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Dennis Perkins has put together a list of 12 items that are staples in a well-stocked workshop, easy-to-find, and best of all — pretty inexpensive. Note: The BeadLock Loose Tenon Joinery system is now owned by Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. During the seminar this week, Vince Ancona used a shop-made jig with a dial indicator during a couple of his table saw set up operations.
It’s hard to underestimate the importance of the table saw in the modern home workshop. Vince Ancona takes us step-by-step through his routine for accurate set up and maintenance of a table saw. But in fact, two of the methods, BeadLock and the Domino from Festool are modifications on mortise and tenon joinery.
The jig could be used to check for runout of the arbor and flange, or to make sure the blade and miter slot are aligned.

If you want to buy an after-market jig like this, rather than build your own, check out the A-Line-It Kit from In-Line Industries.
It’s great for ripping, crosscutting, cutting sheet goods down to size, and it handles dadoes, rabbets, and grooves with ease. By the end of the seminar, you’ll have learned how to vastly improve the quality of the cuts you make with your table saw. The third, the Miller Dowel system, uses a hybrid version of a dowel that is tapered from top to bottom. It’s a nifty little jig that costs a lot less than the manufactured jigs that are available. They also have a few other products for sale that were mentioned in the seminar that will make your table saw perform better — including a set of pulleys and a link belt, or the Precision Alignment and Locking System (PALS).
Regardless, all three are truly innovative and each can be used by beginners and professionals alike.

I’m providing a two-page article from Workbench as a bonus download on how to use the bit. Unfortunately, there weren’t any plans in the seminar guide for the jig, so I promised that I would post the plans today as a bonus download. The holder is nothing more than a couple of pieces of hardwood held together with a carriage bolt and knob.
A hole and bolt at the end of the assembly allow you to position the dial indicator exactly where you need it.

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