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The first time I planted a half wine barrel, I forgot to drill drainage holes in the bottom. Of course, if your barrel will sit on the ground in your garden, you don’t have to worry about wheels.
I like to line my barrels for a different reason, which is that it helps the soil to retain moisture. At first, I had some worries about chemicals leaching from plastic liners into the soil (and then into the plants and then into me) but I poked around on the Internet and talked to a lot of gardener folk and pretty much put my fears to rest.  After all, I occasionally plant in heavy-duty plastic pots or even 5-gallon plastic buckets.
Oh, dear folks with little space (or who dream of having a little space), my first half wine barrels were set out on the tiny balconies of tiny apartments in Berkeley, way before I had all this hillside to quack about. I have never wanted to add anything to my planters but the best soil I can possibly manage. Hey Aimee: I just read something about adding crushed one-gallon water jugs to the bottom of big planters to take up excess space.
We live in an apartment and I just got my two half barrels set up today, holes drilled but had never thought of setting them up on castors and feet of sorts . My husband just purchased 4 barrels from a winery and didn’t notice the varying degrees of mold in each one! Hi Katie: I have pretty good luck with the apple cider vinegar spray that I described in the post.
I’ve got two half wine barrels that are already full of soil and are providing a good home to some very happy plants.
Last season, I tried planting with wine barrel but because of no holes all plant have rotten. Last, someone suggested having a bunch of soil delivered from a landscaping company (basically, buying in bulk) instead of buying bags of soil.
My current conundrum is how to keep my puppy and all her furry friends that come over to play each week out of the planters.
I thought perhaps a large stack of bricks could do the trick but I imagine I will need a lot of them to keep it both tall and sturdy. If you need to get your planters out of a dog’s reach or just want some variation of heights this works really well. Hi Cynthia: A plastic liner should extend the the length somewhat, but ten years is a great length of time for a wine barrel planter. I have been trying to find how to fill the bottom portion of this large half barrel with something other than heavy potting soil.
At Hooks and Lattice, we feature wood planter boxes in a range of alluring styles appropriate for exterior or interior applications.

At our house, we have challenging clay soil and a whole lot of slippery hillside to work with. When I get barrels from the winemaking folks, I pay half the price my local nursery charges. In some of the photos in this post, you can see that the lip of each half barrel has a round notch in it where the barrel’s spout used to be. Cause that’s three posts IN A ROW that are completely relevant to my life at the exact moment I am reading the post. I picture myself lurking around your neighborhood (wherever it is!) with fruits, veggies, and a gardening trowel. I figure that’s what my plants are putting their feet down into, so I want them to have the best environment I can provide for them. How can I easily and safely clean these barrels of the nasty fungus and keep it from coming back?
If you hit the fungus with a good dose of that and expose it to good air and light before you plant, that should help. My oldest Bay Area barrel (unlined) is on its seventh year and it’s showing signs of deterioration but still hanging tough! I have only dwarf trees in my barrels, so they’ll be good in them for quite a few years.
I have never had the experience of it transferring from the barrel to a plant — including my favorite rose, which is thriving in a barrel that has had the fungus, too. From simple square wooden planters, to a rounded half barrel design, our customers find something here to charm and inspire new beauty at home.With wood planter boxes made from different varieties of cedar in addition to redwood, gardeners will find patio and deck planters here to suit any landscape or architectural style. The barrels are great because I can set them on our big, sunny deck and place them along hillside walkways.
You can use any kind of strong mesh for this step, as long as the openings are small enough to prevent the soil from dropping through the drainage holes.
If your barrel will sit on a patio or deck, you’ll almost certainly want it to have a good set of wheels. If you use a drip irrigation system, this notch is useful — you can lay your irrigation hose right into it. I think it’s pretty normal for them to have some fungus in them if they were used for wine.
You point to the ready-made wheelie things from Amazon, but I’m not sure they will allow for proper drainage.
Perhaps the most beautiful thing about wooden planters is their natural and universal appeal.

Of course there are many ways to handle the particulars, but I’ll describe the steps that work for me. These barrels are also used to store whiskey.) I get my barrels from a winemaking shop in Berkeley. I’ve done this plenty of times myself, but a girl can get lazy about certain things when she has a guy around.
If you have mesh made of strong fabric, you may be able to cut out a big circle with scissors and staple the whole thing to the bottom of the barrel.
Myself, I have invented a goofy way of fashioning a liner out of a heavy-duty, 42-gallon trash bag. Outside my second floor windows I have a view of the lush backyard gardens belonging to all of my Piedmont-resident neighbors, and beyond that are the green Berkeley Hills.
A couple of barrels I purchased this year had some, but the cider vinegar seemed to do the trick. My concern is the wheelie thing in the picture will impede all the drainage holes I drilled in the bottom.
It's easy to see why many gardeners, homeowners and landscape designers choose wooden container gardening as an accent to exteriors and, in some cases, interiors. I use the heavy wire shown in the photos only because we have a bunch left over from an old drainage project.
At various times, we have (1) bought casters at the hardware store and mounted them to a wooden platform on which we set the barrel (see photo below), (2) attached the casters to blocks of wood and screwed the blocks into the barrel, and (3) screwed the casters directly into the barrel. But of course my shared backyard is a cracked, gray concrete driveway on which an old detached garage unit stands. On a deck, patio, or the corner of a sunroom, wood planter boxes are simply - and naturally - stunning. But I rather like (4) take the easy way out and buy a ready made wheelie thing at the nursery or online. Now wine barrel planting, right when I am telling myself that I really have to start figuring out my garden if I want to actually grow things this year, instead of just kill them.
The landlord won’t be forfeiting that extra income any time soon and I really want and need to lay some green down for my duration here. When you consider the cost of the casters and the time spent fussing around with them, the pre-made plant dollies really aren’t that expensive.

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