on a DIY pallet bench made with 100% Pallet Wood.
102 year old floor boards, recycled floor joists to make this beautiful piece the main structure to start off the pallet dining table i got two pallets together and almost stripped them of timber. I wanted a planter so I could grow a few vegetables - as my new garden consists of concrete and very old shrubs.
Designed to fit most of wood cube organizers, your room will lighten up with the pastel colors and designs of this fabrics drawers.

Go to the top of the page and buy yours NOW, Limited stock available $18.90South Shore Tree House Collection Media Chest, ChocolateThis tree house media chest in chocolate finish is versatile, featuring 2 large drawers with satin nickel metal handles that are perfect for storing clothes or toys and two easy-access open storage spaces ideal for electronics with holes for wire management.
It's essentially a spice rack, but with a twist!I recently got a job where I have infinite access to free wooden pallets, so my mind began soaring at the potential. I searched the internet and found ideas that people bought IKEA shelves and tipped them on their sides. Because I love to make something new out of trash I went there (I was allowed to btw) and searched for things I could use for a new project. Doing a pallet accent wall with changeable shelves provides me a cheap and classy style all in one that you can have too!
We are students at GCE Lab School, and are using what we made to put in our new building that we are moving in.
I make anything from furniture and interior design to massive art projects, sculptures and installations. Making one can be quite difficult between finding a design you like and finding inexpensive materials.
I designed this pallet project to display something I love in a place I love, namely: Flowers and plants and my front porch.
The snow storms were frequent and the snow just kept piling up!When spring arrived and the snow had melted, there was a pile of shattered glass and a bent metal table frame where our patio table used to be!

The things to build, the wonders I could craft; the world is at my splinter-filled fingertips!
Most of the musicians will be 1 or 2 people performing at a time, but I left it big enough for 3 people to squeeze in there.
Please ask if you have any questions.This is a 4` x 4` x 6` sand box with a lid that opens up into benches and has a canopy for shade. I am not a professional carpenter and I do not take any responsibility for anything bad happening as a result of you building this. And because it would live opposite the bench it had to look better than those plastic jobs the council give away. Moveable dividers mean you can arrange them to allow you to fit items exactly the way you like. The bottom simply lifts up and stores inside of the cube as the sides fold on top of themselves into a flat profile (see picture at the top of the listing to see the thin profile once the cube is collapsed).

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