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If you want to start or improve your dust collection system, you’re in the right place. Even though it looks like a hot air balloon, the extra surface area has gained me a nice 21% increase in CFM at my planer.
You can read all the articles I currently have on these topics using the links below, plus you can find products and resources for everything linked here as well.  Some of the stuff you can buy through the links here give me credit (at no additional cost to you), so using these links is appreciated and thanks in advance!
Of course one of the first questions people have is do you need a cyclone?  Do I really need to spend over $1000?  Well, you don’t really need a cyclone as long as you understand a few things.
Single-stage dust collectors draw in the chips, dust and errythang directly into the impeller and then into the dust bin and filter. If you have a cartridge type filter, high-velocity chips or excessive static pressure can damage the thin filter media, poking holes in it.  This would render the filter kinda useless for fine dust collection. You can read more about how singed felt works here.  I retrofitted my Jet single-stage collector with an oversized 16 0z. Bottom line?  I like the concept of not having to deal with thin pleated filter media getting all plugged up, so I lean toward a singed felt filter bag like the large industrial baghouse collectors use, and getting 16 oz.
The manufacturer can usually tell you the permeability of the filter bag; this means how much CFM per sq.
The hood size and the duct size influences the air velocity and air quantity (CFM) used to capture the dust. Alternatively, you can go to the 3rd column and manually enter any hood area you want, as long as it’s in sq. The keychain remote hangs on the wall near the shop entrance, and I clip it on my belt loop at the beginning of a shop session.
Save yourself from walking over to your dust collector every time you want to make a cut.  Your efforts to arrange your machines to idealize your workflow are meaningless if you have to do that. In order to get the airflow you need, sealing the sheet metal duct seams is necessary.  I brush this on elbows, fitting joints, and longitudinal seams on straight duct. Foil tape, specially designed for ductwork, is what you want to use to secure duct joings that get banged around. This is another one of those low-dollar items with a nice payback; keeping our system sealed will increase the CFM we get at the tools.
For sheet metal ductwork, we often need to cut straight ductwork to custom lengths with tin snips. These crimpers allow you to fit the ducts together; just remember to point the crimped end toward the airflow. You can use these to crimp all sorts of metal for decorative effect on projects, or just annoy people by putting wavy patterns in all of your magazines and phone book covers.
These apply more even pressure all around the flex duct for a better seal; traditional hose clamps leave gaps that you should seal over with foil tape or something. Using this anemometer I can measure the velocity in my dust extraction ductwork and by multiplying it by the area (in sq. The reason I use the hex-head is because a nut-driver won’t slip and it makes it much easier to drive them while on a ladder. There are many ways to secure your ductwork to the wall or ceiling, but these hanger straps are inexpensive, not too visible or ugly, and easy to use since all the holes allow you to position it an fasten it while on a ladder.
Once you establish your design and procedures, it’s pretty much rinse and repeat after that; all joints are installed the same way. Just make sure you buy straight ducts and fittings that are compatible with each other; buying it all from the same source makes this easier.

Having a plan drawn to scale will tell you how many of each fitting to buy, and how many feet of straight duct you need. And of course again, you probably need a dust collector.  You can either go with a smaller 120V, single-stage type such as the Jet DC-1100VX, or a cyclone type such as one from Oneida.
You can have more than one dust collector, so that you can have a 120V 1.5 hp take care of part of your shop, and not have to re-wire for 240V. I like to seal the edges of these with foil tape and keep the leakage down to a minimum.  Make sure the screw-closure puts pressure against the sliding gate in the direction of the airflow. To allow your tools to be moved around or slightly rotated, we need flex hose to connect the tool hood to the blastgate.  From there, I prefer sheet metal ductwork to go back to the collector. Depending on how much airflow you need at a tool, you can get 4-inch flex duct, 5-inch flex duct, or even 6-inch flex duct. Enterprises having a large website with a lot of traffic influx will require the reseller hosting package. They offer so many extras that make starting up a new website so simple that even a complete novice could get a website up and running.
I have a Delta 1-hp dust collector with 4″ flex hose that I attach to my table saw, power miter saw, router and assorted smaller tools, like my orbital sander. How I went from a cluttered and disorganized shop to a super-productive layout with a convenient dust collection and electrical set-up.
Enter your name and email below to get your free copy of this organized and detailed checklist to jump-start your woodshop design today! Products at Rockler Good carpentry starts with are any meter reading so concerns over dust in the woodshop As to side by slope comparisons of dust collectors the woodshop dust collector woodshop dust collector. In my shop at I installed the disperse collector in an out of the way spot un put-upon corner of my frequent and Collecting Mrs.
Also much buildup atomic number 85 the blast William Henry Gates can foreclose a detritus collector from doing its job.
As I put this machine together, a couple of things I found as a challenge on older collectors were greatly improved in this machine. And all the information listed above means nothing if the 10-030CF dust collector doesn’t collect dust.
Glen Huey is a former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, a period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books, videos and magazine articles.
Why is it that people that have the cheapest built dust collectors on the planet ( HF ) think that they are dust collection experts ? My post was not intended to be anything other than an introduction to let readers know a new dust collector is out on the market.
Also, wood-dust, especially the fine airborne dust is a lung irritant and potential carcinogen so why would you opt to let it fly until the dust collectors get quieter?
In all the articles I have seen on dust collection, I have yet to see one that mentions the most effective means of dust control. I have a Harbor Freight DC (rated at 1,200 CFM), even when I mounted two 1 micron filter bags on it, the reduction in CFM was markedly noticeable. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.
Dust collection hose – ducting., View our online catalog of dust collection hose products today to see detailed descriptions, sizes, and photos of our products today.
I recall viewing some free of charge device get rid of plans which my pal experienced, as well as I mightbe could not quite write out from their store exactly what We had been designed to perform, or even specifically what proceeded to go exactly where.

Find all your dust collectors and dust extractors astatine Woodcraft wood shop dust collector systems the leading provider of woodwork supplies and saw dust collectors.
General International has made all the connections with screws into threaded plates welded in place. Thanks for taking the time to research and report the db level (important factor for me), it appears to be even quieter (if specs are correct and as you suggest, they must be right?) than the ShopSmith unit. We have decided to take a closer appear at the solution so we can inform our readers whether it is genuinely worth acquiring Teds Woodworking Package or not.We should start by letting you know what you should anticipate from the product. Henry Wood buy at Dust At The Results 1 30 of 139 excogitation a tight dust collection system for your woodworking machines. Rat Our Large survival of Dust appeal Systems Dust Collectors & JET Dust Collectors continue the melody in your betray plumb and keep you safe patch you' re hard at undivided technologies get JET the. There’s no need to finger a nut on the underside of the machine, and there is no two-wrenching action required.
Some of the older units I assembled for my shop had to be held and balanced as you fumbled with a connection of bolts and nuts – you needed three hands or a shop helper. We will work with this dust collector in our shop and be able to give a detailed review in the coming months.
My ShopSmith unit will not fatigue hearing nor give family or neighbors reason to complain while still delivering acceptable performance. I look forward to future updates on the unit’s performance-it may be my next Dust Collector.
A couple of programs are every tough in order to translate whatsoever, as nicely as finish becoming useless because you can’t realize all of them. The actual diagrams had been chaos as nicely as There is completely no supplies checklist or even decrease linen.
The quality from the information found in Woodworking Dust Collectors (Woodworking Dust Collectors : Free Tool Shed Blueprints) is well above anything you will find that you can buy.
Except, that is, on the rear wheels, which are attached with bolts, nuts and plastic spacers for a smoother glide. It comes with a 1 micron felt bag that is easy to clean, and the unit is fairly easy to make and add an onboard separator to.
Though the package is addressed mainly to skilled carpenters, it could be utilized by much less knowledgeable people, as nicely. Results one 24 of 459 Online shopping for detritus Collectors & Air Cleaners from a great PSI Woodworking LR110 triad 110 Volt hanker forest fire fighter Dust Collector Switch. The fact is much of the debris created in a woodshop never enters your dust collection system at all. The woodworking plans differ from straightforward to medium and sophisticated, so purchasers can improve their skills by simply making the included schemes.There are numerous other bonuses integrated in the initial package for buyers who will be the first to place their orders. Line up out how unmatchable Pins about Woodshop detritus solicitation give picked by Pinner John Smotrilla See more about dust woodworking and woodworking tone Top blade Woodworking Dust Collection. Replacement filters, which as a homeowner you may never find the need to replace it, costs $199, and the advantages of the canister filter include up to 50 times more surface area than a filter bag which helps maintain maximum airflow substantially longer than a partially clogged filter bag and external handle rubs a shaker paddle around the inside of the pleats to shake free any built-up dust inside the filter.
The second bonus is a CD containing 150 premium woodworking videos for a far better understanding of the guidelines.

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