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Both dark and light granite counter colours are fitting with the medium brown shade of honey, and warm and cool hues with either blend with or contrast nicely with the cabinetry. These counters will actually make the honey oak cabinetry appear a little browner as the white or grey will subdue the yellow tinges of the cabinetry.
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. A countertop made of white granite is suitable for a kitchen in which you want to feature light or pastel colours, like baby blue dish towels or light pink decorative dishes.
The countertops also make for a sophisticated and noticeable but modest decorative feature that is ideal for a kitchen adorned with neutral tones, such as a white microwave and refrigerator and off-white tile flooring. The countertops, along with the cabinets, give the room a warm sense of invitation; other warm colours will further complement the look. For instance, red and orange panelling on the walls is an attractive addition to the area; a metallic colour like bronze or gold painted in the form of a stripe in the centre of the accent wall is fitting as well. Golden granite features medium and dark brown swirls, and the yellow tinges in the counters and cabinets will add rejuvenation and cheeriness to the space without including an overwhelming yellow colour. You can stick with the monochromatic look by adding butter yellow panelling to the walls or including a cool colour in the space like emerald or Kelly green for the area rugs or toilet covers. Red also stimulates the appetite, making it the ideal shade of granite for kitchen countertops. Variations of grey, light and dark shades of red and muted black flecks are prominent in red granite countertops, and the impressive decorative feature can easily serve as the room's main feature.
Adding light red handles to the honey-coloured cabinets help to pick up the colours of the counters and make the cabinets more noticeable. Blue granite counters with swirls or off-white and greyish blue shades make a bathroom elegant and serene but don't take away from the orange-like glow of the honey-hued cabinets. Orange and blue are actually opposite one another on the colour wheel, making the two shades a nice warm and cool colour coupling.

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