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Deep in a YouTube session one night, I stumbled across some  traditional wooden walking toys and immediately added them to my list of potential LEGO projects. There is very little friction between LEGO and cardboard, which is why I’m using felt ramps in the video. For the duck, make sure that the sides of the body aren’t pushed too tightly together. If you enjoy our work, or make use of the instructions we create, consider donating to support future projects.

I’ve found you can also put a bit of masking tape on the feet give their surface a bit more friction. The rear leg needs to be able to swing freely, and if the gap is even a little too tight this won’t be the case. You can just pull the sides apart a bit to make sure the gap is a little wider than the leg. The kangaroo doesn’t have this problem since the legs are on the outside of the body.

If the feet slip at all, even a tiny amount, they will lose a lot of energy and not walk as effectively.

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